ATF Raids Gun Dealer. What It Means For YOU


Joe Biden’s ATF seems to be looking to become the embodiment of everything that the founding fathers of the United States opposed: oppression, government overreach, and what some characterize as outright theft of private property (as in no due process at all).

With newly minted rules that stretch laws to the limits of credulity in what the ATF is saying that the laws apply to, along with a huge increase in aggression around private firearms ownership and legal sales of firearms, it seems clear that the ATF is seeking to become the right hand of a Biden overlord administration.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the disturbing trend of ATF open hostility to private gun ownership in the U.S., then, you need to look no further than the case of an Oklahoma FFL holder. Michael Clements gives us the ugly details:


As agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) left Russell Fincher’s house with 50 legally-owned firearms and his freshly relinquished Federal Firearms License (FFL), they offered him a tip.

“They said, ‘Tell all your FFL friends we’re coming for them next,’” Mr. Fincher told The Epoch Times.

An ATF spokesman said he could not comment on the June 16, 2023, raid at Mr. Fincher’s home in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.

Now, if Fincher’s statement is true, it seems pretty clear that the ATF is coming for all FFL holders. Then, if you’ll remember, the Biden administration is wanting to require everyone who sells a gun, for pretty much any reason, to have an FFL to sell it (you can read more about that here).

So, if you have to have an FFL to sell pretty much any gun in any situation and the ATF is revoking FFLs, then, how soon before they put everyone who legally buys or sells a gun in jail?

These antics from the Biden administration and their ATF are nothing more than excuses to try to get around the Second Amendment to keep Americans from legally having guns (while being able to say that they haven’t “technically” banned any guns).

If this goes on, anyone who cares about the Constitution will be a criminal in the eyes of this Federal government.

The American people deserve better, and we can’t get these clowns out of office fast enough.



  1. I can’t stand this ATF ghestopo regime we have in this country. We pay ALL the taxes that finance the payroll for thess @ss clowns so what?, so they can turn and bite the hand that feeds them?
    We need to defund the ATF, and any other government terrorist organizations that want to persecute the honest American and still leave the criminals alone. Turn over the ATF mandate to local police and let them deal with the criminals and hopefully they will be too busy to go after honest Americans. The federal government has so much free time on thier hands that they can harass honest Americans. I find it sickening that you see the ATF, FBI in full tac gear breaking down doors of honest people and then giving threats like ” tell your friends thier next”, why dont we see them in tac gear making the same entrance to gangs and thugs in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland?, I’ll tell you why, because those tactics will get them killed.

  2. Don’t the Dems, Libs, and a number of Republicans (RINOs) already consider most if not all law abiding US citizens either criminals or terrorists if they don’t agree with their warped, illegal, and unconstitutional agenda??

  3. looks like Biden, ATF, IRS and tHE FBI ARE TRYING DRAG. US GUN OWNERS AND THE BUSINESS THAT SALE GUNS INTO SOME KINDA WAR ,they already accuse-us of being terrorist and what does the feds do with terrorist ? they hunt them down and kill them !!! “just a thought “

  4. SSG M.E. Smith, John, I agrees with you and others they art to leave ups American or U.S.citizens along and worried about the criminals, they are the ones who has gun and illegal gun ( smile ).

  5. I agree, Gestapo is dangerous must make all effort to find out who followed those illegal orders and knew they were following unlawful commands They’ve broken the law so they must face the horrible price of treason. Our constitution is the law of the land. No one can change it, but the ones who break our constitution or traitors, an enemy combatants to the American people, every single person that violates, our constitution there names must be reported along with the one that gave the order from the top down. I say it’s time to find a judge that will follow the constitution deputize the militia and go and arrest every single person that was involved in following an unlawful order plus the one who gave the order if they will not start obeying the law that includes judges, attorneys law enforcement agencies that includes any of the three letter agencies, the law is the law they cannot say they’re going to legally disobey the law and not suffer the consequences these judges that will not obey their oath. They are traitors and must face the horrible price of treason and its time. These people learn that these politicians and law-enforcement agencies work for the American people they were hired by the American people they took an oath and plainly‘s in front of the public and other employees decided they can break the law whenever they feel it is necessary. They must give up their name, rank, and ID number, and they must face a judge that intense on upholding our laws according to the constitution, that they swore an oath to protect, we must start finding out who will stand on the side of the American people and who will side the outlaw, politicians, law enforcement agencies, and when the time comes, there can be no mercy for these traitors to our country and don’t forget vote Donald John Trump president US 2024 MAGA


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