SECRET Reason Anti-Gunners Won’t Support Gavin Newsom’s Gun Control Proposal


You don’t have to be a supporter of gun rights to oppose California Governor Gavin Newsom’s policy positions, but if you do support the Second Amendment, then, there’s no question that you oppose Newsom.

Why? Because Newsom hasn’t met a gun restriction that he doesn’t support. All while surrounding himself with guards armed with firearms (no surprise there). For example, he recently proposed a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. What would that amendment do, if ratified? It would strip Americans of gun rights, of course (you can read more about that proposal here).

It sounds exactly like something that other anti-2A politicians would support, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but some anti-2A zealots don’t support this proposal. Maybe you’re wondering why that is. It’s a great question, Tom Knighton writes,


See, it’s not that [anti-2A people] oppose these [proposed gun control] measures–how could they when they’ve been pushing for these exact policies for years now–it’s that they don’t like the fact that this amendment codifies pretty much these specific regulations.

As such, depending on the wording of the proposed amendment, it may well make it more difficult for gun control groups to push their preferred policies because hey, the 28th Amendment exists.

From a purely strategic point of view, I can kind of see their point. While Newsom appears inclined to also have the amendment allow some degree of new gun control, for anti-gunners, the problem is that it doesn’t really solve the issue.

What they won’t say is that it doesn’t allow them to eventually ban just about everything.

So while they won’t oppose it, they’re not going to trip over themselves to offer even tentative support here and now. They’re especially unlikely to do anything to back it when everyone knows it’s just not going to happen.

It’s all so clear now.

They are concerned that implementing gun control on the Constitutional level will prevent them from banning guns completely, and they’re looking at the long game here.

It’s smart on their part, I’ll give them that. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re wrong on every level for supporting any type of gun control.



  1. When did Constitutional Amendments mean anything to them there is the 2nd. Amendment, we have the 10th. Amendment, ( for those not schooled in the Constitution the 10th. says “” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. “” ) NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES which is mostly forgotten …
    Soon with the Constitution not being taught in school anymore along with cursive where reading the Constitution would be impossible , it could say anything they want it to say ………………..

  2. 26 states have constitutional carry laws. They will never vote for an amendment to eliminate the 2nd.

    So Newscum’s proposal has zero chance of ever happening. On top of that, opening a constitutional convention would be a blood bath for liberals. They would have a lot to lose when conservatives would put forth proposals that would actually have a chance of passing and being ratified.

  3. Hell no we don’t support these idiots 25th amendment we support the second amendment you will not and friends on a second amendment rights and are God-given rights give it up…!!!

  4. There steady trying to make us so dumb that we have to depend on the government being truthful with us all but we all know that’s not going to ever happen there steady trying to disarm us all but I don’t understand why because we all have the same rights as those big wigs in Washington who has bodyguards armed an dangerous so what’s the difference I’ll tell you what the difference is they want total control over the whole population not just a few but everyone now when wars breakout the first thing they want to do is train you how to shoot and kill they not only train you do this but also give you a firearm to shoot someone with it they make you sleep with it an have it with you at all times but during peace time they think you shouldn’t own or have any type of weapon rather it’s a hunting rifle or pistols the Government is nothing but a bunch of crooks there the number 1 gun makers in the world & also the number 1 sellers if weapons of destruction… there just mad because a few people who are off there rockers got a gun and killed some innocent people but this isn’t the peoples fault it’s congress’s fault because they didn’t do enough of a background check to see if this person was capable of being a responsible person instead of some maniac

  5. To Scott Marino ,
    You have made reference to gun control with the need to have tighter and stricter gun control. And that will control random mass shootings. Hmm , well , maybe.
    But what about the increasing incidence of road rage ? People being attacked with cars. Less killing at longer ranges of course but certainly just as deadly as a gun. What is your explaination for the increasing number of road rage cases ?
    What could affect so many people , nationwide , with guns , all at the same time ? What could possibly affect so many drivers nationwide , all at the same time , regardless of the class of people ? Doesn’t matter what race you are or if you are poor , lower middle class , or middle class ! This does affect you no matter where you may live. Now what could it be ?
    I think that it is the oppressive , Liberal Government . It is not oppressing the wealthy , the millionaires or the billionaires as they are the ones that are supporting the Liberal Government. People such as Bill Gates , John ( rules for thee but not for me ) Kerry.
    You see , I am fairly old. I grew up during the 1950’s so I have seen and experienced a. peaceful country. Believe me , we are a far ,long way from that now. I don’t expect that we could ever return to that condition as the Liberals are dug in too deep and have too much power. Gun control ? As a boy of 8 years old, I could have mail ordered a gun from an ad in the back of an outdoors magazine. State that I was of age and don’t forget to send in the money. Or I could have ordered one from a Sears catalog. I dearly wanted to have a .22 caliber rifle for rabbit hunting. My parents said , yes, I could have one as long as I could pay for it. Opps , that was the Catch 22. They knew that I had little chance of getting the $9.95 for the riflee. Some people chose to have firearms and some did not. But there were many guns around. However , I never heard of any random mass shootings. None ! Even with lax gun control. Of course there were many gun crimes in New York City even with the city’s tight and rigid gun control. Or maybe because of it as the good citizens were unarmed and helpless. NYC was controlled by the Liberal Democrats.
    Do you see a pattern yet ? I think that the Liberal Democrats with their mis-engineered social control is the cause of the turmoil , random mass shootings , road rage , etc.
    Complete gun control does not seem to be the answer. At least not for the general society. It may protect the government and it’s minions but not the people. Great Britain has total gun control and high levels of violence. Criminals have apparently turned to knives as weapons as Great Britain is now attempting to implement KNIFE CONTROL. Australia has tight gun control and it also has a Liberal Government and they are also having random mass shootings. Remember that pattern that I asked you about ? Do you see that pattern yet ?

  6. Because they are really not that ignorant??They read the new paper’s and view the news on tv. They say to themselves the cops really can’t protect me (sadly this is a fact) hey they can’t protect)? themselves ) Now I have to protect myself. I have to learn how, but how can I protect myself if all of those well protected politicians are banning firearms>> Gavin Newsome is protected by an army of armed bodyguards who are with him 24hrs a day. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT?? HOW ABOUT THE NRA??? THEY TOUT YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS and FIREARMS SAFETY. Possession of firearms IS A GOD GIVEN right according to OUR FOUNDERS>>>This is why the Amendments to the Constitution were written to protect us from out of control politicians ?? WHAT BRANCH OF SERVICE WAS GAVIN NEWSOME IN??DID HE FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY?? APPARENTALY NOT.HE IS A MEMBER OF THE RULLING CLASS???JUST SAY NO TO THESE PEOPLE I REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS RIGHT’S or any of my Constitutional rights>> YOU FIRST??

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