This Gun SCARES Liberals

Screen capture from YouTube video.

Have you noticed how some firearms just seem to scare anti-2A people? I mean, those guns are imposing, have lots of metal and not very much wood, and, maybe worst of all to anti-2A people, they’re almost always black!

Now, of course, I’m being snarky about this, but anyone who knows anything about firearms knows that what anti-2A people use to determine is a dangerous firearm, rather than an acceptable firearm for hunting or something, is that it’s scary-looking. And it also scares them if the government can’t find those guns for some reason.

And maybe that’s why Springfield Armory decided to take an incredibly popular AR and make it foldable (which means it’s easier to hide, right?). Because if you’re going to make it scary looking, then, you might as well make it completely terrifying to anti-gun folks. Brad Fitzpatrick writes,


The AR-15 is America’s most popular rifle so naturally there’s a great deal of competition among AR rifles to offer the best features and the best value. Springfield’s Saint Victor 5.56 always ranks near the top of the list of best AR because it offers all the performance enhancing features shooters want like a durable bolt assembly, low-profile gas system, premium triggers, and trim M-Lok handguard at a price that’s very competitive. You can assemble the AR or simply buy a Saint Victor which comes from the factory with premium features already installed.

Now Springfield is making their Saint Victor 5.56 rifle even more appealing by offering it with a Law Tactical Folding adapter. With the push of a button the gun’s B5 enhanced SOPMOD adjustable stock swings to the left and locks in place, reducing overall length from around 36-inches to 26.5-inches. This is important because it makes the Springfield much easier to transport, either in a locking hard case or in a backpack.

See, I told you an anti-2A zealot would be even more panicked by the very idea of this firearm. After all, you can put it in a backpack. In their eyes, that virtually makes it a suitcase nuke!

On the serious side, though, it is incredibly handy to be able to stow your gun in a bag or compartment until you need it so that you don’t have to deal with ignorant, emotionally-driven people who freak out at the very sight of a gun. It’s like making your AR concealed carry, in some ways.

So, if that appeals to you and you’re in the market for a 5.56 AR, Springfield Armory’s Saint Victor 5.56 AR Law Tactical Folder may be a firearm to consider.



  1. 82nd ABN Vet here. I think you are off base. Libs aren’t afraid of “Black” weapons. They are afraid of idiots running around with weapons that fire VERY FAST. Even Semi-Auto with a 30rd clip can do Alot of damage, again VERY FAST. If you need more than 3 shots to take a Deer you have no business Hunting. I enjoyed using Automatic weapons when I was in the Army. I do not need them in Civilian life. If I was given my weqpon upon leaving the service as some Countries do. I would store that in an Armory where I could get it if We ever get invaded or such. Switzerland has a higher gun ownership than the U.S. yet they don’t have anywhere near the violent crime we do. I believe in the 2nd A. However, some kind of regulation is necessary. If you just like to shoot, get a PCP air rifle. The come in full rock and roll too if that’s what floats your boat. Just some common sense that’s all.


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