Associated Press DESTROYS Biden Admin Gun Narrative


Do you remember the TV show Kids Say The Darndest Things? In that show, you’d see snippets of conversations with small kids who would come up with the craziest (and, often, very funny) things that they would just blurt out. It was pretty entertaining at times.

I can’t say that I find the Biden administration very funny or the least bit entertaining, but the nonsense that gets spewed by their Press Secretary (the current one or the previous one) could be the fodder for several seasons of Biden Administration Press Secretaries Say The Darndest Things.

Okay, so, it doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, but you get my point. And if the mainstream legacy media were the least bit honest about guns, they would fact check the administration on these things.


But I’m not holding my breath waiting to see that happen.

Still, the mainstream legacy media does (usually unintentionally) occasionally “fact check” the folks on their side of the political spectrum, and in today’s story, you’ll hear how they did that about the nonsense that the Biden administration has been saying about gun violence. And the whoppers are big indeed. Chris Enloe writes,

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Monday there have been more than 200 mass shootings in the United States this year alone.

Not only did Jean-Pierre claim there has been more than one mass shooting per day, but she blamed Republicans for gun violence.

“Today is Monday, May 8. That mean it is the 128th day of 2023. And yesterday, according to leading accounts, we witnessed the 201st mass shooting in this country this year,” she claimed.

That’s quite a claim. But whats the truth? Stefanie Dazio and Larry Fenn write,

Over the first four months and six days of this year, 115 people have died in 22 mass killings — an average of one mass killing a week. That includes the bloodshed Saturday at a Dallas-area mall where eight people were fatally shot.

Enloe continues:

Every death is tragic. Still, nuance is necessary, because the White House is using the most recent atrocity to advance its agenda on firearms.

For example, the AP explained that the perpetrator in some of those 22 incidents used weapons other than firearms, and the contexts of the mass atrocities are different, “from family and neighborhood disputes to school and workplace shootings to explosions of gunfire in public spaces,” the AP reported. Even murder-suicides compose a fraction of the numbers.

I understand wanting to reduce gun violence and violence and murder rates overall, but what the Biden administration is doing is attempting to make law–abiding citizens helpless before criminals and the government. Simply put, gun control isn’t the way to save lives. It just makes good people defenseless.

The Biden administration’s lying about gun violence numbers is evil because it’s deceptive, and it’s evil because they are trying to use those false numbers to push an evil agenda to make people helpless.

The American people deserve better than that.



  1. Hide lots of lies what can I say they keep lying telling lies especially the border and firearms I don’t know what to say it’s terrible we need change

  2. This country has only one set of laws. “THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION” Any one that does not abide by this law,is a”Traitor To Our Country” and should be treated as a TRAITOR. BIDEN IS THE BIGGEST TRADER AND SO ARE HIS DEM-O-RATS! BIDEN is trying to be a “COMMUNIST DICTATOR” , He’s a failure at that to. He’s a “IDOT”.

  3. Gun control has always lead to genocide take this Country, Native Americans could not own guns this led to murders , Blacks could not own guns this led to murders , now the world 1940’s Jews could not own guns this led to extermination camps , current history Communist countries forbid their citizens from owning guns this led to the purge of those speaking out in disagreement with the GOVERNMENT …
    The anti-gun Government will use all sorts of false information to CONTROL THE PEOPLE ………….

  4. When I was in High School in the late fifties, a lot of kids who liked to hunt had their rifles in the back windows of their pickup trucks. My dad even gave me an over and under 22 rifle /410 shotgun. There ws no such thing as gun violence. I think the whole problem stems from our court system not doing THERE job to keep serious offenders behind bars. It seems like almost every day we read about a crime or killing being committed by a person who had just recently been released from prison. When the punishment is serious enough, potential criminals will think twice before committing a crime.

  5. Lets say we have a “Gun Violence Solution” if it were implemented,
    and that it would stimulate the economy in many ways at the same time! How? #1, keep the Government out of the solution-Especially the FEDS! Use tax incentives for investment by Privately owned Prison Systems to be built and operated by privately run corporations!- (Gotta have construction workers, suppliers, materials and manufacturers to facilitate the construction-Lots of jobs there! Can’t forget the housing, fast food & grocery stores and their suppliers!)
    As soon as they’re Built-It will take many!!, Have Law enforcement with the aid of National Guard if need be, begin to Pick up all the “Hand slapped” thugs , murderers, Drug dealers, gang members, that are walking the streets killing people and continue to do more crime-LETS be sure to round up the Crooked Soft on Crime DA’s and judges and start filling those Prisons up!
    Same process for the mentally ill- Secure buildings staffed with help and security for all! except for the ones prone for violence which would take more security and different Staff!
    Primary objective would be putting Criminals-REPEAT OFFENDERS, and the mentally ill in Privately run businesses-With many new jobs and employees, and getting them off our streets and away from our communities!
    Question? What would all this do besides more buildings,(lots of jobs!), What would happen to the Homeless population?, would it be as out of control as it is now?
    Lawlessness, (Other than Democrat Politicians), suddenly the Police force would have a lot more time to focus on their jobs in the communities they serve!
    As for ALL the Left winger Rinos and Democrats-Build large wooden vessels like the Vikings had, with rows of men, (Women for equal rights) manning the oars- send them out to the Bermuda Triangle and let them see if they can make it back! If it appears they are going to make it back, have the Navy use the wooden vessels for target practice! I know WHAT A PIPE DREAM!!!

  6. Administration spokespersons never cite the number of violent crimes committed by King Biden’s illegal aliens and arrested felons that Progressive district attorneys release back into the public.
    Gun control fanatics, ones claiming the Second Amendment applies only to eighteenth century weapons, fail to mention that attempted (and actual) government (King George’s government) control and confiscation of guns and powder was a significant factor in starting a war. It was a government act of aggression against the people; it spurred a rebellion. The Second Amendment was written to insure that would not happen ever again. The Progressives are testing to see if the same motivation, repeated by government, will produce the same result. One of their ongoing tactics to prevent the populace from uniting against them is to balkanize us into special interest groups and antagonize those groups against one another. You will find the tactic mentioned in Machiavelli’s “The Prince.”

    • Galen. You have an outstanding outlook on the process of getting our government and criminals (government,criminals are the same thing sorry) off our street and saving many lives by mental health professionals if you get rid of the liberals that think everything is ok. Get them help. Hope this made sense Fred

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