Is This Republican Selling Out Gun Owners To Anti-Gunners?


In our modern day and age, most Americans tend to think of the Republican party as the political party that supports gun rights and the Democratic party as the party seeking more gun control. And these generalizations are often pretty accurate. After all, you don’t see the Democratic party courting the support of the NRA.

Sadly, though, one prominent Republican Senator looks like he is trying to pull out the rug from gun owners. Paul McLeod gives us the details:

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham told BuzzFeed News he will start crafting legislation next week to expand police powers to preemptively seize firearms from people believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Graham is angling to get bipartisan support for his bill, and has been in discussions with Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Neither would outline specifics Thursday beyond saying it will be an original piece of legislation. Graham said work on hammering out the contents of the bill will begin next week.

Despite a string of mass shootings in recent years, Congress has not taken action on any significant new gun control measures, only authorizing funding to improve the national background checks system.

Graham told BuzzFeed News on Thursday his bill will provide grants to states that pass extreme risk protection orders, or ERPOs. Also known as “red flag laws,” they allow judges to authorize police to temporarily seize a person’s guns, with no advance notice, if there are grounds to believe the person may commit a violent act.

“I’m seeking to incentivize states to produce extreme risk protective order legislation that has ample due process but also is meaningful in protecting the public from somebody who is dangerous,” said Graham.

Now, you might be tempted to discount this story based on the source (it is Buzzfeed after all, one of the major sources of celebrity gossip on the web). Still, like most every other celebrity gossip site, Buzzfeed has their anti-gun agenda, and they have no reason to lie about this legislative action. It’s exactly the kind of thing that they want passed.

And this legislation is exactly the kind of bill that we want killed in committee. Why? Because red flag laws don’t work. Gun control doesn’t work.

The only way to ensure the safety and freedom of American citizens is to support gun rights, and that means opposing anything that promotes red flag laws. We need to let Lindsey Graham know that we, like the elephant that is the Republican party mascot, will never forget if he betrays us on gun rights by promoting this bill.


  1. Red Flag laws are just a disguised attempt at gun control. You have murderous cops on the streets they kill at will .Can you imagine any situation where anyone needs to be shot 41 times. Well the police did. They routinely shoot people 10 or more times because they thought they had a gun or I was in fear of my life so I blasted the hell out of them. What happens well the police take a look and find a justification for the use of force.They never go into it looking for was there another way. If they did there would be a lot more police in prison and there should be. I we do not do something about the continuous police shootings people will be scared a start shooting first. We need law and order but this includes the police.

    • Of course you have the name of the deceased, and the time and date, and place where this eight-foot tall, three hundred fifty pound, vicious killer cop murdered, or rather, slaughtered, this poor misunderstood choir boy victim, presumably while he was taking Communion at church? Was this the one where the cop, cigar in mouth, and Browning M-2 under his arm, kicked the church doors open, wounded fifty nuns, and then blew this poor boy away, firing 41 consecutive shots in a perfect vertical line, so the kid was split apart, while the kid begged and pleaded for his life? That one?

  2. Alan, Have you ever been on a “ride-along” with a police officer at night? Due to the need to cover the large and ever growing areas of congestion in our cities, the days of officers patrolling in pairs is a memory of “back-in-the day”. Most officers are out there alone and a simple traffic stop is a bone chilling experience, that requires an officer to do his job, regardless of the danger involved. To often, the person stopped is angry, belligerent, and has been consuming alcohol or drugs. Lethal force is always the last resort, but a lone officer cannot risk losing a non-lethal physical engagement, because possession of his weapon in the wrong hands could well cost him his life.

    If you and those of like mind, have never been in those circumstances, try to focus on this fact, people that are respectful and cooperative when interacting with a police officer, doing his/her job, they will have nothing to fear. I can’t understand why you are so concerned with how many bullets the police used to end the threat. If the first one killed the subject, the other rounds were not felt. Gunfights are not the same as target practice. The object is to survive and that requires getting busy, with overwhelming force. How would you proceed to save your own life, assuming you had the courage to do the job, that we ask these courageous officers to do?

    Anyone that thinks shooting at police first is a good idea is an absolute moron, Gooch!

    • I never implied some one should shoot at the police. I merely stated what are we going to do with these rampant unnecessary police shootings. When the equally armed citizen starts shooting first out of their fear for their life. You have to be either a cop or cop lover to jump to jump to a stupid conclusions on a statement that you changed the meaning of. Yes, shooting an unarmed man 41 times is murder period. This means at least 4 police emptied their pistols or reloaded. This would be murder too. I guess the unarmed black man that was shot in the back deserved it too. I have nothing but respect for police that do the correct thing,but contempt for those that do not!! As for me calling police for anything. I think not I’ll handle it.Alan Gooch

  3. The ERPO or Gun Confiscation “law” was past in Maryland. The police have already SHOT and KILLED a man who did not have a record of one offense. The first cop grabbed for the handgun. The officer behind him shot and KILLED the elderly man. The shooting was deemed as legitimate. I contend it is excessive force. One does not GRAB for a gun held in someone else’s hands. The police, in this instance were the AGGRESSORS which brought about the discharges. One of which KILLED the law abiding elderly man.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong! There’s a first time for every criminal and/or anyone else. Grabbing for the gun is always a possible remedy under certain circumstances. Given the circumstances stated, the force was both reasonable & prudent & adjudged as so by the Prosecutor. This is not a game !

  4. Lindsey Graham….
    You were doing so well
    You might want to reconsider this proposal.
    You are stepping in it big time when you mess with our firearms.
    When guns become illegal, I will be a criminal, as the T shirt says.
    I figure you will be voted out at earliest opportunity. Count on it.
    🇺🇸❤️TRUMP🇺🇸❤️ MAGA 💓 🇺🇸 2020
    we will NOT be disarmed. Nor will we allow any further chipping away .
    In fact, the gun laws are illegal according to the U.S. CONSTITUTION.
    Follow Missouri’s lead.
    They got it RIGHT!!

  5. Hannity; Why with all of the Swamp is being covered, but things like the 2nd Amendment assault is not being brought out, ask Lindsey Graham about his stand and turncoat agenda to sponsor legislation supporting the Red Flag Laws, against Legal Gun Owners, if going to be used it should cover all persons not just gun owners, as the ways these Laws are being used!

  6. The decent, honest citizens will longer have guns. The criminals will always have guns. The decent, honest citizens will be defenseless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lindsey Graham:
    What the what??
    Who gets to decide if a person needs their guns removed… a judge??? Hoe ridiculous is that? Any liberal neighbors could report anyone with a gun to police for weird, questionable behavior when there is none. It puts the innocent ones on the defense. It opens the door for major problems! Mr Graham, step away from this proposal immediately or prepare to lose your golden seat! Your followers will rebel.

  8. So even this m0r0n is too clueless that what they’re REALLY going to do is start a Civil War….

    Cuz we’re NEVER giving up our guns,, EVER !

  9. This is a back door way and a slap in the face of AMERICAN freedoms against the 2nd amendment.
    If this is allowed we will have a civil war as neighbors will not trust one another and and innocent people will be arrested and even worst innocent people “WILL BE KILLED” during any tries of enforcing this “UTTERLY” stupid type of law. There will be unwarranted deaths on both sides, civilians and law enforcement. This type of law will pit neighbor against neighbor and just because someone gets their feelings hurt they can become vindictive and file a complaint without any PROOF. Just another way that the liberal socialist TYRANTS can take over.

  10. I believe that the greedy house and senate should keep their hands off the 2nd amendment , they are just wasting tax money and filling their pocket at the same time what a total waste time and money gun controlhas never worked and never , just like the war on drugs

  11. Graham has always been a traitor . Gang of 8. All for amnesty . Gave Obama everything he wanted . Now he is still doing what both him and McCain wanted to do . Obstructed Trump for 2 years . Only the death of McCain gave him a backbone only he can love .

  12. This proposed law is unconstitutional and any true American patriot should know it that. Confiscation of property is illegal whether by a thief or government employees. The liberal mind set in this country does not conform to the constitutional rights of American citizens. I care if you are a Democrat or Republican you asking for another civil war in America and I pretty sure most veterans are willing to fight for our freedom.

  13. So you want to use our money to fight our gun rights, Bull! If you think I might cause someone harm then arrest me. I can tell you if you try to confiscate my legally owned weapons you will get a fight you wish you had not started!

  14. I don’t care if you’re aDem. Or a Rep. the second amendment is for every American citizen. The day we pass laws that confiscate the firearms from law abiding citizens. We are no longer America. Because, we would no longer be a country of the people by the people and for the people. We become a country of the Government by the government and for the government. COMMUNISM!!!!

  15. And who’s going to write a bill to protect us from ignorant politicians. Lindsey Graham is proving to be a another first class RINO. He’s setting things up to increase the suicide by cop ratings for sure. Stock up brothers and sisters, it’s going to be a bumpy ride before long.


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