ALERT: Ammo Access in Danger in This State!


Liberals know that there’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to gun control. They understand that it’s a long, hard battle to take firearms out of Americans’ hands, so they’re going for the ammunition the guns fire instead.

It’s a cunning tactic, and it’s infuriatingly effective. After all, how good is a gun if you don’t have the bullets to shoot it?

Well, one state is taking this scheme to the next level, and conservatives who live there are concerned about what it could mean for their rights.


It probably comes as no surprise, but the state in question in California.

WND has the full story:

Gavin Newsom, California’s Democrat lieutenant governor and governor wannabe, is riding a wave of Second Amendment crackdowns on his campaign trail, including a policy push to regulate ammunition purchases as tightly as firearms’ buys.

“It seems to me the most dangerous part of the weapon is not the weapon, but the ammunition,” Newsom said, Breibart reported.

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As such, Newsom said if he’s elected governor, he would make anyone trying to buy ammunition have to go through the same background check process now required of potential gun purchasers.

During delivery of remarks at the Graton casino, Newsom compared buying ammunition to buying cold medicine, and recounted how he was denied the ability to purchase Sudafed once because he didn’t have a driver’s license with him to show the pharmacist.

His point?

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It’s not logical to require identification for cold medicine, but not ammunition, he said, the Press Democrat reported.

Newsom also vowed as governor to add on more reporting requirements for licensed firearms dealers, and to mandate a license for those who wish to sell ammunition.

Can you believe they’re taking ammo restriction this far?

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  1. More Big Brother control plans in Califexico, the 4th-worst gun laws state in the union behind NY. Mass.& N.J.

      • Exactly; and while you’re at it, how about cranking out a pile of .22mag ammo? For some reason it is very hard to find right now, and way overpriced even if you find it!

    • This fascist crook needs to be not only voted OUT of office, but should in fact be IMMEDIATELY arrested, charged with treason, and jailed indefinitely!

  2. California liberal politicians should use the money from this scheme to provide every legal residence and home owner their own security guard just like the politicians and celebrities.

  3. Newsom is an idiot..basically he is trying to get around the 2nd and turn all stores – sellers of ammo to be the states gun and ammo police with no pay..BS here in Cali..

    • you mean if we don’t get rid of these commie bastards soon, then it could mean civil war to get rid of them ! i think thats what you mean !?

  4. How does Newsom feel about having EVERYONE having to show identification to VOTE!!!
    If we should have to show id to get ammo then it certainly makes even more sense to have everyone who wants to vote to have to show id.


  6. That’s what happens when you allow big government to take a seat in your Capitol. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Ammunition is just one more step over the line and we allow it to happen. Any tax that goes to the general fund is a lotta bull. We should repell that bull that same way Jarvis/Gan did.

  7. In 1978 the Jarvis/Gann Proposition cleared up a lot of political guess work. I love California, but the government here lives on our taxes and that isn’t right. It’s been 38 years sense Jarvis and Gann worked their magic. LETS DO IT AGAIN !! Big government has no place in our lives.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of far left wing radical anti-American liberals….

  9. Remember 1978 and the Jarvis/Gann plan. LET’s DO IT AGAIN ! Keep big government out of our lives.

  10. Just take a vacation trip to Nevada or Arizona to stock up! That will work until the commies in cali set up customs points to inspect your car, but not to stop illegals!

  11. Not surprising. After all, Kalifornia tried to get serial numbers engraved on all ammo, so as to make a spent round “traceable” back to a buyer. They led the way on “lead free” bullets, ostensibly to protect the Condor, when is reality is was another back door movement to add expense to ammo to restrict it’s purchase to only those affluent enough to afford it anyway. Kalifornia would prefer it to be that the only ones who could own guns were the celebrities they cater to and the bodyguards to those celebrities. They led the way on banning 50 cals, or trying to, claiming that they were “too powerful” for the average citizen to have any right to, in spite of the fact that the 50 BMG round, which is what the ban was really aimed at, has NEVER been accused of being used in any mass shooting or criminal offense. Fact is, the pols in Kali were getting a bit nervous having a round capable of penetrating their “bullet proof” limos and avante garde windows. They have always preferred highly radical anti-gun representatives. Anything remotely anti-gun in the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia is going to receive a warm welcome from a great many of it’s citizens.
    Banning ammo, or in this case, making it more difficult for the average Joe to get, is right down their alley.

    • That’s why we radical non conformist conservatives that still live here because we have to….RELOAD. Buying as much material as possible and stocking up. Oh and as far as Browns law he got passed as far as lead goes… I have thousands of rounds of shotgun shells that are lead. LOL. Don’t think I’ll be paying much attention to his ban as long as I have these, I’ll only use steel while duck hunting. Brown, boxer, Fienstien can kiss my ass….oh and I ride dirt bikes too. They’ve been closing areas we’ve ridden since the 60’s.. Their signs and fencing don’t keep us out as its our money from our red and green sticker fees for the motorcycles that they are using against us. Funny thing is, I ride with a retired cop and one that still works and they feel the same way.

  12. California, the land of friuts and nuts. Always has been an apt statement. This Newsom knothead obviously insane. Sort of like the moron we have in Colorado. Hickenstupid. Anything to show their True Stalinist colors. Anything to infringe on the natural human rights to self defense. They both probably escaped from the same thorazine ward! Let me know if I misspelled the word. And both probably have IQ’s that the zeros after the 0.0 IQ’s, probable run into the hundreds of trillions, before the 1 finaly shows up. If indeed it would ever come up. Basically a piece of granite has a higher level of intelligence. Than either of these people!

  13. I have a solution for you Californians that believe in gun rights (liberals don’t take this advice for your own safety. You might be scared off by seeing one of us carrying a gun in a holster)
    We have far too many illegals here in Texas and selling your place in California could give you substantial money to reside in Texas and maybe push them out!
    We are a gun rights state! We have no income tax. If you have a business, no corporate tax for under a million dollars gross. Moving from California gives you a huge pay raise. If you have to live on the water, we have the gulf.
    California is beautiful, but you have bonehead legislators. We no longer have a drought in Texas and water is over abundant.
    No background check for ammo. Silencers are allowed. Open or concealed carry is allowed here by licensing. Or can legally without a license carry a loaded rifle in the vehicle.
    We have the sunset law. If someone is on your property after sunset, they are subject of being shot!
    Come to Texas and read about the insane gun laws California makes instead of being subject to those laws!
    For all you considering a move to Texas, welcome! For all those that decide to stay, continue to be taxed at $.62 for every dollar you make to support illegals and the lazy and to continue to give away your rights.

    • I’d come to Texas but hate the heat. My step-mom did years ago and liked it till her roof got torn of in one of your “little winds” Maine just authorized Constitutional carry so as long as the cops don’t see it as an excuse to shoot you (though they already shoot unarmed women and get away with it) I’ll stay where it is cool and the snakes here don’t kill you if they do decide to bite.

  14. I find Newsome’s comments compelling and do support one thing. Voter ID. Why is it one needs to shore a driver’s license for cold medicine and they don’t need ID to vote?
    Can’t have it both ways you libtard!

  15. Load the kids in the u-haul, take a trip to Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and load up till the axles are about to crest sparks. Problem solved…People, use your knoggin.

  16. Thats why we all need to stand together.I live in Iowa but what goes on in Kalifornia will affect me. Lets all join together and stop the govt.

  17. When I hear about our “Nanny State Politicians,” I always am reminded of the nanny that was drinking all day long. “Do as we say, not as we do” How soon will KA be disarming their police and guards?

  18. They tried to ban guns completely in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, in 1995, as a test site that, if successful, would be followed in the rest of the country. The local Police Chief dressed like Heinrich Himmler, and was supposed to collect all of the guns in Mt. Prospect, using paramilitary style police officers and a dump truck. I showed up with three hundred militia members and dared the communist city council and Mayor to pass the law, thenm come to my house. Chief Pavlock resigned even before the vote was taken. I then showed the City Council and Mayor where they all lived, and stated that the law, if passed, would next be enforced at their houses! I also reminded them that the people at the meeting were only a small part of what was available to us, and we were willing to go to war, if necessary. Surprise, the law never passed. This is the way to handle enemies of the Second Amendment. Form a militia and get some guts!

  19. So the most dangerous is the ammo and not the gun? Can someone be beaten to death with one round of ammo as well as can be done with one gun? Since guns and ammo are what are dangerous, and not the one using the gun, I agree with the above, that all police and security guards also must be disarmed for everyone’s safety. Maybe we should disarm the National Guard and other branches of the military. People must be able to feel safe.
    How far down along reductio ad absurdum can liberals possibly go ?!

  20. I personally am a peaceful man. But as we live in the times that we are living in, and in the place that we are living in – the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A., under siege by the New World Order crowd, our erstwhile masters in a totalitarian system – I can appreciate the sentiments expressed in this article, and in the comments.

    Every state needs a well-armed militia. And every state needs to allow its citizens to arm themselves with weapons of self-defense. Against common criminals. And against their own federal government. Which has grown too big, and arrogant, for is own britches. It needs to be taken down a peg or two. That a free people can remain free.

    Keep up the good work, Caleb & co.

  21. And these people want to know why they are labeled as “Protectionists” “sheeple or “Libtards” or any list of names I dont like using,.. SMH Why is it, no matter what angle the conversation turns to they never realize Criminals, Violent people and Mentally Ill people DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LAW !!! I am so sick and tired of US, THE PEOPLE, sacrificing our rights in order to placate to the protectionists, fear mongers, and control freaks…! Much like with the body scanners at airports., ad many other things when at places like stadiums,. The point is, they’ll get ammo some how. Just like w/the war on drugs, banning shit doesn’t work PERIOD. Oh, BTW “Protectionists” for those who dont know, are those ppl that want to ban things like playground equipment because a child may bump their head , or require that schools have rubber mats under the swing sets, or have made it illegal for a person to ride in back of a pick up truck,.. They just want to control everyone on every aspect and Im getting frickin sick and tired of it…

  22. It seems to me Mr. Newsome that it isn’t your skull that’s dangerous, but the the lack of a brain therein.

  23. Gavin public newsense is a coke head and womanizer with greasy hair who will do or say anything to stay on the taxpayer free gravy train. He is nothing more than a pipsqueeking ass. Or a whore either or he is the worst example of a so called human being there ever was.

  24. The Fascist-Leftest Lt. Gov Newsome was blasted on Fresno Ch. 30 news by Police-Chief Jerry Dyer well as Fresno Sheriff Margret Mimms who stated publicly on-air that this is the most foolish thing they have ever heard as any criminal who wants a gun will easily obtain them and make criminals out of even more people as if we don’t already have overstuffed prisons.
    A criminal can merely have his ‘girl-friend’, or in this State, his ‘boyfriend’, go make the ‘straw-purchase’. This will surely drive up the price of ammo even more, and is why I’m diggin’ a lot of holes every payday. When they disarm all of their bodyguards and come live in the real world…lets just see how eager THEY are to be unarmed! Just another Democrat WHORE.

  25. Some other facts in this Bill include banning ALL pre-ban ‘Grandfathered’ magazines with over ten-round capacity. Just watched the news just now and now they want you to register ALL ‘Ghost-Guns’ built with 80% lowers and pass a background check. Hopefully this State will just break-off into the ocean so as to not infect the rest of the country.
    Here’s a thought…. if they manage to ban everything as they wish, then people will have to toss ‘Big-Gulps’ full of gasoline on people and then light. But then will the Comrade Newsome and his cronies ban gasoline so I don’t have to breathe in pollution in the shit-hole cities? No…they’ll probably try to ban ‘Big-Gulps’!

  26. A little late to the party this idiot moron is. American gun owners have stockpiled around 12 TRILLION rounds of ammo so far and growing daily. Any Californicator owening guns and still living in the worthless state that hasn’t stockpiled, tough SHEET!

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