LAUGHABLE: Is The View’s Joy Behar Really This Stupid?

Screenshot from YouTube video.

This may be the single funniest thing that you see all day.

What is the incredibly funny bit, you ask? Great question. The simple answer is: What The View‘s Joy Behar just said about hunting.

Now, you may already be familiar with The View. If you’re not, it’s a commentary show with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and others often commenting with passion about things that they clearly have no clue about.


Do you think that I’m exaggerating? Your doubt is completely understandable, so, let me settle this for you once and for all… and give you a good laugh while I’m at it. The BLAZETV Staff quotes Behar from the show:

“But also, if you shoot with an AR-15 — let’s say you shoot a deer — you can’t eat it because you’ve basically demolished the animal,” added Behar, throwing up her hands.

Now, maybe you’re a doubting Thomas, and you just can’t believe that even Behar could be that stupid. That’s fair. I’m not sure that I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it, too. So, you can watch the video below.

You’ll notice that the quote earlier wasn’t taken out of context. Behar really did say that shooting a deer with an AR-15 would make it inedible because it would demolish the animal.


Now, for those unfamiliar with deer hunting and AR-15s or those who think that Behar speaks the truth simply because she is on The View, a writer going by AnnieOakley gives some perspective. AnnieOakley writes,

Ahh, yes, the AR-15, firing the 5.56mm, a round so powerful it can literally destroy a deer beyond recognition.

AnnieOakley continues:

(Legal Disclaimer: It isn’t lawful to use 5.56 for deer in several states because it is too small to consistently kill them.)

That’s right, what Behar says will demolish deer may, in reality, not be enough to kill a deer, much less demolish it.

My (unasked for) advice to Behar? Stop talking about things that you clearly have no clue about. Like guns.



  1. The Bit*hes on the so called view, live in a bubble of myopic stupidity! That misinformation should be removed from being televised. The STUPIDITY is spreading like a old fungus mold.

  2. Every time I accidentally land on this show I feel like I lost a couple of points from my IQ.

  3. Someone tke this stupic old cow hunting for deer… Let her see for herself. Oh, don’t forget her antler hat…

  4. I’d say that Joyless Behar has all the intelligence of a mentally challenged amoeba but I have no desire to insult mentally challenged amoebas. Whale crap at the bottom of the Marianas Trench is a lot more on her level.

  5. To many videos not enough REAL LIFE …
    The show must be patterned after the education systems DUMB DOWN AMERICA …

  6. Not surprised. The women on the view are my definition of a “grocery store
    person”. That is a polite way of saying that a person who is so common sense deficient that if they were locked inside of a grocery store for a week that they would starve to death.

  7. Way to go Joy, now everyone knows just how ignorant you are and that you gals just make shit up all the time to suite what ever bull crap you are spewing today.

  8. First my views and Joy’s are diametrically opposed so this is simply a comment for edification and that is all. The proper terms are either .223 or 5.56 rifle and these calibers are only SLIGHTLY larger than a 22 caliber bullet. An AR-15 in reality is a block of metal. It serves as a platform much like the chasis of a car. You build on it to make a rifle of a specific caliber such as 22 LR, 9MM, 223/5.56NATO, 300blackout,450 bushmaster, or a 50 caliber Beowolf. All of these rifles can be platformed on an AR15. The 223 (most common caliber) will not demolish a deer and it is quite possible to shoot a pass-through and the deer may survive. Many states won’t let you hunt deer with that caliber for that very reason–most states require a minimum of a 30 caliber round, I personally prefer a 450 bushmaster which is equivalent to an old west 45 long colt. Do some research before making a statement that lets people know what you don’t. Just a personal note: I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment which was not to support hunting but prevent tyranny. “Molon Labe”

  9. Who cares what stupid shit she says../ bottom line, I may use it for hunting or I may use it to protect my family and loved ones from a similar attack as 10/7… I won’t be a sheep and be slaughter because Joyless thinks all I need is a bat or BB gun. I will defend my loved ones and if I have to decapitate someone wanting to kill us, so be it…

  10. i have yet been stupid enough to watch those idjut dumb asses i just for the life of me why anyone would watch that sick crap let alone praise them and deer hunter are not allowed more than 5 rounds in their rifle and yes many states a 223 is to small and i don t think they have 5 round mags for the 15s i ve never in 75 years seen any all i can say about the view is stupid is as stupid does cancel it

  11. Speechless! I am just speechless! There will be hundreds of thousands of comments. Let them speak the facts. I only pray I could just get in her face and laugh hysterically. Never happen, but a nice dream. Go get her boys! I shoot 30.06. I guess that will blow it completely up that no parts can be found. She could scare away any caliber!


  13. Short answer to the title question, absolutely YES! How she ever finds the way out of her residence every morning is beyond me.

  14. The basic AR round 5.56mm/.233 cal is called an intermediate round, meaning having the power between that of a full rifle and a pistol. Ignorant leftists believe it is more akin to that of an atomic bomb.
    Many have argued that it has inadequate power for deer hunting, nobody, but nobody, has ever argued that it is too powerful.

  15. To paraphrase Mark Twain, tis better to be silent and let people think you’re a fool than to talk and prove it.

  16. Isnt it strange that the three largest ignorant loudmouths on this show are named Whoopie-Joy-and Sunny?

  17. Her stupidity prevents her from refraining to give her ignorance a rest.
    Like the old saying, “No brain No pain,” her stupidity stops her from engaging in any kind of logical or intelligent conversation.
    That fits all members of The View.

  18. However, a commonly used deer rifle firing a .223 caliber round won’t cause the same damage because it’s not fired from a so-called AR-15 assault rifle. Also, I have a bridge for sale and I hope you will be interested in what is on its other side.

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