How To Turn Your 12 Gauge Into A Flamethrowing Riot Gun


Welcome to the exciting and unusual world of specialty 12 gauge rounds. You can launch bean bag rounds, steel darts, OC gas, or even turn you shotgun into a flamethrower with many of the specialty rounds available on the internet these days.

Is any of this stuff practical? The best answer is probably “who cares” because it’s all just plain awesome. The next time you need to light a bonfire but don’t want to stand close to the pile of wood and gasoline, you can light it a blaze from 100 meters away with a DragonsBreath flamethrower round; then you can say to yourself, yeah this stuff is practical.

If you’re going to get into specialty rounds a pump action shot gun is a must since many specialty rounds won’t cycle the action on a semi-automatic. Now that you found a use for your old beat up Mossberg 500, let’s review your options.


First up Flamethrower rounds, Dragons breath is the most popular:

Next up, riot ammo:

Riot ammo that can be legally purchased in the U.S. includes O/C pepper spray rounds, flash bangs, rock salt, rubber bullets, rubber buckshot, and beanbag. Many of these rounds are illegal in certain localities (legal on federal level) so check your local laws. Check out the power of the beanbag round on the jackass below.

Ohh maybe some flechette anti-sniper rounds are your thing:


If you have a favorite specialty 12 gauge round let your fellow patriots know in the comments section below.



  1. Firequest manufacturers most of these rounds. Check out the “Terminator”. It has a special slug that expands to 2″ in diameter. Makes a hole in the body the size of a softball. There is a 95% fatality rate. Only 5% survival rate from massive bleed out. That’s self defense!

  2. Please send prices and shipping info. on “flame throwers”, 12 ga. Shells, etc.!

  3. i was a us army combat engineer everything you have i already saw and more and was able to disarm please try to show me something i have not seen before

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