Biden’s ATF Goes After 1st Amendment Rights Now, Too


I suppose this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but it appears that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has accelerated its efforts to strip Americans of their basic rights.

If you’ve been a reader of this site for any amount of time, then you know that there was already a group of traitors anti-gunners in the ATF just waiting for a gun control zealot like Biden or Harris to take the reigns of the Executive Branch in Washington, D.C. so that they can take away even more of the Second Amendment from you and me (see here for more about that).

Now, under Biden, the ATF has taken their blatant disregard for the rights of Americans a step further and are infringing on First Amendment rights, too. John Crump writes,


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the United States Postal Inspection Service has arrested a Florida man and seized his websites ( and for selling a drawing on a piece of metal.

The ATF raided and arrested Kristopher Justin Ervin, 41, of Jacksonville, FL, for manufacturing machine guns. Ervin did not sell or make any firearms.

The man sold a credit card-sized piece of metal with an outline of a lightning link.

A lightning link is a piece of metal that a user bends to drop into an AR15. When engaged, the lightning link transforms the firearm into a fully automatic machine gun. The ATF recently busted a West Virginia man for selling 3D printed “portal wall hangers” that buyers could use as a drop-in auto sear (DIAS).

Ervin sold his product as a novelty. The autokey card did have a drawing of a lightning link on the surface, but it was far from finished. For a person to use the device in a gun, the end-user would have cut out the lightning link and bend the metal before they could use it in an AR15. The owner of the company did not even etch the lightning link on the piece of metal. It was just an outline.

So, to be clear, the guy who got raided and charged with selling machine guns (yes, really) sold an outline on a key card as a novelty, basically, a blueprint in a hunk of metal, and that was his crime. What’s next? Is going to be raided for selling the “Anarchist’s Cookbook?”

Considering what appears to be Amazon’s political viewpoints, I doubt it, but for consistency sake, the ATF should raid Amazon for the same reasons that they arrested Ervin.

We’ll have to see how this case works out, but you may wish to be careful what you say in public if you don’t want a visit from the ATF to put you in shackles, too.



  1. Nothing good can from the Biden’s administration, it’s bad enough when was putting his hands on young ladies and girls, now it seems he wants to put his hands all over our paid for firearms and not to mention our rights!!

    • I live in shelby Ohio, with the most anti constitutional city government in America. We need HELP and protection. I questioned the city government and after years of terrorism they tried to have me killed and they set me up for prison. Even Democrats would be shocked by Shelby Ohio. HELP US

    • Biden is not an idiot. He and his merry men know exactly what they are doing. Mis characterising that misleads people into thinking this is all by chance. It is not

  2. They can have every fire arm I have! Ammunition first. I have heard this so many times. The difference now, it seems a lot more likely that 2nd Amendment rights will be greatly effected. The other difference, I am almost in my 70s, with a lot less time to loose. I do not own any automatic weapons and do not ever intend to, but what I have I will keep and pass on to son/grandson without any body’s business! Also there are other knots in any plan on registering all weapons. Many antique and older ones have NO serial number. Hand guns purchased while being a resident of one state then legally moving to another state were and are not required to be registered in new state. Because of differences from state to state and in when they were legally purchased tracking has long been lost. I will NOT serialize any antique weapon, reducing the value of the weapon greatly(my grandfather earned one of my rifles for selling fire arms door to door for a living during the depression) NOPE AND GOOD LUCK TRYING

  3. SHELBY OHIO is the most constitution hating city in America. I questioned them once and after years of terrorizing me,they tried to get me killed and set me up for a prison sentence. We need oversight of our city government. They are out of control, and evil! Even dems would be shocked by the government of SHELBY OHIO.

  4. EVIL AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON? SHELBY OHIO IS WORSE THAN WASHINGTON DC. If you don’t live here, don’t move here or visit, or even drive through Shelby, Ohio. The government is worse than the heroin epidemic in shelby Ohio. We need oversight of our government in shelby Ohio, 44875. They will kill you here!

  5. No surprise!! OUR RIGHTS CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY just keeps going down hill. Most citizens still believe that it will stop. But not until you have no guns, and communism has enslaved you. And it then it will just get worse. Because then these democrap communist treasonist traitors can murder you at will and sell your organs. Unite and resist now!

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