Gun Control Isn’t About Guns Or Safety. It’s About This.


You’ve heard the whining and gnashing of teeth by anti-gunners that gun control is for our safety and to protect our children, and, to be fair, there are probably a good number of them that have bought into that nonsense. However, if you think that gun control is about guns or safety, then you are sadly mistaken.

No, the end goal of gun control is people control. At least, that is what W.M. Peterson believes. Peterson writes,

This oppressor we are dealing with wants to take everything from us. We keep giving an inch and the predator keeps taking a mile. Such is the nature of the beast. This article was written with the 2nd Amendment in mind but it extends far beyond that. Right now ‘they’ say that they don’t want to disarm the people per se, they only want to curtail gun ownership a bit and make it much tougher to purchase firearms. How altruistic. Unfortunately, this is another blatant lie and just another step on the path to total public disarmament. The goal eventually is for massive confiscation of private property, restriction on travel and use of land, financial collapse and large-scale civil unrest. This design of theirs is outlined in official documents such as the U.N’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They make no bones about what their plans for the near future are and it seems to me that in order to meet these goals they would have to ensure the least amount of resistance possible – i.e. complete disarming of the American people.

Now, whether you agree with Peterson or not about the intentions of those who promote gun control, the fact of the matter is that Peterson is right that, whenever control has been enacted, civil liberties and private property disappear and are seized by those who still have firearms (i.e. the people running those governments).


A little known fact these days is that the Second Amendment wasn’t really about self-defense. No, the Second Amendment was about keeping our government from thinking that it had the right to run over us as governments historically do to their own people.

Unfortunately, anti-gunners are too historically illiterate to know that they want to sell us down a river to serfdom. We must not let that happen.



  1. In 2016, Hillary Clinton said that if elected, she would shut down the Breitbart News and NRA. This is NOT the Second Amendment she was talking about, but the First! You have to get rid of BOTH the Second and First Amendments before you can perpetrate a large-scale genocide. So the enemy want to abolish both the Second and First Amendments. And the first sentence of my enlistment oath is to defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, BOTH foreign and domestic.

    • Are you really ready to do this? I am and we need a small army of 5000 warriors armed and not afraid of death or die for what you believe in. I’m not talking about attacking college kids who are stupid I’m talking about about the bankers, ceo’s and big time investors like Buffet & Soros who are globalist which are working against our freedoms and our livelihoods. People like Buffett and Soros control the stock markets and manipulate them to rip every body off. Remember 2008, who do you think engineered that, Democrats, UN, and the big wall street bankers stealing our retirements.How many do you know Obama signed off on a bank crash deal to confiscate our lands, money, gold, natural resources ,retirement etc. Look it up. Whos ready to fight and die?

        • NO Steven is NOT nuts, he is focused on the wrong Group, we need to take our country back from the Crooked Elected Officials. Once we remove 80% of these crooks in office we can work on the rest of the trash that is trying to destroy America


      • You look at all these other countries that have banned guns, the gov’t did take over and would raid and attack the people for no reason at all. Anyone who thinks this is such a lovely thing to ban guns, you have to be very illiterate in historic situations.
        When Germany, under Hitler, they took all the guns away from the people, and then they started killing the Jews as they had no protection. When the Jews had guns they were approached with extreme caution as they knew they could defend themselves.
        Law a biding gun owners should not pay the price for the criminal element in society, get tougher on sentencing and keep them off the street as they will never stop killing. There are many who enjoy hunting, target practice, and so forth. Are you going to ban knives also? They are used in killings also, and if they did, then plastic utensils would be at your dining pleasure.
        However, under Liberal Socialism, before it turns to communism, you think you know it all, but it is their rights to have guns, and not the gov’t dictating to tell people they are all untrustworthy just because they have a gun.
        Maybe ban narcotics since they have a big impact on killings since they are high on drugs and murder is part of their thinking.
        In Canada they want to do the same thing, but just this week they caught a woman smuggling illegal guns into Canada in the gas tank, now tell me, is gun control going to stop smuggling? It never will, but the law a biding people must be punished for these criminals. She got a number of charges over this, and in the system she will get a kiss and nothing for a sentence, but the innocent will be persecuted for this woman.

      • Communists are not going to take over this country. You live in a paranoid delusional world, too bad.

        • NO they won’t as long as I’m alive, but they have been setting things in Motion since 1932 with FDR’s New Deal. Vernon You are one IGNORANT person that needs to turn off your TV and get out in the real world.

    • Oh that’s is so the truth. People need to wake up and smell the B.S. And in not talking about Bachelor of Science; if your feet my drift. People need to realize these are steps toward the anti-Christ strategy.

    • Bullshit. There is a lot of tragedy with guns, the most tragic involving family members who accidentally shoot other family member. More people would still be alive if they did not have a gun and thus could not accidentally kill a friend or family member. The NRA is a terrible organization that harms people. I call them stupid idiots. I have never fired a gun, never hunted in my life (age 74). I would love to see the NRA be bankrupted.

      • You have never fired a gun, never hunted in your life – by your own admission – you know absolutely nothing about guns. Therefore, your opinion on guns is completely and totally worthless.

        • I do not need to fire a gun or have hunted with a gun to see and understand
          the harm that guns cause. Just look at the statistics. Many gun deaths
          involve family members accidentally fatally shooting another family member. There is no need to have a gun in your home. We do not live in the Wild West of decades ago. There is more danger in having a gun in the home and the fact that the shooting was accidental does not bring the family member back to life. The stupid NRA should be held responsible for these unnecessary deaths. They are an idiotic organization.

      • This is the MOST IDIOTIC comment I’ve ever heard! Do you want to ban 5 gallon buckets because children have accidentally been drowned in them when they were used as a mop bucket? Or ban Venetian blinds because of children being strangled by the cords? Or knives because children injure or accidentally kill themselves playing with them? God, GUNS, and Guts MADE this country! LET’S KEEP ALL THREE! (Don’t believe guns helped to make this country? JUST ASK ANY INDIAN!) Guns: Freedom that you can hold in your hands.

        • You are a stupid idiot. We do not live in the Wild West of the old days. People are still dying because of gun accidents that are totally unnecessary. You are the dumb ass! Look up the data!

      • When someone comes into your home & harm you ,you will expect the police to protect you but they have guns & without their guns what do you want them to use? a ball bat? then we must ban baseball because someone might get hurt. WAKE UP DUMB ASS & FACE REALITY GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE BY ITS SELF, IF IT DID HOW ARE THE ANY SURVIVORS FROM A GUNSHOW?

      • Vernon, you are the cancer that has caused our children to commit suicide and paid our politicians to sell out our country. You need to remember, just because you have an opinion, that doesn’t mean its relevant.

    • The 2nd amendment was placed in the bill of Right’s to protect we the people from a Tyrant Government both Foreign and Domestic by the whole Malisa that means the entire Citizenry not the Politicians none of them really are there to serve the people they are there to take all they can from the people your god given rights period .

      • “Any Government that is big enough to give you anything you want, is ALSO big enough to take away everything you have.”
        Thomas Jefferson
        “For the first time, a civilized nation has Full Gun Registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
        ADOLPH HITLER, 1938

    • Sgt.
      and if people will just read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IT’S ALL RIGHT THERE.
      and the LAWLESS COMMUNIST DEMORATS are trying all they can to DO THIS.
      and i always advice people to NEVER GIVE UP THEIR ONLY MEANS OF DEFENSE.
      and are our DEADLY ENEMIES.

  2. I agree. Read history. Hitler did this. Mussolini did this. Stalin did this. This is how dictatorships start. Socialism, communism, then totalitarianism. Be ready. It’s coming our way. Thanks to a bunch of illiterates, who don’t care about anything but getting free stuff, led by people who want absolute power. Beware!

  3. I took the same path. There are about 30 million veterans. That Is a lot of people to kill. The person they are modeling after STALIN killed about 37 million. A congressman has told his supporters to get in the street and fight, star the civil war
    I read where this war would kill between 35 and 50 million people.

    • That’s where your wrong, most people are cowards and would run in the face of danger and they would just drop their gun when face by a large group of renegade cops thing they be doing there job to kill you.
      Did you see how they went into that mans home in NJ went to confiscate his gun and a cop just killed him for the hell of it. But yet our rights are being violated every fucking day and no one cares, No one cares what they did to that 60 year old man and there keeping it in hiding. Who is will to fight and die for there country? Not too many people are because the populace has been fucked over and most people would say, well it won’t get any worse.That is when it gets real bad is when they know we been defeated.

      • Steven You are the COWARD, You have led a life of Self Interest and you don’t have any reason to live other than to complain about what someone else has or says. You are one MISERABLE Pathetic Old man. Pleas keep your worthless opinions to your self

  4. Time we the people take a stand! We cannot expect our officials too do it for us anymore! Make our stand somewhere I say start with in wyoming, idaho, South Dakota, maybe Montana?, and purge these liberal communists, anti American from the area’s! Work our way out give them the chance too leave willfully, if not like our forefathers would have done by bayonet! Time for us too get into shape, get off the couch revolt area, gather together and make at least a stand, because if it all fails which isn’t far away, there’s no turning back!!! Look at Venezuela, Auschwitz, Poe pot, mao, Stalin etc. Do we really want too go through that?? That is exactly what will happen!!! I’ll move too any area and make a stand with you all but we a strong Washington, Jefferson, etc leaders. In my own state of Minnesota is gone!!!!!

    • I say lets eliminate Ellison first, don’t care how we do it but get it done and his whole family too. Take a look at Dearborn Mi, you would think your in Bagdad. That is Henry Fords home town full of wild animals and the cops won’t even go in there.

    • It’s time OUR federal government stands up for the laws of the land especially the constitution and shuts these commie local clowns down for good. That’s why they were put in place and if they can’t do their jobs they need jerked. We NEED our recall function back they stole many years ago with the phony excuse of we may need to make decisions for the country that go against the will of the people when they were elected to follow the will of their electorate. At the same time we need to get their hand out of the till and allowing them to set their own pay. Each state should be paying their own so when they don’t, like any other employer in life, we can shut down or cut theirs.

    • Dieko. You are exactly right but we need a few Thousand of us Armed to descend on Wash DC and start cleaning house there, Remove EVERY Leftist Communist Liberal in any office then we can move out to all the liberal cities that are hurting the rest of the country.

  5. Even if I was a felon I will not give up my rights. they may stop me from buying them from normal outlets. But it won’t stop me. That crap came straight out of the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. They have NO authority. If I am that bad. I should not be on the street. But now that the police state has begun. Nobody is safe. All I can say is be very careful. The blood was spilled over the guy someone lied about and was shot by the GOOD COPS for not giving up his. They want war? They want to jail us for no reason? They have no problem killing innocent people? Well. Like you murderous cops and those you work for. I will not bow to you. and just like you. I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY OWN. Sorry people. But there is nothing to be happy about. Nothing to really live for. All these people do is wring their hands to IMPRISON or KILL you. What amazes me is seeing a lot of the chest beater patriots who crawl along behind them still living in their fantasy world that these people care for you. Soon this puter is going silent. I have just about all the supplies I have stocked up. I will keep getting more. Yes I am oversupplied. And it will stay that way till death. Which I hope comes soon. At least my son will be well supplied. But even he says he has had enough. I pray you all make it. Your unhappiness train is just starting to roll. God only knows what comes next. With the women that was elected in office. Running off their female emotions. Not realizing they are a tool and will be smashed in the end. The U.S.A. is coming to a close. Be cautious when you hear the knock on your door. If they give you that much.

    • The German lady that was interview after the war, said “they knocked on our door, and took all our guns, they never bothered to knock after that.”

    • We had Revolution once before in this country. It’s time for another one. Give me Liberty or give me Death.
      If those gun grabbers think we will take this sitting down, they are only fooling themselves. To George Soros, Michael Blumberg, Killery Clinton, Barak Obummer and his Gang & all the other oppressors out there, BEWARE! There are too many Freedom Loving People and Patriots out here waiting for you if you are stupid enough to try. A lot of us might die, but a lot of YOU will too! So all you gun grabbers out there, just go home and love your spouses and raise your children to respect your neighbor and you will be fine. Spend time doing that, and you won’t have time to stick your nose in the affairs of the rest of us. You’ll be too busy doing what your first responsibility is to your family, not running mine.

      • it will be a very bloody short skirmish, Liberal Blood will be flowing like a river in every street in America.

  6. 1sr amendments, 2nd amendment etc. if we lose the 2nd amendment the whole constitution will fail!
    It has always been about control. Some of the first “gun control” laws in the country were passed by the democrats right after the civil war. Blacks were not allowed to posses guns. When those laws were ruled discrimination, they went after everybody, with exceptions for the elite, of course.

  7. As I have said for years, gun control is all about power. Hitler used gun confiscation, Mussolini used it, Mao used it, Castro used it, Idi Amine used it, and all other despots have used it. Having the right to keep and bear arms is what keeps power in the hands of the people. Without it, we are back to being subjects or surfs or peons. One way we keep the Government under some sort of control is by being able to fight back. If we don’t have that, then there will be a “King George” that will be more than willing to take over our lives.

    • Yes they did and mass murdered them all too. The Germans lined upped the deploreables as Hillary said it and gunned them all down like animals and buried millions of folks in mass graves just because they didn’t want them. The United States government is ran by Nazis and Nazi bankers..

  8. As heartless as it may sound to many people WE MUST GET OUT OF THE UN. They are focused on world domination which entails control of the worlds populations. They are totally dependent on US support. If we just removed our monetary support it would greatly prevent them from this globalist agenda.

  9. If your worried about the confiscation? Do what I have done, get weapons from other people without paperwork, then set it up to be buried in air tight system, mine well oiled with heavy oil, wrapped up in plastic bags, I used my vacuum sealer, wrap that in heavy cloth and in pvc pipe glue sealed, I’m disabled so I had someone bury it on some land with ammo for both the long gun and two pistols, it’s not on my land and I don’t know where exactly but I have is a location of a weird map that tells where to go. Only me and my son know where the map is. My son did the same for my friend. It’s to be gotten for me if it comes to it or to someone who needs them if I’m gone. I live in very rural area and have talk to several in our community to be vigilant of any outsiders moving around in the dirt roads to call out. Have your tribe ready, I learned this from the mountain guerrilla blog. I’m ready to die my life is about over from pain, so if civil war is time then let’s get it. If I can’t fight I can help in other ways, we all need to step up, especially a leader.

    and we know WHO most of them are and where they are.
    and with all that’s happening in our nation TODAY, it’s only a matter of TIME AND WE WILL HAVE TO FIGHT ALL OF THEM.

  11. If people in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh worry about this, what abou the Mayor, Governor who support Sancuary cities, State. that push this nonsense you can kill jews and get away with it.

  12. Of course, that’s the first step toward a complete demo/socialist regime. The collective ‘they’ certainly don’t want anyone to be able to protect themselves or their families. New I’ll tell you the next step toward a total fascist takeover. The confiscation of your cell phones. They cannot chance people communicating with each other and perhaps coordinating for a rebellion. Better no one knows what is happening a few miles away…and, of course, the news will be tailored to fit their cause. Much the same as it is now. The next step will be your kids. It will become law that your child will must attend a government approved ‘Indoctrination Center’. Failure to do so will result with your child taken, become a ward of the state, and you will be sent to prison. Home schooling will no longer be allowed. I could go on but why bother. Just read Hitler’s Mein Kamph. Obama started the ball rolling…that’s why he was illegally put into the office of the presidency. He was groomed to do as he was told If anyone thinks he was truly elected then you must believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. That’s why Hillary and the democrat socialist party was so angry when the witch lost the election. Her goal was to finish the takeover that obamanation started. And that is why they will try every devious underhanded fraudulent act to be certain the 2020 election will put them back in total control. It won’t be pretty. Remember Nazi Germany. Remember how it all started. This country is being forced down the same road. Trump is nothing but a minor glitch. He wasn’t supposed to win. They will make sure it’ll never happen again.

  13. You are 100% right. This leads to government takeover . We should learn from history. We have to support President Trump and help him Stop the Democrats from destroying this country. If this country is destroyed anarchy will prevail everywhere . President Trump has put himself and his family on the line for USA and american people We have to do our part.

  14. fPittsburgh mayor is a coward and an idiot. He wants control over our lives and the ability for anyone to take them leaving us helpless. This guy should be fired and in a nut house. i’ll take a .380 anytime with 7 shots. They’d get the hint with 2 or 3 rounds inside.Time for the people of Pittsburgh to have a recall. Their mayor shows his contempt for the citizenry of the city without shame.

  15. get Pelosi Bloomberg, Feinstein manchin,Soros and any government official who wants to take guns. Watch them hide when this happens I forgot Hillary one of the first to get them Obama also.

  16. The Demoncrats are anti-Bill of Rights freedom haters. They want decent, honest citizens arrested if they have guns. The Demoncrats coddle the criminals.

  17. I live in PA and have a ccl. I have had a State trooper tell me it is a good idea to carry because he knows they cant be everywhere. Since they are the ones that compile the stats on crimes in the state I’ll trust his opinion. By the way, about half of the people in my county have a ccl and we have had only 2 homicides this year, 1 was with a knife.

  18. I really think people are waking up to whats happening to America. You don’t kick the Bee hive if you don’t want to get stun. and the people are feeling the sting know. Time to vote all these Socialist and Communist out of office. Before what it says in our Second Amendment starts to happen. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  19. I agree with all of you. Patriots who believe in GOD, The Constitution as it is written and the Bill of Rights and our great United States of America. I too am a well armed citizen. I will defend my family my home my friends and whoever else needs help. With all that said did anyone notice that after a mass shooting the Demoncraps including the RINOS along with the brainwashed anti-gunners immediately scream gun control! That made me think, this is just me, that maybe all of these crazies that go out to murder school children and people attending Christmas parties, parking lot concert and the list goes on may have been indoctrinated by the government via CIA or some other branch to do these shootings to get the public with help from Shumer, Pelosi and all the other gun haters in Congress to fire up the population against the 2nd Amendment and to blame the guns, rifles etc. and the legal gun owners across the USA for all these other acts of violence upon the public. What they need to do is go after the armed Gangs and thugs and the illegal weapons that are being brought to them! We totally legal gun owners are being persecuted while the scumbags are doing all the killings! Look at Chicago! The police and SWAT are very well armed, why don’t you never ever hear in the fake news about them going to the heart of the problem and kicking their asses? I’m not faulting the police or SWAT they have to follow orders. The problem is the Mayor of Chicago! RAHM EMANUELS or Mr. Stand Down. GOD BLESS AMERICA and THE 2nd AMENDMENT

  20. Thanks to all the veterans here and the other Patriots voicing willingness to defend this great nation. God bless you and keep you.

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