New Take On Mar-A-Lago Raid CONTROVERSY


Well, the Biden administration’s Justice Department’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home back in 2022 has been receiving a lot of attention again lately.

Now, certainly, for some people the controversy over that raid never went away. Many people have argued for years that it was a political hit job and was harassment of Trump by the Biden administration.

Recently, though, as you may recall, there have been accusations that the Biden administration was trying to set up a pretext to assassinate Trump in that Mar-A-Lago raid (you can find out more about that here). If even remotely true, given Trump’s popularity, that would only cause tensions between Trump supporters and the Biden administration to get worse.


An investigative journalist who isn’t a Biden supporter, though, disagrees with the assassination narrative. Joseph Mackinnon writes,

Antipathetic toward various federal outfits and having himself been on the receiving end of politicized lawfare, Blaze News investigative reporter Steve Baker said, “You know, under normal circumstances I would probably just say, ‘Leave it.’ You know what, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even have addressed it.”

However, Baker indicated that a failure to address the misleading framing of an automatically filled FBI form and the excerpts spun without context could alternatively lead to rash decisions or even violence — to what Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck refers to the “Bubba Effect.”

“Anytime you force artificial or manufactured rage on your audience, then there’s always that element — it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the left or the right — who will respond with violence,” said Baker. “The worst among us that commit these types of acts are the people that are most outraged by their own group’s rhetoric. … You outrage them unnecessarily so many times and then people take action and they do crazy things — whether it’s transgenders shooting up schools or it’s some right-wing militia nut who’s snapped.”

Baker said the erroneous suggestion in this case that the FBI “was ordered by the president to assassinate Trump is not just irresponsible — it’s dangerous.”

Baker makes the completely valid point that government forms (and all legal documentation, really) often come across as very harsh and, even, dangerous when read from a non-legalese point of view. And that kind of misinterpretation can cause people to misunderstand what is really being advocated and approved of in that paperwork.

Still, the Biden administration hasn’t been exactly “judicious” with its use of lawfare against Trump and Trump’s supporters, so, I understand how people could come to the conclusion that the Mar-A-Lago raid was actually an assassination plot even if it really wasn’t.

What do you think is the truth of this situation? Tell us below.



  1. “” STOP DONALD TRUMP AT ALL COSTS “” !!! Either to put Trump in prison for 136 years, or to MURDER HIM ? What’s the difference 🤔👀😕 ???

    • DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE RAID WAS FOR, IT WAS DISGUSTING, AND ILLEGAL! AND EVERYONE CONNECTED TO IT NEEDS TO BE CHARGED AND IN PRISON, I SAY AND THINK!!! USA is not a third world nation, and this needs to not have happened at all, let alone this waste of time even talking about if they were planning on killing TRUMP/2024 for POTUS! FJB!!! DOES NOT MATTER, should have never happened, PERIOD! end of story, nuff said! HHO south florida. 33183

      • Just stop. Trump was given over a year to return the 100+ boxes, but instead he hid them and lied. These boxes contained top US classified documents and it was totally inappropriate for Trump to play games. He was just being a sore LOSER. Now he’s a convicted felon. Think for yourself man, you are being manipulated by a cult leader, who doesn’t care about ordinary Americans. Trump increased the national debt by 8 trillion, lost millions of jobs and bungled the pandemic. The Senate findings revealed he was responsible for 400k deaths during C19. Trump is driving a wedge between Americans for his own purposes. Wake up.

        • you are exactly what the dems love, someone they can grossly manipulate with the infected media. your “facts” are grossly wrong and you should get better sources. i sincerely feel sad for you and yours.

    • DITTO, and I agree 100%, and if Hitlery could have done it herself, she would have, there is no doubt, none at all. TRUMP/2024 for POTUS, and FJB!!!

    • Wish full thinking on your part!
      Won’t occur because it was just a PROVEN political stunt.
      All created by none other than biden and his administration.

  2. There is no excuse for armed personnel to enter a former Presidents home. Boiler plate, if that was what is on every form for a similar act should have been removed from a firm to invade a former Presidents home where armed Secret Service personnel could have legitimately taken action.

    A raid, by the way, that was unnecessary as Trump was already in the process of handling the matter with the proper athourity. Let us also remember that a President is the only person allowed to take these kinds of documents. There could be a controversy if all that he retained were declassified or not. Confirming that would nit take an armed invasion of his home. If it is determined that an armed invasion of a President entitled to retain such documents is unconscionabley upheld. Where are the armed invasions of Biden, Pence, Hillary and others who never had the right to retain such documents and are all undeniably felons! The case against these people are open and shut and legal action is long overdue for them.

  3. It seems to me that not only was Biden authorizing the assassination of a former president, he was authorizing the murder of Federal Agents (Secret Service).

    Though he probably would have pardoned those who did.

  4. DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE RAID WAS FOR, IT WAS DISGUSTING, AND ILLEGAL! AND EVERYONE CONNECTED TO IT NEEDS TO BE CHARGED AND IN PRISON, I SAY AND THINK!!! USA is not a third world nation, and this needs to not have happened at all, let alone this waste of time even talking about if they were planning on killing TRUMP/2024 for POTUS! FJB!!! DOES NOT MATTER, should have never happened, PERIOD! end of story, nuff said! HHO south florida. 33183

  5. And this is what we have for a Prestdent- Joe Biden will do anything to win. Biden is Destroying America. Is this what we want for America. Biden does not care about the American People, He only wants POWER to control us All. Look at it — we are loosing freedom of speech ( some words we cant say) Biden wants our guns ( so you cant fight back) Biden has done more and given more to the illegals then he has done for the American people. This is just a short list. Democrats are working on becoming the Rulers of the U.S.A.

  6. Evidence has proven that that the “Raiders” in fact planted and photo graphed documents that were in the Cashe of documents Trump had on hand!
    Was there an attempt to provoke resistance and use deadly force.
    Let’s remember that the central insurrectionist agency, and the Federal Bureau of insurrection planed and orchestrated the January 6th false flag operation the gain their best intel on trump supporters to prosecute and take away their voting rights.
    Trump tried to send the National Guard. But the DOD rescinded that order ( disobeying the commander in chief) because the national guard on site would have discovered the CIA and FBI operatives in leadership roles! The Plot sickens!

    • I would think so, after all, if there were Secret Service personel on sight, they as well, being law enforcement should have been informed of pending actions which would totally cancel ANY reason for a raid such as this. I find it VERY difficult to image such lack of interagency communicatin, cooperation unless there was actually a plot. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have the first time this happened. Hell the CIA makes this a Modus Operendum. They are not supposed to be allow to play in their own back yard but who’s to stop them? But then, if the intent was to hold back information on the chance confrontation would happen, This is what False Flag is all about ! A fire fight would have been swept under the rug and it would be claimed neither agencies fault and or responsibility simply on the grounds someone shot first and what followed would be claimed as nothing more than a reflex and justifiable. Typical coverup tactic. No one is going to admit shooting first ! As was said in the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith, his cohort said, shoot first shoot some more and if anyone is left alive, then start asking questions. This entire fiasco is just that, a fiasco. This is what happens when a bunch of short sighted people place their faith in someone they have no knowledge about, either side, Democrat of Republican, Librertarian, Independant. If and when people wake up the fact that as is written in certain Book that has been around for thousands of years, the human race, has as far as I’m concerned and truthfully millions of others have realized this fact. Man is not walking even to direct his own steps. Also he has had dominian over othe men even to their own injury. No person has progressed far enough mentally to be a qualified ruler of others, like it says in the song, He can’t even run his own life, I’ll be dammed if he’ll run mine !

  7. Now that Bidens managed to create a precedent, he should be real careful it could be used against him and his weaponized department.

  8. What about Joe Biden doing the same thing? Could previous Presidents have done such? We know the Clinton’s tried to take White House furniture with them. I’d be inclined to believe Hillary would have loaded up with documents she could have taken. What about Obama? Do we think he was squeaky clean when it came to leaving everything behind he was supposed to? But I do give Obama admirable credit for his famous quote, “never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to “f#@k things up.”


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