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There is an old saying that even a watched clock is right twice a day. In this same way, anti-gunner media can actually tell the truth about guns sometimes. This happens to be one of those rare cases.

Mother Jones magazine is about as politically liberal on every position that you can imagine. Whether it is environmentalism, race relations, or economics, Mother Jones is going to take the stereotypical position, and gun control is no exception.

But, if they make any attempt at being honest, even anti-gunners can’t completely hide the truth. A Redit user going by JCvynn reviewed the data from Mother Jones about mass shootings (which is available here) and came to this shocking conclusion:

More mass shootings occurred during the Obama administration than during the Bush, Jr., GHW Bush, Reagan, and Trump administrations combined. Additionally, the number of mass shootings which occurred during Bill Clinton’s administration was more than any of the Republican administrations, too. (hat tip to here for the source)

So, to be clear, mass shootings as compiled by an anti-gun magazine, show that mass shootings are higher during administrations that tend to be anti-gun based on political position.

Now, this isn’t a surprise to you or me. After all, we read sites like this and keep up with the way the world really works, not how the anti-gun mass media would like everyone to believe that the world really works. So, we know that carrying firearms, that hand gun usage, saves lives.

The truth may hurt them (albeit only emotionally), but don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If we want real security and safety in America, what we need is a population who understands, respects, owns, and trains with their firearms, not a bunch of people who are too afraid of a tool to see it’s implications for good.

Gun control simply doesn’t save lives. Gun control kills.

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As you know, there are a ton of options these days when it comes to concealed carry. You can carry different calibers, different size clips, different types of pistols, and then you have preferences in size of the weapon, weight, and fit to your hand. It can be hard to narrow down your choices to just one firearm, and it would seem to be completely natural to experiment with a few different pistols.

But, maybe, you shouldn’t. Maybe you should pick one that will cover the options that you need and stick with that one firearm for your carrying needs, and there is a simple, straightforward logic to why you should do this: consistent practice makes permanent. And, if you are switching up the firearm that you are practicing with, then you aren’t being consistent. This could be a problem in a high-stress situation. Sheriff Jim Wilson gives us his thoughts on this issue:

When we practice what we’ve learned in training, it becomes a habit, hopefully a good habit. The more you practice, the more the technique, whatever it is, becomes an ingrained process. It is something that can happen without us consciously thinking about it. When your brain says, “I think we need to draw our pistol,” your body follows the command without you having to think through the various movements.

This ability is critical because, during a deadly encounter, our brain has lots of other things to be focused on […].

This is what concerns me when I hear folks talk about having concealed-carry guns in regular rotation. It’s not much of a problem when they are rotating the same kind of gun but that is usually not the case. Different types of guns have different controls.

Sheriff Wilson goes on to say that people should always carry in the same place on the same side of their body. Why? For the very same reason that you need to work with the exact same model firearm for your carrying weapon: in a high-stress situation, you won’t be able to consciously think of where your weapon in and how to use it as quickly and accurately as possible. Your body experiences an adrenaline dump and your ability to carefully think through options is severely hampered. What you have trained repeatedly is what your body will do on autopilot. It is what is in muscle memory, and it is what will be done in this kind of high stress situation.

So, for your safety and for the safety of those you are protecting, find one firearm that you are comfortable with, that does what you need to do, and practice with that weapon over and over and over again. That way, if, God forbid, you get in a fire fight, you’ll be able to do what you need to do to survive it.

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Leave it to gun manufacturers to give us practical information in a fun way. What kind of practical information? The kind of practical information that can save a life by preventing gun accidents.

Glock recently posted a short video that is a parody of the intro to the old Brady Bunch television show. In the video, they give us four great rules to remember when it comes to firearms. These four rules are:

  1. Handle all firearms as if they are loaded at all times.
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Always be certain of your target and what is behind it.
  4. Always keep your fingers off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until your sights are aligned and you are ready to fire.

Now, let’s break this down for those new to the gun scene.

The first rule is important because a gun owner needs to be in the habit of thinking of his or her gun as dangerous because, if it is loaded, it is dangerous. Mistakes happen when people assume that they will remember when they have the weapon loaded or not. It’s simply better to be in the habit of always treating the gun like it is loaded so that you never make the mistake of treating it as unloaded when, in actuality, it is loaded.

The second rule is based on the same thinking. Put another way, never point the gun at anyone or anything that you are not willing to destroy in that moment. Why? Again, you need to be in the habit of thinking that the weapon could be loaded and treating the weapon as loaded so that you don’t accidentally put a round into someone. That’s the kind of accident that can be fatal.

The third rule builds off of the second rule and has to do with awareness and that willingness to destroy. You need to be aware of what you could potentially destroy when you point that weapon and pull that trigger. If you don’t know that, you don’t know whose life you may unintentionally take. It’s a horrible enough thing to have to take a life in self-defense, but to do it through a careless accident can only be worse.

And the fourth rule is about making sure that, when you actually fire your weapon, that it happens only when you know exactly what you are doing and to what or whom. If your finger stays completely away from that trigger, you aren’t going to accidentally pull it because you were startled. You aren’t going to make some other kind of mistake. You are only going to pull that trigger when you have made that conscious decision because only then will your finger be on the trigger.

Now, for a fun review, watch the video below.



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