This Will Make You Laugh Out Loud: The Effect That Anti-Gun Protests Are Having


So, these anti-gun protests have been all over the mainstream media lately as these folks are trying to completely shut down the gun industry and take away guns from everyone except “those who know how to use them like law enforcement.” And your anti-gunner friends and family have probably been all over social media “standing with those hurting kids” as if posting a meme on social media actually does something to change the world.

Well, maybe I should take back that last snide remark because these gun control protests are having an effect on the off-line world, just not the effect that these protesters want. Erin Patenko tells about what is going on in New Jersey:

Gun sales in New Jersey slumped after the election of President Donald Trump but are rising again in the wake of recent mass shootings, a sign that gun owners may again be concerned about tightening regulations, according to the latest data from the FBI.

Background checks for gun sales increased dramatically during President Barack Obama’s tenure in office, but fell to a 21-month low after Trump’s election, according to the FBI, which tracks the number of background checks performed by licensed gun dealers.

Since then, however, they have again been rising, most notably after the Las Vegas shooting in October that left 58 people dead and injured hundreds more. They remain at relatively high levels compared to the pre-Obama years.

“There’s definitely a correlation between people’s perception of gun regulation and their likelihood and desire to buy guns,” said Joseph Blocher, a professor of law at Duke University who specializes in Second Amendment issues.

But wait, there’s more:

“When gun owners see the clamor and hear the rhetoric, of course it makes them concerned,” said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and and Pistol Clubs. […]

“Certainly now that there’s a full-on press to repeal, it’s gonna drive purchasing through the ceiling,” he said.

So, to put it in a nutshell, gun control protests get the attention of pro-2nd Amendment folks who then go out and buy guns and ammunition. Which is, of course, exactly the opposite result that anti-gunners want.

So, yes, anti-gun protests do have a result, but the irony is that the result is more gun owners.


  1. These ant-gun MORONS don’t seem to realize that THEY are the best “gun salesmen” and NRA Membership people around. Keep it up you anti-gunners, we can use AL:L THE MEMBERS we can get!! LMFAO!

  2. The problem with all this is that if our history was taught correctly;that means not re-writing our history to reveal the truth. If the tree-hugging hippie generation teachers, professors and so-called experts would do their homework, and even do studies in this gun debate; that in gun free zones crime rises, in non-gun control zones the crime is less. My question to all these pro-gun control crowd is? How do you think this nation of states where established>by peaceful negations with the Brits, Mexican government or by use of weapons that shot back and ended the question. Hmmm, think on that. This country for 242 years established has had to use weapons to defend, and maintain the freedoms that you enjoy today, and that is not debatable, it is truth.

  3. kane, do not fret NRA memberships are rising. Every time these anti-gun and anti-American’s who want to trash our Constitutional rights speak or act more people join us who are the NRA.
    Notice California now has a bill pending that is attacking the First Amendment. Only here in Commiefornia are Liberals that stupid and ignorant.

  4. Almost all mass shootings & serial killings are done by individuals who were not originally gun enthusiasts & know very little about guns. They have newly-acquired guns & practice shooting feverishly, near their homes, just before venting their anger on their victims.

  5. Most of those kids protesting don,t vote. What will they do when they have to rely on protection?

    Law enforcement will not do proactive security. And it’s the person abusing the firearm. Not the

    firearm itself.

  6. Being a retired law enforcement officer in the time when taking the oath as a peace officer meant you were signing up to protect the community where he worked, and to the point of laying down my life to protect innocent people, I have packed a handgun every day for forty six years. During my career I answered too many calls where if the victim had been armed they would have won the battle to let any idiot disarm me at this stage. Unless the thinking of a very large majority of law enforcement and military personnel have tragically changed, I don’t see them turning on American citizens to illegally disarm them. Any officer, or military member that would do so did not pay attention when the oath was administered, or was intending to subvert the oath. As for the military officers Obama pushed forward, they can issue orders, but as many have found any illegal order can and will be ignored, sometimes to the extreme danger of their health.

  7. Being former LEO I took an oath to defend against criminals both foreign and domestic when I left Law Enforcement No one relieved me from said oath

    • Ice, I took the same oath when I joined the United States Navy and it was never canceled! America is going down the toilet because of Constitution trashing freedom haters. Many of them are teachers!

  8. The only comment that I would post is: Why not try-and I do say TRY because once the ball gets rolling on a subject-It is almost like a law has been enacted. To repeat one thing that is now started to turn around is the myth: “ALL MILITARY IN VIETNAM ARE BABY KILLERS” Finally after nearly 50 years some of dissenters are realizing they had been rather hasty by making that assumption.

  9. OK ice does that mean that you’re a human being and you would not go out and try in confiscate guns from law abiding citizens that will not give them up or does that mean that You are a hard a** that would follow any order that you were given

  10. I took the oath four times in the Navy and once with the Florida Highway Patrol. That oath stands until the day I expire. If they come for my neighbors guns, I will act to protect my neighbor’s right to “keep and bear arms”. There is no qualifying word after the words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment.

  11. Any gun owner who would willingly surrender their guns would also be surrendering their freedom. The second Amendment wasn’t put there for hunting or sport shooting, it was put there to keep a tyrannical government (much like we now have) in check. Read what Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Castro, Pol-Pot, etc. did after disarming their citizens – they murdered millions who were unable to defend themselves. The fools promoting the anti-gun agenda are totally ignorant of history.


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