[VIDEO] First Ever 3D-Printed 1911 in .22LR Caliber!


I’m very excited about the future of 3D printing for homemade guns.

Actually, the future of homemade/DIY 3D-printed EVERYTHING is very exciting, but for now we’ll talk about guns.

Today I’d like to show you the first 3D-printed M1911 that I’m aware of.

Check it out:

3D Printed M1911 With 3D-printed Parts Too!

The complete IMGUR album is here, but what I find really interesting is that this 1911 handgun not only has a 3D-printed frame, but parts too!

The author says: “Parts were printed in Taulman 910 nylon. Grip safety, manual safety, mainspring housing, mag release, and slide stop are all printed. That saved like $100 in parts (at least for testing purposes).”

For anyone that has built a 1911 pistol (or detail assembled one), you know there’s a lot of “hand fitting” to get things right. I wonder if it being made out of nylon/plastic makes it easier to file/fit?

Here’s a bunch of the test frames that were printed first …

The upper on the 1911 is a standard Kimber .22LR conversion kit. Very cool!

Explanation video here of the entire build with some test-firing:

Honestly, in the updated video below where he does additional test-firing — stuff like “stiff trigger” and “light primer strikes” doesn’t sound like that big of a problem. At least for the 1911 platform, where if you mess with a lot of stuff (like spring strength, etc) you run into these problems anyways.

In other words, I don’t think a lot of his problems are directly because of the 3d-printed frame. They sound like regular 1911 problems.

Pretty cool stuff, what do you think?

If you’re a 1911 guy, do you think — in 10-20 yrs — you would be 3d-printing your own “custom” 1911 at home like this?



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    • Yup … now … that’s why this guy is pioneer right?

      In 10-15yrs the trails being blazed by these guys — going through so much trouble for hardly any payoff — will make it so we can 3d print reliable, real, working, “perfect” guns 🙂

  1. At age 81, it is questionable whether I can wait 10 years, and downright improbable that I can wait 20. The pistol looks good, but I would be reluctant to told it in my hand to test-fire it.

    • I understand Conway, but I bet that you’ll be surprised how far technology comes before you get to go to Heaven 🙂

      I bet none of us here thought we’d be walking around with supercomputers (smartphones) in our pockets even just 10 years ago!


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