Long-Time, Often Copied Gun Manufacturer Introduces New Model

Screenshot from YouTube video.

In any industry that has been around for extended periods of time, there are certain “elders” of the industry. If you were talking about martial arts, you might think about Shaolin Kung-Fu, and if you were talking about denim jeans, you might talk about Levi Strauss.

Firearms, like any other industry, has elders, too. Some of those that people think of as “elders” are simply longer-time popular manufacturers like Glock. Others manufacturers, though, are legitimately real elders, such as Walther.

So, what do you do when your company has been in business for over a century and makes firearms that are some of the most copied designs in history? Apparently, you release a new model, which is what Walther did. The NRA Shooting Sports USA Staff give us details:


Walther Arms, Inc. has released the Walther PD380, a new compact .380 ACP pistol designed for concealed carry use.

Among the many features of the Walther PD380 are a double-action/single-action trigger for the option to carry with the hammer down, ambidextrous paddle magazine release for swift reloads, plus an ambidextrous slide mounted safety. Industry-standard sights provide for accurate aiming. There is also the performance duty grip texture and SuperTerrain slide serrations, the latter allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol.

The staff noted that “[t]rigger pull is 10 pounds in double-action and 5.6 pounds in single-action.” Also, the pistol comes with two 9-round magazines.

Walther, it seems, would like you to think of this firearm as the ultimate concealed carry, maybe even covert operations pistol. You can see their promotional video below.

Whether you want to use your firearms for covert operations or not, it is clear that Walther has a reputation for designing and producing firearms that are respected (and copied) world-wide.

So, if you’re in the market for a new concealed carry pistol in .380 ACP, Walthers PD380 may be one to consider.



  1. EXCELLENT GUN !!! I may even consider this gun over my previous favorite ( Canik SFX )

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