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Anti-gunners say the craziest things. If they weren’t serious about the bizarre things they said, we could almost take it as comedy. Unfortunately, they really are serious.

Take, for example, the United Kingdom. You see, in the U.K., self-defense is essentially illegal. I’m not being sensationalist when I say this, nor am I exaggerating. J.D. Heyes explains,

As reported by The New American, British subjects seeking advice about what are and are not permissible self-defense instruments found some recently on a police web site. It is sponsored by the British government’s Police National Legal Database.

Q589: Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?

The police answer:

The only fully legal self defence product… is a rape alarm.

Now, the site goes on to say that there may be other products, but those have yet to be fully tested and that “if you purchase one you must be aware… there is always a possibility that you will be arrested and detained until the product, it’s [sic] contents and legality can be verified.”

To give you a little more detail: the police in the U.K. are serious about the necessity of approving what you can use to defend yourself. The New American gives an example of what can happen:

Real people have experienced the absurdity of such rules being enforced with diligence across the country. Three knife-wielding burglars [guns are illegal in England] invaded a home in England, tied up the family members and threatened to kill the father. One of the members managed to escape and get help. The family member and the helper returned and inflicted permanent brain damage on one of burglars — a criminal, by the way, with more than 50 previous convictions — using a cricket bat. Authorities arrested the defendants — the victims — and sent them to prison for more than two years. The attacker? He escaped punishment.

Now, in case you are someone who thinks that you can just scare away an attacker with a rape alarm, I would suggest that you stop and get a dose of reality before you or someone you care about gets hurt or killed. Someone will murder in their eyes is not going to stop because you scream or because of a rape alarm. And, while the police may be able to catch the person who assaulted/raped/murdered you, fat lot of good that does you after the fact.

See, one of the biggest problems that anti-gunners have is their belief that law enforcement officers actually stop crimes from being committed. But, if you think about it, this belief isn’t even logical. How can law enforcement officers stop a crime if they don’t know about it before it happens? They can’t, and that’s the reason why it’s vitally important for people here in the U.S. (and in the U.K., too) to be able to lawfully defend themselves from other people who are willfully breaking the law by physically assaulting another person.

So, I stand by my statement: anti-gunner thinking will get people killed, and that is why gun ownership cannot be restricted if people are going to be able to be safe.

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Of all the crazy reasons to ban guns, this has to be the dumbest. Ar-15’s are totally impractical for most common criminals due to their size, In a world where the vast majority of crimes are committed with handguns, the Ar-15 rules the roost as the home owners weapon of choice.

According to these whacked-out leftists, that isn’t fair to criminals.

Watch Steve Crowders incredulous reaction to this insane argument:

Is this social justice for murders? We need an even playing field for murders? The reality is that the Ar-15 truly is the “good guys” gun. Almost never used in crimes while simultaneously being THE most popular self-defense rifle in America. The left just can’t get over that fact.


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Hidden gunYou know the Creepy clown craze is getting totally out of control when a Sherriff has to come out and remind the public that they can’t shoot creepy clowns trespassing on their property. It’s utterly insane that anyone would need “reminding” about not shooting unarmed trespassers who are not threatening your life, but apparently public hysteria reached a point where the Lafourche Parish Sherriff saw his warning as necessary. From

“If you encounter one of these clowns, report it immediately to law enforcement, and do not take matters into your own hands,” said Sheriff Webre. “We have seen several people commenting on social media that they would use deadly force against these individuals if found on their property, but you cannot legally shoot someone merely for trespassing in your yard, whether they are in costume or not. Again, we ask that you contact law enforcement, and let us handle the situation.””Spooking your friends is one thing, but terrorizing a community is an act that will not be tolerated,” Golden Meadow Chief of Police Reggie Pitre said. “I would like to encourage everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween season, but creeping around as an evil clown is not recommended unless you feel the need to be charged and/or arrested. Apparently clowns can be arrested even if they are not trespassing: “Per Louisiana R.S. 14:313, the wearing of a hood, mask, or facial disguise of any kind is prohibited in public places with obvious exceptions for certain holidays,” the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Yes, it’s actually illegal to wear a mask in public in some places:

Creepy clowns have been sighted all across the country and few incidents have involved them chasing or otherwise harassing people. It’s one of those media driven trends, where bored teenagers are copying what they hear about on TV. Just a reminder: You can’t shoot creepy clowns, even if they are in your back yard or running for political office.

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This week I attended a funeral for a 23 year old man (family friend) who was shot in the back of the head. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say to the grieving parents, what can be said of such a senseless act violence?

To the self defense community, I have a really obvious thing to say about preparing for a self-defense shooting: prepare to get shot.

Two people were shot in what appears to be an ambush style shooting. The young man shot in the back of the head probably didn’t have a chance and police say he was an innocent bystander. The unarmed survivor made it through the ordeal by choking his assailant unconscious with one arm after he had been shot. He did this in-spite of an arm wound that is so gruesome police say he may lose his arm.

Police haven’t yet released the exact details on how he manged to choke out the shooter, but the video below should give you a good idea of how it can be done.

In addition to basic hand-to-hand combat skills, practicing injured hand shooting is a great idea:

Any weightlifter knows the feeling of being unable to touch their elbows together after lifting. In a self-defense shooting you may not be physically able to shoot from a traditional position. A laser sight could work wonders if you can’t align your sights normally after being shot in the chest or shoulder.

If you have a chance please say a quick prayer for David Sanborn and his family. You can read more details about the shooting here.


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