Disgusting: Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue Gun-Maker!

Connecticut State Police/Getty Images

This is absolutely ridiculous …

A Connecticut Judge ruled that the families of the victims in the 2012 Sandy hook massacre are allowed to sue the gun-maker who produced the rifle used in the killings.

The legal action names Remington Arms, maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, model XM15-E2S, as well as the distributor and seller.


Judge Rules Victims’ Families Can Argue Semi-Automatic Rifle is “Military Weapon” Should Not Have Been Sold To Civilians

To be clear, it appears as if the judge simply ruled that the victims’ families can continue their case to sue the gun-makers in court.

It does not appear that they have already done that. Or even that they will win.

From the story on sky.com, “Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said a 2005 federal law protecting gunmakers from lawsuits does not shield the companies from legal action in this case.

She ruled that lawyers for the victims’ families can still argue the semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.”

Suing Gun-Makers for “Gun Violence” Makes As Much Sense As Suing Ford, Chevy or Chrysler for “Car Violence”

The whole idea is ridiculous that any company should be held liable for what the end user does with its products that they purchased.

As Bob Owens as BearingArms.com pointed out, Hillary Clinton is a big proponent of this type of legal action …

“Campaigning in South Carolina today, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton argued that accident victims and people who were intentionally run down in hit-and-run attacks with vehicles should be able to sue the automotive industry for damages incurred.

Clinton pointed out that almost every vehicle sold in the United States is capable of exceeding the speed limit and may be obtained by criminals second-hand, and often times illegally, to justify her position.

“So far as I know, the car industry and car dealers are the only business in America that is totally free of liability for their behavior. Nobody else is given that immunity. And that just illustrates the extremism that has taken over this debate.”

Of course, that’s satire to prove the point that the entire notion of punishing a manufacturer for something the end user does with one’s products is incredibly ridiculous and that ONLY ant-gun people could get away with this.

Ridiculous. And a Dangerous Precedent …

To be VERY clear, this is not just about guns or gun manufacturers or even gun rights. As NationalInterest.org points out, if a lawsuit such as this is actually won it would set a dangerous precedent …

“Could you imagine being a business owner; selling a legal, functional product; and being sued every time an individual who buys your product uses it to commit a crime?

“Should a rope manufacturer be liable when someone is hanged by that rope? Should a knife manufacturer be liable when someone is stabbed? Could a restaurant be sued when someone eats its perfectly safe food but dies of a heart attack or diabetic shock?”

They continue, “If allowed to proceed, lawsuits such as the one in Connecticut could lead to all sorts of other outlandish claims being asserted against producers merely for selling their legal products, even though they rarely have any control over who buys their products or how people use them.”

“Could the maker of salted peanuts be sued if someone intentionally sneaks peanuts into the lunch of someone else who has a known allergy, and who dies as a result? The situations are analogous, and legally, there’s no difference.”

Let’s Hope Reason Prevails …

Because there doesn’t seem to be much common sense left in the “justice” system …

What are your thoughts? Do you think this sets a dangerous legal precedent? Just another way that anti-gun judges are twisting the law to push through their agendas?



  1. Typical liberal yankee judge. Hopefully their lawsuit will fail and the plaintiffs and judge are held responsible for all the lawyer fees. Judge should be disbarred from every serving in a court again. No wonder Conn is fast becoming a communist state

    • Sorry, but do not blame the rest of us for one idiotic, uneducated, anti-gun judge. The idiot should have become familiar with the weapons on the ban list before ruling so foolishly. The AR is not the same as the M-16, and anyone with half a brain, and I know it is hard to find a lib, or better yet a resident of CT that meets the criteria, would know the difference before acting as an ass as that idiot did.

      • Dims, ya gotta love them. Without them we would have no comic relief when elected judges try to garner vote with stupid, unconstitutional decisions like this. They would have one believe that firearm makers and the actual firearms are to blame for what a prescription drug addicted boy did in a drug induces stupor. They seem to believe that firearms can be held accountable for the situations they are misused in so, to be sure i was right I tried to train my guns, one of which it the same firearm this boy, in his nearly comatose state had in his possession but never used, to wit: the Bushmaster AR 15. It ain’t trainable your honor. I then tried to train the rest of my firearms and they won’t train either. People of Connecticut, Judge Bellis, Hillary Clinton, et al. Wake up, Big Pharma and the prescribing physician are at fault here not a piece of steel no the maker nor the ammo. These things are inanimate objects controlled by a prescription addicted young man in a drug induced state. Big Pharma has more money anyway and they sure as Hell kill more people every day. Look it up. It’s shocking and makes one feel unsafe when taking a simple aspirin.

        Children died because of an individual who was, as was brought out in the investigation, abusing hid Meds and his mother was going to commit him for treatment but when he was told he flipped out. Addicts do that your honor. People of Connetticut

      • The M-16 IS a military firearm that CAN shoot FULL-automatic ( like a machine gun). The AR-15 is a SEMI-automatic carbine/rifle (depending on barrel length) and is LEGAL to use for hunting in MOST states. The idiot judge does NOT know the proper terminology OR description of guns, let alone just HOW they work. (> “It goes “BANG”, I’m afraid of it.” <) Ignorance promotes fear .

    • As the treason in Washington grows, look for the country to start seizing savings and bank accounts. This will throw the country into anarchy and most likely a civil war. This is the reason government is trying to seize your arms. Anarchy will come when Hitlery declares a war on the American people, and she WILL, she is a communist from head to her stinking toes.

      • The day they start seizing bank accounts on any sort of large scale could very well start a revolution in this country. They better wake up and smell the coffee, because people are already pissed at these crooks in Washington!


    • That half-wit judge needs a frontal lobotomy. I seriously doubt she has the authority to negate the Second Amendment’s guarantee of our RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

      • IF the judge IS an elected ‘official’, she CAN be recalled… Colorado did that to 2 “elected elite, when they refused to make laws that “the people” wanted. A 3d resigned to keep her pension. “THE PEOPLE” need to work together and take back this once great country. The “Screw you, ME FIRST” attitude has gotten this country in bad shape and the ‘powers that be’ are promoting the division so they will stay in power.

        • You are so right about this, we really need to get together and do something about it. It’s going too far now. This country is becoming a real disgrace. The rest of the world is probably laughing at us.

    • If this is going to happen then we can start suing attorneys for getting murderers out of jail. Judges and Parole Boards for letting murderers out of prison and jail, Our Congress for letting Human trafficking take place and US citizens being killed because of that decision by a lawless President that has not even proved he was born in the US. .

      • How about Hillary and Obama, didn’t they give weapons to terrorist and then in turn murdered our citizens in Benghazi? How about Obama administration giving guns to the drug cartel in Mexico who turned around and killed a Border Patrol Agent? Both cases, isn’t that considered murder after the fact? Also both cases isn’t that considered treason? Supplying arms to terrorist and allowing drug cartel to exist? They should be held accountable regardless. What’s this country turning into that our elected officials continue to do nothing other than keep feeding their pockets with tax payer money as citizens are becoming so strapped that they can’t pay bills, can’t afford to buy medicines, lose their homes and their jobs. It’s starting to come to that time, while we the people still have what little freedom we have and the Constitution still exist, to take back our country.

        • The guns are the small part our government gave out. Look what they left isis in Iraq. Tanks, planes, all the ammo they could imagine… It’s a sad day in America & only seems to get worse.

    • Does nobody remember that he did not use the AR. They showed the police take it out of the trunk of his car.

    • I’m with you 100% because liberals are making a mockery of the Constitutional court system. As far as I’m concerned, they can say and file anything they want, I just won’t listen it. I will live by the Constitution and no other crap that these retarded liberals come up with.

    • Did the Sandy Hook shooter have LEGAL possession of the firearm ? IF NOT, how can the manufacturer get blamed for the shooters illegal use of a weapon that was NOT his to use.
      SAME LOGIC = I eat at Mickey D’s a LOT and their plastic spoons have made me fat. Can I sue the maker of the plastic spoons ? Cars make drivers drunk.

    • The guns lost in Fast and Furious, Obama should be responsible. Just another way for Obama to take guns & put gun Mfg out of business. Didn’t Hitler do same thing to German.

    • Why wasn’t the judge
      s name given?? He is an ASSHOLE. PERIOD. Get real you dumb F-CK. Yes judge, I’m talking to you. Show some balls, or maybe you don’t have any????

  2. Disgusting… another liberal assed judge who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground!

  3. No way, the Judge cannot go again\st the constitution.If that ever happens the automobile companies better be ready to start paying for all auto accidents

  4. This is positively disgraceful. If they really want to make it fair, today’s youngsters should be able to sue “Rolling Stone” magazine and MTV for making them stupid.

    Ok, so I’m illustrating absurdity by being absurd, but there is no other way to say it. You should not be able to claim damages against a company for the actions of some imbecile who abuses its products. If we want to act by this logic, the families of drunk driving victims should also be able to sue Anheuser-Busch.

  5. This is a usable reminder of how a activist in our courts and totally walk around the rule of law as if it did not exist…….it’s reason to press for the removal of this rogue judge and any like him….someone should go to him and ask why he skirted the Constitution…..publicize his answer..

    • The judge was a female, Barbara Bellis, and the last I read her ruling had been blocked and may be overturned.

    • Incompetent Judge not following the laws. Just like our President and his Admin. to include the DOJ.

      • I realize not everyone graduates top of the class, but WHY do we keep getting the dregs put in charge of everything…..

    • When crap like this happens, then the next step needs to be going after, and suing the judge him or herself DIRECTLY, as well as the government! We as a nation must nip this both illegal and unconstitutional crap in the bud, and do it NOW!

      • Also, the judge should then be disbarred immediately, and not only be removed from the bench, but be arrested and charged with appropriate charges and hauled off to prison!

      • Obama is behind this and still needs to be impeached we need to get back to the Constitution!

  6. Then I’m suing the knife and fork manufacturing companies for making me fat.
    And the car manufacturing companies for killing some of my friends in accidents.
    These leftist judges are a DISGRACE and should be disbarred .
    What ever happened to Fair and Impartial.
    People Kill people Not guns .
    In China a sicko killed a group of kindergarten kids with a steak knife .

  7. I hope Remington has lawyers that will demand to see autopsy reports on every individual alleged to have been killed by this weapon. The State of Connecticut has been ignoring FOIA requests for this information–initial news reports stated the shooter had pistols, a rifle and a shotgun. Until the public can see EXACTLY which weapon actually killed anyone, there’s no reason to believe Remington’s weapon was even involved…

  8. Hopefully, Remington’s lawyers will compel the plaintiffs to produce Death Certificates and Autopsy reports on all alleged victims of this rifle. The news widely reported that the shooter carried several pistols, a rifle and a shotgun. Might as well make sure that Remington’s product actually had anything to do with “Sandy Hook”. For reasons unknown, these public documents have been denied to plaintiffs in FOIA requests who were investigating this bizarre event.

  9. That is ridiculous so does that mean that if we get into a car accident where people are killed that the family can sue the car company just another assault on our 2nd amendment gun rights. It shows a semi automatic rifle on the post but when the police got there they found that so called assault rifle in the trunk of the car. See what I am saying that rifle wasn’t even used and as for Adam Lanza he had access to firearms that his mother owned. As horrible as it was at Sandy Hook, it was a people problem and Adam Lanza was unstable to say the least and the only ones who will abide by the gun laws are people like me and millions of law abiding citizens who had nothing to do with the Sandy Hook massacre but we will be the ones it hurts the most and the criminals and the unstable people and the people with anger problems are the ones that do most of the shooting not law abiding citizens but it seems like the judge doesn’t care about that.

  10. I guess we can now sue Judges that give no jail time or short jail time to criminals that treat prison doors like swinging bar room doors and continue crimes against innocent citizens. Can we now sue parole boards that let dangerous murderers out of prison that go out and kill again after being released? Can we now sue the parents of murderers that didn’t raise their children to be law abiding citizens? Can we now sue Lawyers that defend and sue jurors that don’t convict killers that are released only to kill again?

  11. Hopefully this will be challenged in the courts. This leave EVERYONE liable for EVERYTHING!
    So if someone stabs someone with a knife, the knife company can be sued? Or every car manufacture can be sued because someone killed someone in an accident? Or the owner/ builder of a house, building, etc. because someone jumped off the roof? The list goes on, and makes every injury/death worthy of a lawsuit. INSANE!

  12. This is just another liberal judge going off on the wrong foot. I do not expect eh case to get very far but that will depend on how many liberal judges are in the [pathway to insanity. Can we hold a car maker liable for an accident in which the driver was at fault? Certainly not. Can we hold a housewares maker liable for someone who uses a dinner knife to stab someone? Of course not. Then how do we make a gun maker liable for the misuse of their product by an insane person?

  13. The Colorado case (Phillips vs Lucky Gunner) is clearly on point and sets an interesting precedence here; the defendant (Lucky Gunner) was awarded the legal costs of defense against this frivolous law suit when the case was dismissed; a federal appeals court confirmed the dismissal. In this case the Brady organization instigated this suit and hopefully will be responsible for the over $200,000 awarded. But if Brady doesn’t pay then the Phillips are on the hook for it. One can hope this will be the same in this Connecticut suit; also the judge should be forced to repeat law school as she clearly missed the classes where federal law supremacy was discussed.

  14. Judge Barbara Bellis is making her decision based on her personal beliefs as well as political beliefs regarding firearms and their manufacture. Remington arms has been a long term manufacturer with a stellar record of producing firearms and other products for sporting use. Their manufacture of a firearm has never been done so with the intention of someone meeting tragic fate from one. That responsibility rests with the user of the product. Open any box of a firearm purchased and it contains of manual of instructions for use, care, and proper cleaning of the product plus instructions about it’s safe use with warnings about it’s lethality from improper use. God, this judge didn’t do her homework prior to her decision to properly investigate a simple instruction pamphlet included with every firearm from every manufacturer including Remington. Her ruling was based on pure liberal emotion with lack of firearms knowledge of any kind having obviously never gone to a range to shoot a Bushmaster rifle. It is a semi automatic rifle which requires a pull of the trigger for each round fired. Rapid firing then requires an equally rapid trigger pull and though such a rifle has a military look by design it’s incapable of functioning as a military rifle since it’s a semi automatic product versus a military rifle is full automatic not available to the public since the 1930’s I believe. Wow, this is one dumb judge with an apparent mail order degree. When a decision is to be made in a court of law involving matters relating to the U.S. Constitution, it behooves any judge and or lawyer to exploit all matters relating as possible violation of the Constitutional rights or violations of anything illegal in relation to conduct of lawful commerce in manufacturing. I never went to law school but from a standpoint of common sense, this is one dumb lawsuit and the equally dumb judge should know better if she had used the brain God gave her. Semi automatic firearms have been around for decades prior to the popularity of the current crop of rifles having a “military” look. So what ! Military M-1 Garands and carbines, M-14 issue rifles, .303 British Enfields, .30-40 Krags, etc. all having that notorious “military” look don’t even garner a second look by the liberally biased media or judges, but just that evil looking AR-15 so called “assault” rifle does. I don’t know how it’s manufacturer must be sued for murderous use instead of the human who committed the criminal means of doing so. I guess the gun shot itself at all those kids and the manufacturer designed it to do so. Son of a gun, now that’s 21st technology in action.

  15. Sandy Hook was a gigantic government fraud created to be used an another excuse to shred our Second Amendment Rights. The school wasn’t even open when the government and their comrades in the corporate media were doing their public opinion creation hoax. Learn the truth from Wolfgang Habig who has been on the Caravan to Midnight many times since December 10, 2014. Because Sandy Hook was shut down and was to be used as the location for a FEMA exercise anti gun government officials decided to use it for another government production to use as an excuse for their gun confiscation agenda. Anyone remember Eric Fast & Furious Holder and the false gun running production and lies created as an excuse to steal our guns? One of the highest priorities of this administration is to disarm us. Why? Watch the “Innocents Betrayed” U tube.

  16. I again put this at Obamas feet. Take away the guns and knifes ect. Sue our creator for planting the idea?

  17. If the federal Government prints the dollars used to purchase a gun and that gun causes a death, shouldn’t we be able to sue the government for the misuse of there dollars? Without there money we wouldn’t be able to purchase anything that would cause a death.

  18. Somebody is deadly afraid to post my comment about Mr. Wolfgang Habig who can be heard on the caravan to midnight web site starting on 12/10/14.

  19. This judge just can’t change the law and it’s time to put term limits on judges also and have them voted by the People to office. This is rediculous that the people can call a judges decision based on his Party Affiliate. This also goes for the Supreme Court where they have decisions on the Party Lines and make up laws of their own and not the decision on what the law says as written as Roberts Proved with the Health Law.

    • this is very true instead of doing the 1 and only job they actually have up hold and defend the constitution they force their own bent twisted and mentally defective viewpoints on everyone no matter how unconstitutional or communist they simply let the power go to their heads and think they are god all mighty him self

  20. That means they can SUE EVERYONE for the Death of a Loved one even FRYING PAN makers. STUPID ASS HOLE Judge.

  21. Goes to show you that some judges need to be removed from the bench. They have lost sight of reality.

  22. How about suing the Judge for creating emotional and financial stress. Sue the auto makers when their cars kill someone. Sue the government for sending our kids to war for political reasons. Sue Hillary for deaths under her watch. Sue candy manufacturers for making us fat. Sue booze manufacturers for deaths and injuries caused by drunken drivers. Snakes don’t bite Judges and Lawyers out of
    professional courtesy!

  23. Just another dumba$$ judge that thinks they can do whatever they want. You know they were all lawyers to begin with and we all know about a majority of them. Nothing lower than a lawyer, not even a snakes belly in a wagon rut… The saying in old, so you know what they’ve been considered for a long time.

  24. I thought it has been proven that Sandyhook never happened and that there was no deaths or aggressor involved and that it was totally staged!!! How can anyone sue for something that never happened???

  25. wonder how much hollywood paid the judge??? sandy hook was all a stage play, if you get the
    hidden video you will see a big led bill sign that says you must sign in before going to this school
    today. and they even had a actor tell you it was all stage play. the judge is a liberal ass
    that should have one shoved up his ass and pull the trigger. along with all the liberal whinny
    asses that are out there, the illegal muslim obama ass lovers.

  26. Learn the truth about Sandy Hook on the Caravan to midnight web site beginning on 12-10-14

  27. I thought the whole Sandyhook thing has been proven to have never happened, that it was all staged according to the Obama administration for his anti-gun polices!!! I have seen the videos that prove this beyond a shadow of dought!

  28. Did the gun mfr squeeze the trigger? that should be good enough.
    Who’s responsible? the perp & the stupid mother that provided access?

    The judge didn’t really want to rule justifying the existence of a gun mfr.. If you have an accident in your car, u don’t sue Ford. Rosie O’Donald is obese, should she sue the spoon mfr? How about McDonalds?

    Too many crazies have access to guns. We treat the symptoms ,and not the disease.

    We should outlaw “Call of Duty”. As a result, people don’t realize the consequences of firing a weapon.

  29. I say the gunmakers should welcome this lawsuit so that during the discovery process they can challenge the families to produce physical evidence and proof that their were actually dead children and teachers, since it’s all over the internet that the whole thing was a simulated event to justify further gun control so called laws.

  30. Now we get to sue the makers of HAMMERS …the number one weapon used to MURDER in the USA.

  31. The Government Already Bought Them All Houses To Go Along With The Lie !!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK IT UP !!

  32. I have experience in law and have attended half of law school and I can agree with most of the comments above. This judge is in direct dereliction of duty to uphold the constitution and the governing laws of his or her jurisdiction. This is not just a detour in the line of work but a direct violation of rule of law. Wow I normally have so much to say but the judge here is to be called before the ABA (American Bar Association ) to be disbarred for breaking oath. As for Hillary Clinton indictment for your idiocy is in the air already, to have a potential nomination to President for you after voicing your want to remove personal responsibility and basically pissing on the spirit in which our Constitution was written by our For Father’s . May Hillary be indicted and laughed out of the presidential campaign, there, honesty, that’s outside legal experience it’s my opinion and I haven’t even finished law school or taken an oath and I know I’m not supposed to use my opinion that gets ground in by your prof”s in first year weeding process.

  33. This might be a blessing in disguise. Sandy Hook was a staged event with actors. Sandy Hook school had been closed for some time before this. Check for your self. The ADA parking spaces are not proper for the time of the so called shooting. Many other things prove this also if you wish to check for your self. A good court case could bring all of this out and prove the fraud that is being placed on the American people. Just to try to steal out guns.

  34. So then I can sue, Chrysler, Chevy, Honda for accidents caused by drunk drivers because the car is intended for sober drivers only, or what about, Buck, Hen n Rooster, knife manufactures, for stabbings, or McCulloch for chainsaw massacre . There isn’t anyway that the legal sale of anything should be the manufacturer personal responsibility for how it is used. Under this if I was to beat someone to death with a construction grade hammer, then the manufacturer of that hammer is going to be partly responsible for MY sole actions, because construction grade hammers are intended for, Carpenters. According to the Second Amendment there shouldn’t even be a designation of Military, or Civilian all guns should be available to all (Legal) US Citizens no restrictions. The guns used at Sandy Hook weren’t legally obtained anyway. So under this logic, there saying that if I could somehow steal a gun from a police department,or military base, and I use it in a crime, the victims of MY crimes, can sue the police, military, or manufactures for not keeping me from obtaining said weapon. This could open a whole new can of worms. All Manufactures should be worried!!!

  35. In this day and age, in this cockamamie society in which no one wants to be responsible for his own actions, anybody can sue anybody for anything. This doesn’t mean they will win. Sometimes common sense prevails, and people have to find someone other than an inanimate object to sue.

  36. Okay so I guess we can also sue car manufactures for every accident even if the other driver was an idiot driver. I’, just saying. Only fair.

  37. Sandy Hook was a “False Flag” action. No one was injured or killed. About a year ago on the Montel Williams TV show, Montel interviewed a boy who was attending the school at that time. The boy stated that the action was a FEMA exercise.

  38. If you heard the State POlice version of the shootings, you’ll see that there wasn’t a rifle involved in the shooting only hand guns. Who ever wrote that article should check his/her facts out. If the shooting did one thing he shot his mom in the face (weapon unknown

  39. If you read the State Police version of the shooting you will see that a rifle wasn’t used in the shootings. The shooter used hand guns. Fox news corrected that too, after we sent in a correction on the information they were reporting on. All you anti gun people take a break, check the facts before you step into stuff you can’t get out of.

    • Trust me we are as pro-gun as they come …

      But I’m pretty sure according to every report I read, he used the Bushmaster.

  40. How about I sue Bic for spelling misteakes? Craftsman when their hammer hits my thumb? Budweiser when I fall down? Time to sue judges for irrational decisions, too.

  41. With this moron of a judge, it should be legal for ALL citizens to sue Obama, homeland security, and ins for all the ILLEGALS being allowed to break OUR laws.

  42. The gun is not a “military” gun. It is a civilian gun (not fully automatic or 3 round burst, select fire),
    and fully legal to purchase in every state in the union. Hillary just wants to pursue the idea of being
    able to sue automakers, so firearms manufacturers can be held liable for their products (i.e. to be
    able to roll out and validate authoritarian/totalitarian New World Order policies against the citizens).

  43. Another liberal female know nothing judge who is vastly overstepping her authority. She needs to be disbarred immediately — never to try another case. If this moronic ruling doesn’t get over turned that means — we can sue the hammer company when we hit our thumbs with that treacherous weapon, we can sue the kitchen knife companies whenever we cut our fingers or hands, we can sue the auto makers if we have an accident, this can go on and on and on and on. This judge is absolutely ridiculous and has NO business making important decisions.


  45. I have been thinking about this for hours now. I believe this is much bigger and goes a lot deeper than this female liberal judge making a ridiculous decision. Think about the precedent this will set and think about ALL the possible lawsuits from many many shootings that have happened since obozo took office. There is only one reason for a decision like this at this time — to try and bankrupt all the gun manufacturing companies. Think about it —- lawsuit after lawsuit that these companies will have to fight in court which will cost them billions by the time it’s over or they just declare bankruptcy and go out of business. This is way too big and way too deep for this one judge and the families. As bad as I feel for the families who lost their children I believe this has now turned into a political ploy and there is only one place a conspiracy like this can originate — THE WHITE HOUSE. obozo and his corrupt regime will stoop to any low to start grabbing guns from American citizens. Maybe I have had too much time on my hands today but I just don’t believe that a single judge would or could make this big of a decision on her own. This has gone completely political and it sounds like even the families are involved.

  46. No one has mentioned the direct opposition to the 2005 Federal Law that was to stop this type of Suit
    against Firearm Makers. This kind of Decision V. Federal Law should be the first step directly to SCOTUS.
    The Court has sidestepped several 2A cases involving individuals, but this one, with the liabilities hanging
    over several Federal Contract Firearm Makers, and the ramifications facing hundreds of other product makers,
    creates the” perfect storm” that the Court, IMO, cannot ignore. The language in the article I read, said that
    the issues of the suit were “semi-auto firearms” being only for military use, and the sale to private citizens was uncalled for and irresponsible at least. Those familiar with firearms know that semiautos are the most popular firearms in the world, used for every thing sporting, but not used for warfare, because they are
    SEMI-AUTO, and civilian grade. The cosmetic similarities are just that, cosmetic, a Colt AR will cost $1500.00,
    a Colt AR, with military inspector marks is in the $9000.00 range, and has Full -Auto (machinegun) ability.
    The millions of sportsmen owning ARs’. and the Russian designed AK, in semi-auto rifles, do so because
    Uncle Sam trained or familiarized them, and todays sportsmen are comfortable and confident in the sporting
    use of these rifles, as were their Grandfathers, whom Uncle Sam taught to use the bolt action Springfields, Enfields, and Mausers, that have ruled the hunting fields for nearly 100 years. Semi-autos can, and have,
    replaced the bolt guns, as the grandsons have replaced their grandfathers, in the shooting sports, and
    SCOTUS will have to recognize and finally admit… “shall not be Infringed.”

  47. Did Sandy Hook even really happen? Wasnt this a staged event? Hang this stuff up and stop lying to America!
    Judges cannot legislate from the bench. The national social agreement now for 240 years is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as per the founding documents.! The reprisals and special situations and opinions are simply not a part of American jurisprudence. A semi-automatic rifle is NOT a military weapon or else the military would use them TOO idiot judge!! But they dont!! Military specifications are vastly different from civilian grade firearms. Stand up on reality and stand against this liberal progressive idiocy!! And by the way, did Sandy Hook even really happen? I think it was staged so who was hurt?

  48. This ruling can result in millions of unemployed……just think, a car driver who is drunk, hits a person…lawsuit and car industry goes belly up…kid committing a crime is hit with bat…no more baseball bats….all baseball ended with tax revenue that it generated gone etc etc

  49. This suit doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of going anywhere.

    First, as already mentioned, it’s already against Federal Law to sue gun makers on these grounds.

    Second, the “military arms” angle won’t work, because SCOTUS has already ruled that the Second Amendment applies particularly to “military-grade” arms.

  50. This judge must be a real moron. The shootings at Sandy Hook were done with handguns. Witnesses stated that multiple handguns were used. The assault rifle was in the trunk of the car. A helicopter that was flying overhead filming the school caught it on film as the trunk of the car was opened by the police.
    If this nonsense goes through, then maybe we can sue Ford or Chevy because of a car wreck that killed a family member, or even Budweiser because our spouse died an alcoholic.
    Ridiculous. Only in bleeding heart America.

  51. There was a time I would have said….”Take it to the Supreme Court.” Well, the Court where the Judges are APPOINTED for Life, is now part of the same Liberalism that wants to stamp out everyone else’s rights and views too. Haven’t the local Politicians and Washington Politicians learned ANYTHING yet, when they see that DONALD TRUMP, an outsider, not of politics, but of at least holding an Office, in Washington, is leading the REPUBLICAN PARTY?? Do they not see Americans are “fed up” with no representation? Of course, they see all this, and more. Thus, that’s why they are trying sooo hard to disarm America, to break America financially, etc… They DO know what the vast amount of Americans are thinking!

  52. During one of the press releases the state police guy said on camera that they were all killed with
    hand guns due to the wound type…the AR they found was in the trunk of his car.I don’t know where
    they got that he used an AR.They just make shit up to suit their agenda…this country is so fucked up!.

  53. This is yet a nother atempt to to infrenge are rights. An as fare as the twenty dollar bill mad men when he was in president there was no deficit but that is not why we’re here they are infringing on our rights to bear arms it’s always been the American way and they are trying anything they could do to abolish these rights makes me sick

  54. This judge needs to read the 1939 SCOTUS Ruling US V MILLER. The ruling stated that the whole people were the militia, and that when called up had to appear with weapons of the kind in use by the military. At the time that was semi auto weapons. Today it’s full auto, and high capacity, which the average person can’t buy, due to the high cost. Also it is my humble opinion that probably 90% of all gun laws are unconstitutioinal.

  55. Just shows you how law stupid some of our judges are, why don’t they make it possible for knife makers to be sued for killings by then….

  56. Sofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary,“Unraveling Sandy Hook”, which many regard as the best video study of the Sandy Hook event, recently interviewed a Los Angeles school expert, Paul Preston, about Sandy Hook and his knowledge of what had transpired.

    Governor Malloy had held a press conference that day, explaining that he and the Lt. Governor had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen, which raised the question, what “something like this”? Did he mean he had been told a school shooting massacre would take place? or a drill that would be presented as a real event?

    Remarkably, we now have confirmation from an unexpected source. Paul Preston had obtained information from officials in the U.S. Department of Education of the Barack Obama administration, who confirmed to him on the basis of their own personal knowledge that:

    (1) it had been a drill;

    (2) no children had been killed; and,

    (3) it had been done to promote an anti-gun agenda.

    Given his background of 41 years in the California public school system (from custodian to district superintendent)

    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/11/school-safety-consultant-obama-education-officials-told-me-sandy-hook-was-a-false-flag-no-children-died/#MSkbCkqH8mMmbtYD.99

  57. That magistrate is WRONG! Relatives of the deceased victims should SUE THE PARENTS OF THE PERPETRATORS
    for not supervising their hoodlum, antisocial, psychopathic offspring. Members of the Left such as this Judge
    think (?) in reverse. They are unconnected to reality. If this lunatic concept of suing a gun manufacturer becomes the precedent then whenever someone is killed in an automobile accident the deceased’s family can sue the auto manufacturer. GUNS DON’T KILL ANYONE AND NEVER HAVE! I’ve been told the most dangerous part of an automobile is the nut that holds the steering wheel. Well now we see the most dangerous part of a firearm is the nut that holds the trigger. The liberal agenda is to blame those who had nothing to do with an issue. I would have filed a suit against the parents of the hoodlums as well as against the hoodlums themselves–regardless of age.

  58. this judge must be a communist like obama our current communist party leader instead of doing his 1 and only job up holding and defending the constitution like obama he only wants to destroy it nobody holds the manufacture of kitchen knife responsible when someone is killed by one nobody holds car makers responsible when people kill each other with a car but like our current communist party leader obama the judge simply wants to force his own bent twisted and mentally defective viewpoint on everyone he may not do any good but there will be a marked increase in gun sales millions of people will run right out and buy one before any new laws are made to screw we the political prisoners of the united soviet america and our communist government dose more to destroy the constitution

  59. Hopefully, even though this judge has made a stupid ruling, a jury will have more common sense and find the gun makers innocent. It was the person holding the guns who committed the crime. Guns are inanimate objects which cannot do anything. If a person is killed by being hit with a shovel, are we going to get rid of shovels and sue the shovel maker? That is the same scenario and it is just plain ridiculous. Jury, please use common sense and refuse to find a gun maker guilty of anything other than making a tool that is incapable of doing anything by itself.

  60. Since a “judge” is allowing the lawyers to break Federal Law, the government MUST be on the prosecuted side of this ridiculous suit. This will open the door for law suits against EVERY manufacturer of ANYTHING that One might buy.

  61. And Still people flock into a Hillary rally.
    Everyone should be given a dozen of eggs to toss when she stands up and spews her garbage on a open microphone.

  62. Once again we see an activist judge nullifying her authority behind the bench by ignoring and politicising the (Sacred!!) Oath she swore to uphold and defend at all costs. I find it a constant source of amusement that when it comes to following and living by those eternal truths only we the people or peon’s*do so,and when we do we are marked as criminals and enemies of the state .My fellow Americans one and all,welcome back to those wonderful day’s of Marks,Lenon,Stalin and Hitler long may we live under the loving boots of Tyranny!!!…

  63. That judge can easily be overruled on appeal, probably by any third year law student. One judge doesn’t matter–It’s HILLARY we have to look out for. She has openly stated that she wants to remove the Second Amendment, and she is willing to put all her energy into it. Of course, such a little thing as that part of her oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” doesn’t get in her way. On the other hand, maybe she ought to try it—– Consider. The Constitution is held as the highest law of the land. Therefore, being recognized as law by the Federal Government, IT IS FEDERAL LAW. And, if it’s federal law, breaking those Constitutional laws must be viewed as a federal crime. Maybe we can get Hillary into an orange jumpsuit that way. While we’re at it, we also can call out Justice (?) Ginsburg, for her public statement in which she not only failed to “protect and defend”, but clearly derided the Constitution, when she said she would not recommend our Constitution to any other country as a guide. Go look that one up. All told, though now that tempers are getting hot, and positions are solidifying, I sense that if someone, most probably Hillary, were to try to abrogate the Second Amendment, an armed insurrection, including a large proportion of the armed forces, would descend on Washington and clean house. Not pretty, and someone would try to claim it as illegal, but they’d be flying in the face of the Founding Fathers, who mentioned something about a duty to do so. (I can’t remember the exact words there. Anybody know for sure?)

  64. “…God forbid that we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that its people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lost lives in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” THOMAS JEFFERSON 1787

  65. The government has to show proof that there really was a mass shooting do they not. America saw nothing but a govt. drill! We saw no blood, no bodies, no positive evidence . What they had was a school that had been closed or not in service and after their drill was quickly demolished to keep investigators from out side finding the truth. All of these “parents” were govt. actors and more than a couple were photographed at other False Flag govt. staged shootings! These “parents” made millions of dollars from the govt. and donations from their internet sites. One of the actors has been shown on almost half a dozen other govt false flag shootings. If i was the fire arms co. being sued then i would insist the govt prove the crime was in deed a true crime. Which so far they have not

  66. Here we have another State that wants gun control. I say all the Gun Manufacturers should give all states that want gun control what they want and stop selling these states any guns period. Yes even law enforcement.

    There was a law passed protecting manfacacturtors from being sued from this particular situation, people knew in advance that this would happen due to people and there stupidly. We all know that OBAMA has something to do with this. IT IS A PURE CASE OF DUMB SHIT ISITITIS!!!!

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