Lever-Action Rifles For The Modern Age?

Screen capture from YouTube video.

When I was a kid, like every little boy of the time, I think, I watched cowboy shows like John Wayne movies and the Lone Ranger. It was the most exciting thing in the world imagining that I lived in a rough and tumble old west where I could be the hero and fight outlaws.

Other than the revolvers that all heroes (and many villains) carried on their hips, the firearm of choice was a lever–action rifle. You could get behind a tree or barricade of some kind and pretend to shoot at the bad guys with your rifle to save the day.

Now, of course, when I was a kid, I was playing with toy guns, not real firearms, but lever–action rifles were a real thing, and one company decided to update that type of firearm for the modern age. The American Rifleman Staff brings us details about this rifle:


Patriot Ordnance Factory, known for unique designs like its Revolution rifle and Phoenix large-format pistol, announced the launch of one of the company’s most innovative designs: the Tombstone lever-action rifle. Unlike traditional lever-action designs, the Tombstone is chambered in 9 mm Luger and feeds from a 20-round detachable box magazine. POF-USA bills the gun as the “first-ever 9 mm production lever-action.”

The article continues:

Built on a unique aluminum receiver, the POF-USA Tombstone incorporates an enlarged, angular lever loop for loading. Sitting atop the receiver is a milled Picatinny rail for optics, which includes an integrated ghost-ring rear sight from XS Sights. At the rear of the receiver is an external hammer, which provides a half-cock position for safety, and the gun’s proprietary, non-adjustable straight trigger is set for a 3.5-lb. pull weight.

Also, for those interested in the ability to customize, “the POF-USA Tombstone is compatible with other aftermarket buttstocks designed for the Remington 870.”

If you’d like to see the Tombstone in action, you can see that firearm at work in the video below.

You’ll notice the sight on the rifle in the picture above, and in the video, you likely noticed the magazine allowing this rifle to go longer between reloads than a traditional lever–action rifle. And, of course, the all–black tactical look.

All–in–all, if you’re one of those kids who grew up wanting to be the hero in a cowboy movie (or if you’d just like an interesting upgrade to a classic style of firearm), the Patriot Ordinance Factory Tombstone rifle may be one to consider.



  1. Sorry, but the box magazine on a Lever Action just looks 10 shades of wrong. The classic lines are totally thrown off by a Mag sticking out of the bottom.
    I think the Lever Action is a fine alternative to an MSR, especially for those who are restricted by Unconstitutional State Laws. Faster than a Bolt Action to operate and with higher capacity than most bolt actions, it was the Assault Weapon of its era. Especially in the .357 and .44 Magnum chamberings, it can still function as a great alternative today.

  2. Well I have used the good old 30:30 lever action rifle with great success.tis a trick to learn to shoot one like the old-timers did and can be a fast shooting gun with great accuracy.i just use iron sights as well.if one remembers the t.v.show the rifleman in the beginning he would shoot dang fastuch of that was for just show but is possible.

  3. Well, I still have my Marlin 30:30 lever action, and it still works just fine. But a lever action rifle with a magazine sticking out like that, nah I’ll keep my 30:30 the way it was meant to be:) AR15’s and my favorite “AR10” (308) I still go hunting:) Besides, I still prefer to engage my enemy methodically:)

  4. I spent an hour trying to look for your prices to go along with your ammo and I’ll be God damned if I can find any prices to go along with your ammo so I am assuming that this long gun lever action BS you got going on it’s nothing but BS unless you guys just can’t sell the ammo and can’t sell the guns I guess you guys can’t do a whole hell of a lot can you

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