More evidence the US Government “created” ISIS (and the DIA’s rebuttal)


Recently, a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report surfaced that appears to acknowledge and encourage the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) because it would help “isolate the Syrian regime”.

I pointed out that while some may deny it, I have no trouble believing this because it’s “business as usual” for the US Government.

The FedGov often likes to back factions in other countries whenever it wants a regime change and it almost always backfires …


First though, am I anti-American?

Before we go on, let me share with you a reader comment and my response:

    “Much like you Caleb, I am a PATRIOT, and I love my country and it`s people, and like the rest of the country … We can Love America, love it`s people (manipulated as we are) and HATE our government, and still be PATRIOTS! I would die for this country, but only for IT`S protection WITHIN these borders. Of course back when I was seventeen I joined the USN and unquestionably believed in everything our govt told us …”

In response to this, let me set the record straight because much of what I write today and in the future (like much of my past writings) is very critical of the US Government:

I am a Patriot. I love the idea of America and the founding principles that established it. I love living in America, but the US Government and America are not the same thing.

So nothing I say is to be taken as critical of America — I’m only criticising the US Government because it is out of control.

That said, let’s talk about the bonehead US Government moves that directly contributed to the rise of ISIS …

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) sets the record straight (or not) … received an official DIA comment to their questions concerning the declassified 2012 DIA intelligence report released through Freedom of Information Act request to Judicial Watch.

BELOW IS A FULL TRANSCRIPT of the phone interview:

James Kudla [JK]: In response to the questions you submitted through email… As noted in the document itself, it’s an informational report and is not finally evaluated intelligence, and the redacted sections in the document released under FOIA means it is not a complete document.

Brad Hoff [BH]: Does this document forecast in 2012 that the external powers supporting the Syrian opposition would allow an Islamic State in Eastern Syria in order to isolate or put military pressure on the Syrian regime? 

JK: I have no comment on the contents of the document, nor on your interpretation of the document in your article. To reiterate, the document is raw information and has not been interpreted or analyzed, so it is not a final intelligence product.

BH: Does this document affirm that the DoD knew that what the document refers to as the West was supporting an opposition insurgency in Syria that had elements of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, or AQI, within in?

JK: I do not speak for the Department of Defense, only for the DIA. For the DoD you would have to call the Pentagon’s Public Affairs desk. I have no comment on the contents of the document.

BH: Can you confirm that this particular document FOIA released, marked 14-L-0552/DIA/287-293, was circulated among the Joint Staff, USCENTCOM, CIA, DHS, Dept. of State, SecDef office, and those agencies listed under the header?

JK: I can’t confirm how it was circulated or who read it, but we can confirm that copies were sent to its addressees listed in the header information.

BH: Are you able to dispel some current headlines that say the West aligned itself with ISIS during 2012 or at any point during the conflict in Syria?

JK: There are a lot of headlines circulating, I cannot evaluate each one. I cannot comment on that.

BH: Would you like to take this opportunity to dispel any accusations currently circulating?

JK: I have no comment on that.

BH: Are you able to at least deny that the DIA’s analysis revealed that the West backed ISIS at some point during the conflict in Syria?

JK: No comment. I have no additional comments for you.


The above is official comment given to Brad Hoff from:

So that … ummm … cleared things up right?

Again, business as usual. That’s part of the problem with the incredible size of the US Government these days — half the problems aren’t caused by elected officials (who you can at least get SOME accountability from).

A huge problem are the un-elected bureaucrats who actually RUN the agencies that the Federal Government creates and have no accountability to anyone.

Since we didn’t get any “official” answer to our questions, let’s try to figure out how the US Gov screwed this whole Middle East thing up.

First off, it’s NOT all Obama’s fault …

As much as I would like to blame President Obama for all of this, you simply can’t.

And that’s an important point, for some reason, many of my readers are believing the “left vs right” lies on TV that claim Obama has been too soft on the war on in the middle east and that’s why we’re having problems now.

I’m not defending Obama, because I’m not a fan of the President, but let’s set the record straight:

Obama has practically escalated every military intervention that was started under Bush.

Obama has bombed seven countries in six years. And more from CNN …

“Consider that he mandated a threefold increase in the number of American troops in Afghanistan, from 30,000 soldiers at the end of the Bush administration to 90,000, a surge of troops that played a critical role in blunting the Taliban’s momentum, which had gathered strength in the final years of Bush’s second term.

Consider that under Bush there were 48 CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. Under Obama there have been 328, which have killed some two-dozen al Qaeda commanders, according to a count by New America.

Consider that under Bush there was only one CIA drone strike in Yemen. Under Obama there have been 99 drone strikes and 15 airstrikes, which have killed more than three-dozen of the group’s senior operatives there.

Obama is also the first American president to authorize the assassination of a United States citizen, the New Mexico-born al Qaeda operational commander Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in Yemen in a drone strike in 2011.

The same year Obama initiated the alliance that overthrew the Libyan dictator, Moammar Gadhafi.

Obama has also waged an effective covert war in Somalia against the al Qaeda affiliate based there, Al-Shabaab, whose leader, Ahmed Godane, was killed in a U.S. airstrike earlier this month.

And Obama, of course, also authorized the risky U.S. Navy SEAL mission that killed al Qaeda’s founder, Osama bin Laden, in 2011 in Abbottabad, a city deep inside Pakistan.”

Of course, to War-Hawks everyone thinks that Obama is a failure and if we just sent in a bunch of Marines ISIS would be crushed in a matter of days in a full blown war.

Maybe. Maybe not. What if ISIS is crushed? Then what?

It’s what happens next that’s ALWAYS the problem.

It’s The US Empire’s fault …

So unlike the popular narrative, it’s not all Obama’s fault. It’s simply the US Government’s foreign policy that is to blame.

At the CIA, it happens often enough to have a code name:


Simply defined, this is the term describing an agent, an operative or an operation that has turned on its creators.

In other words, it’s the “law of unintended consequences“.

Just take the removal of Saddam Hussein from Iraq for example. Everyone hailed it as a victory. Yay!

But what happened?

Turns out Saddam Hussain was (brutally) holding the lid down on a muslim pressure cooker. When he was removed, the pressure cooker exploded into a bloody civil war between the Kurds in the north east, and the Sunni and Shia territories in the middle, west and south. That’s what you’re seeing when you see ISIS kill other muslims — ISIS considers the Shia muslims as heretics and is set on killing them all.

Now, this war between Sunni and Shia is over 1,000 years old but have you ever wondered …

Why are we seeing so much “Radical Islam Violence” in the past few years especially?

Well, it turns out that the US Government might be to blame for that too. Here’s the story …

In a nutshell, the idea of Jihad appeared to be largely forgotten until the US Government started using it against the Soviets during the cold war.


“Research into the genesis of Islamic radicalism, which is a rather recent phenomenon in global political dimensions, and as is commonly known, takes root from Afghanistan in the cold-war era, leads to a most surprising find at the root of so-called Islamic fundamentalism,- School books. Perhaps radicalism is neither native nor accidental.

Al Qaeda remains at the forefront of the known axis of Islamic terror. Today, this has spread its tentacles to almost all nations of the world. Its source and the epicenter of this corrosive monster, that now includes AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Maghreb) of Northern Africa, Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, Al Shabaab of Somalia, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) of Libya, the Syrian terror insurgency, Jundullah of Iran, to mention a few dendrites, is Afghanistan and the Taliban/al Qaeda terror nidus.

What converted the Afghanistan into this terror radiating machine? Perhaps the answer lies in a 53 million dollar project conducted from 1980-1994 from the US University of Nebraska, Pakistan campus. A US funded project that printed textbooks to teach Afghanistan children in school the art or war and terror. Millions of books were made and printed in Pakistan under this project and disbursed to Afghanistan schools to teach the kids to love war and so-called Jihad. Dead Russians and guns and other weaponry were the material in these books made for the young readers, to imprint a culture of violence in their infantile minds.”

The ABC’s of Jihad …

Wonder what those children’s schoolbooks looked like? Here’s a couple pics to whet your appetite …

turn on images to see the school book

And another …

turn on images to see the school book

Here’s an excerpt from the school book …

“Jihad is the kind of war that Muslims fight in the name of God to free Muslims and Muslim lands from the enemies of Islam. If infidels invade, jihad is the obligation of every Muslim.”

Teaching an entire generation of children that Jihad is the obligation of every Muslim as a response to “infidel invaders” … and then years later when these children grow up … the United States invades the same country … what could possibly go wrong?

In Summary, like everything the Government is in charge of, they screw up Foreign Policy too …

It’s the reason that our Founding Fathers were very clear that America was to mind it’s own business, only defend its own borders, and only interact with other countries via trade …

To quote Thomas Jefferson’s 16 “essential principles of our Government” —“peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,”

George Washington advised, “The great rule of conduct in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations [and] having with them as little political connection as possible.”

Like most things with the Federal Government — if they had stuck to the original principles and ideas of the founders — we would have no problems and be much, much wealthier (including every single American citizen who would get to keep 100% of their income like they did until 1913!)

But the chances that the Government will stop meddling in the affairs of the world are slim to none …

So I would advise you continue to prepare yourself for more attacks on the American people — the blowback — that the US Government has been causing for over a half century.

And educate yourself, so you don’t become a “useful idiot” to the power-hungry interventionists in our Government.

In other words, don’t cry out for more wars, more laws, more action on the part of our Government — all it will do is make things worse — simply demand they STOP doing anything (because all they do is screw it up more).


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  1. Look who’s been running the country the last twenty year or so. No, I don’t blame Assbama totally. But, he is part of it. WE have to get rid of these IDIOTS.

  2. I do not think the US created ISIS in the sense of “lets create a new radical islamic boogie man” but I do believe the US armed and encouraged the groups that became ISIS without any thought as to who they actually were. The US was only interested in arming anti-Syrian regime fighters and the more vicious they were the more aid they got.

    • @CMAC: Yeah I hope I was clear about that. The point was “stop doing things because history shows it always ends up hurting us more” lol

    • @Jeff: If you call me isolationist then you’re calling the founding fathers isolationist.

      As for WWII, contrary to popular belief (and what one learns in state controlled schools) it was totally unnecessary for the United States to enter the war. Read WWII “The Rest of The Story”

      It’s an in depth book. But the bottom line is that 3/4 of the war was the Eastern front battle between Hitler’s German Nazi’s and Stalin’s Soviet Socialists. Hitler decided to invade Russia. By September 1941 the snow had started falling in Russia. At that point the war was over. The only person to ever successfully invade Russia was Ghengis Khan (it took him 4 years). Napoleon did it and he lost. Hitler started and that was it. The war was over at that point. That was three months before the (provoked by FDR) attack at Pearl Harbor — a careful study of history (from sources other than Government funded textbooks which are obviously biased towards the “official story”) reveals the US involvement in the war only prolonged it.

  3. Why did Obama leave behind am the weapons and equipment and the money? He left them for ISIS! Who continues to support ISIS? OBAMA! Who set up the ISIS training camps in America? Obama! Yes Bush started the conflict, but Obama continues to feed it!

  4. Americans should march on Washington, D.C. to prove to the Servants of We the People the Government mean business since we voted them into Office! The elected are the Servants
    of the People…Someone in authority needs to take a stand for the American People! It
    would be really great to find those who really are not connected with the hype of D.C.
    and what they think is fame to protect America!

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