Columbine Survivor Blasts Biden’s Gun Control Policies


The standard narrative that you hear (at least in the media) from survivors of mass shootings is to want all guns to be off of the streets.

You can kind of understand that. These folks have gone through a terrifying, stressful experience involving a gun, and, in many cases, people lose all rationality when it comes to that kind of scary situation. Their reaction is a knee-jerk emotional reaction.

But, occasionally, you come across someone who has been able to separate their emotional trauma from a rational viewpoint on the situation.


Such seems to be the case with Evan Todd, a survivor of the Columbine shooting. And how do we know that he’s done this? Because he has the rational response to gun control: he’s against it, and he is taking Joe Biden to task for Biden’s ridiculous gun control policy positions in his campaign for President. AWR Hawkins writes,

Columbine shooting survivor Evan Todd warned Monday that Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s gun control push empowers criminals and leaves schools wide open to attack.

The Columbine attack took place April 20, 1999, and on April 20, 2020, Biden took part in a town hall marking the anniversary of the heinous assault via a gun control push.

Todd says he could not stay silent as Biden “utlitizes… tragedy” for “political gain.”

He said, “I hate to break it to you liberals but Joe Biden supports some of the worst gun control measures, that dis-empower law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and protecting the ones that they love.”

Todd added, “Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of the Second Amendment more times than not over his multi-decade political career.”

Todd said, “The most important thing in our lives is our children and we send them to school everyday entrusting them to the school yet we don’t give them the tools they need to protect them.”

He observed, “We need to stop disarming our teachers at the door.”

Biden has been vocal in his opposition to allowing teachers to be armed for classroom defense.

Todd is absolutely right about this: we need to stop making our children easy targets for gun violence. But anti-gunners like Joe Biden keep wanting to pass legislation to make our kids sitting ducks.

Good for Evan Todd for having the guts to tell the truth after his awful experience at Columbine.



  1. I Completely agree with Evan Todd. A school, or any place, marked as a “gun free zone” is a ripe target for any criminal because they know no one will be armed to resist or stop them from committing their crime. An Easy Target. We Must allow – and train – people with the ability to defend themselves from the evil in the world which we live. Especially those we entrust with protecting our children.

  2. You’re 100% correct. But remember who is guiding Mr. Bidden with his gun control thoughts and why. It’s the illegal aliens people, TV and movie people, rich people who hire their guns, and why, it’s all over the money and donations that flow into Biden’s pot The Democratic Party is the Party of Spend, Spend, and screw the voters and tax payers.

  3. I’m not a Psychiatrist or Psychologist so I can’t speak from a medical perspective. But it seems to me the people who, unlike Evan Todd blame an inanimate object instead of the person using it, are incapable of logical and rational thought. They are probably prone to panic over things that occur outside of their safe, normal world such as medical issues or the Coronavirus. They want “big brother” to everything. If there’s ever a real SHTF moment in our country and they had to depend on themselves for everything I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to survive. It also looks looks to me that many gun owners are logical, rational thinking individuals. Thankfully I’ve never been in a shooting incident but have been in some bad situations and never have I blamed anything except the person. I may be totally wrong. It’s just my observation.

  4. Thank You Evan Todd for having the Integrity and Courage to speak the truth and say it like it is , But one small point I am sick of reading and hearing the same Liberal Lefty Talking points coming from writers and fellow American Brothers and Sisters , ( Gun Violence ) who says that ?? How about Baseball Bat Violence ? How about Car Violence ?? Knife Violence ? Bomb Violence ? Just another Liberal Lefty Invented Phrase they use to demonize what they are trying to ban , Make no mistake Socialists , Fascists , Communists have relentlessly attacked our Constitution and Bill Of Rights for over 100 years , They will not give up or change their tactics , What has changed is the number of their Useful Idiots , I remember going to high school and We had a few boys with a shotgun and a Deer Rifle in their Gun Rack in their Pickup Truck , I had a Colt 1911 in the glove box of My car , It was no big deal , after 30 or 40 years of Indoctrination and Programming our Children We have two or three generations of Useful Idiots that think Socialism is Cool and Communism was not that bad

  5. All this control is the equivalent of saying we should leave all our homes, cars, and anything we own unlocked and unsecured .
    Of course the politicians we elect would never allow that to happen to their own estates and assets. Nothing like a blatant double standard.

  6. Gun Control is nothing more comparable than taking the tape measure out of a machinists or carpenters tool set. By removing tools from working hands, theres nothing else but failure in their future.

  7. I can understand when pain and grief drive out rationality. And fear can extend that phobia to ‘Do Something’. For those who play on that fear for an agenda, shame on you. You are only extending the pain of those involved.

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