Is This Pistol ‘ICONIC?’

Screenshot from YouTube video.

Iconic. It’s such a “loaded” word. Some people use the term to refer to something that has become legendary in a field, like an iconic actor, for example. Others use the term as a way to try to confer prestige to someone or something.

But, like any term, “iconic” can be used to convey a respect that the labeled person or thing doesn’t deserve. Marketing departments are infamous for doing that.

So, the question today is: Is the gun that we’re talking about actually “iconic?”


To answer that question, you, of course, need to know the firearm that we’re talking about. A writer at Athlon Outdoors gives us details:

After a long hiatus from the US consumer market, the Taurus 917C is returning with upgraded features. Channeling the look and feel of Beretta, the 917C takes the Taurus 92 down to a more concealed carry-friendly size. However, the 92’s little brother features an 18+1 round capacity and target grips built into the frame.

Building on an aluminum frame with a black anodized finish, the 917C measures an overall length of 7.90 inches. The pistol is handled via target grips built into the frame with magazine and grip cuts for magazine stripping (if required).  Sitting just forward of the trigger guard is a two-slot, full-length Picatinny rail for installing full-size lights or lasers.

Constructed of alloy steel, the open-top Beretta-style slide features rear cocking serrations and an external extractor.

You can watch a promotional video from Taurus about this firearm below.

So, is the Taurus 917C iconic? That’s something that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Having said that, it does certainly have some features that many pistol shoppers will like, and the work that Taurus has done over the last several years to improve their reputation around quality and dependability can only help.

Like so many things, though, whether this is a pistol for you depends on what you are looking for in your next firearm purchase. And, so, it’s possible that the 917C may be one to put on your list to consider.