Best Country For Gun Rights REVEALED [Video]


The last several years in the U.S. (and in much of the rest of the world) has been simply crazy. Political violence (I mean, “mostly peaceful protests”), District Attorneys (often with campaigns funded by George Soros) letting violent criminals out without bail, inflation and a sagging economy stressing people out leading to short fuses and more violence…

It’s enough to make a person consider moving overseas to get away from the craziness.

But the U.S. has always had an interesting background with the Second Amendment that no other county in the world has had: American citizens have a right guaranteed by their Constitution to own and carry firearms. So, where could a freedom-loving person go if they still wanted to be able to carry firearms to protect themselves and their families?


That’s really a great question, and it isn’t easy to find accurate information about firearm ownership and freedom in other countries. Most of the information that is easy to find is simply the propaganda that anti-2A activists push to fool people into supporting gun control using statistics from other countries taken out of context. It can be frustratingly difficult to find this information when you’re looking for more freedom in your life.

Fortunately, one organization, Nomad Capitalist, recently put out a video addressing exactly this issue which you can watch below.

So, what did you take away from that video? What country do you want to move to so that you can maximize your freedom while keeping your right to keep and bear arms to protect yourself and your family?

What I took away from that video is that, while there may be one or two options that could make sense if I absolutely had to leave the U.S., at this point, there is no place like the U.S. for private gun ownership.

(As of this writing, the newly elected President of Argentina is planning to loosen gun control, and he’s been called “right wing,” so, it’s possible that Argentina may become more gun friendly over the next several months).

Since there’s no place better than the U.S. for private gun ownership, currently, we’d better keep working to make our country a place worth living so that our families and their children and their children’s children can keep their rights and liberty.