This Pistol May Not Be Practical, But It Will Scare An Intruder To Death

Picture courtesy Ivan Santic.

I’ve heard it said that one of the reasons that some people recommend having a shotgun as a home defense firearm is that everyone recognizes the sound of the shotgun being racked. There is simply nothing like that sound, and, if you’re not the one doing it, it can be a scary feeling when you hear it.

Well, designer Ivan Santic may have had a visual example of racking the shotgun in mind when he created the design for the pistol that you see above, the DX-12 “Punisher.”

Now, just to be clear, this pistol isn’t in production, but according to a writer going be Eric B, Santic has had other firearm designs become production models, so we can hope.

Just think about it: a shotgun small enough to lock away and/or conceal at your home with more intimidation factor than a Judge. Eric B says,

If Glock ever made a Shotgun, this might be it.

He’s got a point. Some of the squared off designs which are so recognizable on other pistols are showing up on this one, too. Frankly, with double-barrel shot options, this pistol, should it go into production, has a very real possibility of scaring the pants off of a home intruder. I know that it would get my attention if it were pointed my way.

Now, Eric B does make another point about this design:

For instance, it doesn’t look too ergonomic or comfortable to hold and shotgun shells are probably what generates the most recoil in the firearms world (depending on load, of course).

And that’s a valid concern with something like this, but, let’s be frank. Part of the point of a firearm like this is the potential for the scare factor. If this were pointed in your direction, wouldn’t you want to get out of the way and quickly?

Yeah, me, too. And I think that’s a huge part of the appeal: that it would do the job without actually having to fire it. And that is the ideal use of a firearm whenever possible.


  1. The best home defense is a shotgun preferably a sawed off one. The reason is two fold 1) Great for putting a person down because they are missing a large part of the body. GOTTA LOVE #6 bird shot magnums.2) The don’t have a long distance shot capability like a rifle or pistol. This means less chances of hitting anyone with stray pellets. I for one would love it if they could make a pump version of the double barrel shotgun. There was a special report many years ago that asked career criminals what made them leave homes alone while breaking into others and they all said the most frightening thing was the sound of a 12 gauge shotgun being pump to load a round. If a single round stops them the sound of two rounds should send them running even faster.

    • There is a pump version of a double-barrel 12 ga. shotgun. Standard Manufacturing makes the DP-12. It is 29.5″ overall with (2) seven round tubuler magazines. This bullpup designed gun costs about $1400.00 and is capable of holding 16 rounds. Loading is in-line from the magazines…Pump, and pull the trigger twice…first the right bbl shoots, then the left. Pump again and repeat.

      This is an extremely well-made shotgun from a manufacturer with a great reputation. You can customize it with a number of accessories. Although pricey, it is well worth it.

  2. This reminds me of an old Dragnet show years ago when Joe Friday told his partner that he used a shot gun on this guy attacking him. He asked, “Did you kill him Joe? Joe replied, You would think so as the first cut him in half and the second make him into a crowd.


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