DISGUSTING: Presidential Hopeful Moves To Steal More Rights From Citizens


Some people are utterly shameless. And, unfortunately, it’s pretty common for people without shame (or with sociopathic tendencies) to gravitate towards occupations where they can have power over other people. Like politics.

Come to think of it, it’s those same types of people (power hungry shameless people and sociopaths) that promote gun control for the purpose of making their citizens defenseless and dependent on (who else?) the very power hungry people who made the people defenseless.

Now, I’m not a psychiatrist or medical professional who can definitively diagnose someone as sociopathic, but it seems pretty clear that California Governor Gavin Newsom, who some are speculating is getting ready for a Presidential run in 2024, is power hungry and shameless. His level of gall is one of the highest that I’ve ever seen.


So, we see him trying to steal even more rights from the unfortunate people under his reign administration using a tragic situation as his “justification” for making people defenseless. Jill McLaughlin writes,

California Democrats will try again this year to strengthen concealed carry laws following a string of shootings in the state.

Gov. Gavin Newsom joined other high-ranking Democrats Feb. 1 in a press conference to announce the reintroduction of legislation that would raise the legal age of firearm purchases to 21 and increase requirements for concealed weapons permits. It would also expand the number of places permit holders can carry firearms.

California has some of the nation’s most restrictive gun control laws but recent mass shootings prompted officials to seek more protections.

The killings “we have seen over recent weeks bring to light the need for stronger protections for our communities,” Attorney General Rob Bonta said during the press conference.

Newsome, of course, said that by pushing for more gun control (in spite of what the actual data shows) he’s “saving lives.”

It’s unclear what lives Newsom is pretending that he’s saving because it’s obviously not the lives of law-abiding people in California.

The people of California deserve better than this megalomaniac, and we need to do everything that we legally and morally can to keep this guy out of the White House if he chooses to run.



  1. All the politicians want to do after every shooting is enable more gun control laws. These political hacks aren’t even looking at deaths caused by other means. For instance, the wide-open Southern border is allowing bad things to enter America. Fentynal distribution is responsible for over 100,000 deaths every year. Firearm deaths account for about 33,000 annual deaths. Doctors and Hospitals are responsible for over 400,000 deaths in a years time. Traffic accidents kill more that 50,000 citizens in a year.
    Hey boys! You are looking the wrong way if you want to save American lives.
    Of course it’s the politicians fear of an armed populace that could turn on them whenever the people get sick of their shit that makes the wannabe tyrants disarm their subjects.
    They aren’t fooling anyone.

  2. This ass will discover there is a Constitution and Supreme Court, no matter what he and the idiot governor of Illinois thinks.
    I never heard the argument from Murdock v. Pennsylvania when SCOTUS ruled that you cannot be charged a fee or taxed to enjoy a constitutionally guaranteed right.

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