SCOTUS Justices Make DANGEROUS Arguments


Human nature can be a very strange thing. Very strange indeed. I mean, how often do you watch what other people say or do and just shake your head because it’s… well… insane.

For example, there is a tendency for people to outright reject new information on a topic simply because it disagrees with what they already think about a topic. Another weird human tendency is for people who clearly have no knowledge about a subject to believe that they’re qualified to make decisions on that subject that affect other people.

(As a side note, we should work to be careful that we aren’t doing either of these things.)


Unfortunately, for us (meaning legal gun owners like you and me), there are certain justices on the Supreme Court Of The United States who are making both of those mistakes. Which has the potential to make the world a more dangerous place. Chris Enloe writes,

Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson demonstrated their incredible misunderstanding of bump stocks this week.

Enloe continues:

At oral arguments, Justices Kagan and Jackson repeated claims that bump stocks modify firearms to fire hundreds of bullets per second.

Jackson claimed the “function” of a bump stock-modified rifle is to fire “800 rounds a second,” later asserting the device “automatically allows for 800 rounds to be released.” Sotomayor, meanwhile, posited that bump stocks allow a rifle “to shoot 400 to 700 or 800 rounds of ammunition.”

Now, look, Justices Jackson, Kagan, and Sotomayor, may have viewpoints on guns (and many other subjects) that I don’t agree with them about, but if we’re going to have a discussion about these types of things, then, we need to be having those discussions based on facts, not based on hysterical and completely nonsensical fantasies. And that’s exactly what these kinds of bizarre statements about bump stocks shooting 48,000 bullets per minute are: absolute nonsense.

If these people can’t deal with reality, then, they are making decisions for all of us that have very real and dangerous potential consequences.

After all, if you think that gravity doesn’t exist, you may step off of a cliff and find out in a really unpleasant way. And we don’t the United States going over that cliff.



  1. What can you expct from people who are dumb as stump and corrupt. Show me a democrat and I will show you an ignorant, corrupt POS.

  2. Are they really that stupid or is it because of liberal status? Serving on the Supreme Court – My God!

  3. They don’t care if they’re correct, which isn’t why they say the ignorant things they do. The media (Pravda) then replays the soundbites over and over and the sheeple believe it regardless of being true or not. Then the sheeple post it on social media and the masses believe it to be true. They have done their job.

  4. This is more proof that the ignorance of democrats goes beyond the white house and into SCOUS! We are doomed!

  5. To those that say, “It could never happen in America.” We witness Joe Biden, Democrats, et-al thru their unelected henchmen, Alphabet Agencies and Justices rapidly thrust America to a new phase of its history. It won’t be one marked by respect for the rule of law or the rights of individual citizens. Instead, we are entering an ugly age of fascist authoritarianism, in which the brute force of the state is used to force the people to the will of the tyrant. Hence the reason behind the frantic push to disarm us as soon as possible!

  6. There is only one law about self defense that works for man kind, and it has nothing to do with what kind of weapon one needs to carry. Its in” Luke 22:36 in the Bible”, and also many places in the old testament also, but not many read it these day, we get our “God given rights right from him”, NOT Government.
    So now you can see why Government wants to get rid of the guns, to make you a toothless slave !
    Resist all evil and repent, and turn back to Jesus Christ, he is coming back very soon be ready !

  7. Someone needs to take them out to a shooting range and show them exactly how a firearm works so they don’t go bye TV and Hollywood

  8. Kantji Jackson can’t give you the definition of what a woman is. Stomeyor is a raving leftist lunatic. I doubt either one of them could tell you which end of a rifle a bullet comes out of.

  9. All IS being REVEALED! You just can’t fix STUPID, but you can end it with education.

  10. The SCOTUS has one job, and one alone. Argument’s, specualtion, w/e doesn’t UPHOLD the US Constitution. Dear liberal, and conservative justices. Do your one and only JOB! Uphold. Do not add, subtract, nothing. BTW Any current gun laws are a violation of human rights.

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