Can This Hollywood Star Stop Saying Such Stupid Things About Guns?


People who act in television shows and movies may be great at playing pretend on screen, but, too often, they seem to have lost all touch with the real world.

A perfect example of this is Tom Arnold. Arnold, whose only success that I’ve ever heard of was co-starring in one Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, is probably best known as the husband of Roseann Arnold. Of course, his lack of personal accomplishment hasn’t stopped him from saying all kinds of idiotic things lately, especially about guns.

What is the latest thing that he said? Arnold tweeted that “80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families.”


I’m not making this up.

Of course, Tom Knighton was quick to take Arnold to task. Knighton writes,

Of course, Arnold never provided a citation for that claim.

And Arnold can’t provide a citation for that claim, because it’s complete and total BS.

Keep in mind that Americans own somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 million guns. If 80 percent of us were shooting ourselves or family members, I’m pretty sure there would be news reports on this. The anti-gun media would latch onto this and pound it like a nail that doesn’t want to be driven down. They’d never give up on this position, and why would they? In reality, it would probably be effective.

But they don’t, because it’s a made up number created by a bizarre mind so filled with hate for the Second Amendment that he can’t even see reality.

Remember, this is the same guy that also tweeted, “I think there are 5 black NRA members.”

The sad part is that people are going to believe this guy simply because he is famous.

I mean, if we’re going to use arbitrary, pull-it-out-of-my-butt numbers, then why don’t we say that 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot? Why? Because we have no way of knowing if it is true, just like Arnold has no way of knowing if his made up statistics are true (though, if Arnold is any indication, the number of made up statistics may be pretty high).

The difference is that common sense tells us that his “statistics” aren’t true, and we should use his shame tactics to mock him into actually trying to be honest about guns for once.



  1. Maybe some one should yank a knot in Ashton Kushner’s butt for the ridiculous statements that he makes. When speaking about guns, every other sentence is “They are not going to take your guns, anywhere, anytime.” Some one should bring him up to date, on the killing of a gun owner, by authorities, who were taking his guns. These people are no better than my neighbor, and carry the same weight. When will the public put this “Hollywood worship” in the trash where it belongs. Their words should carry no more weight than mine.

    • Robert — I don’t think that the “hollywood worship” is so much the public as it is the lame media tries to push the idea that they are something special. Of course we know they are NOT and their opinions mean nothing to anyone but themselves.

    • They typify the old adage that those in the least defensible position scream the loudest As one of our U.S. senators so aptly summed up Nancy Pelosi, his summation is applicable to the case against Hollywood’s mental midgets, “Billy goat brain, mocking bird mouth”.

  2. Tom Arnold needs to focus on being that, because he’s not all that good at than job either.

  3. Tom Arnold needs to focus on being an actor than commenting on gun statics, because he’s not all that good at being an actor either.

  4. Like REALLY. 88%… So out of every million people in… Hmm let’s say NY State, California, OH!!..Detroit Michigan, mmm St. Louis or Philadelphia…every Million there are 880,000 shootings??? Hmm

    • Wouldn’t we run out of gun owners and family pretty quick if arnold were even remotely near correct?

      I am reminded about some advice i got when I was promoted to Staff Sergeant: “Ya can’t fix stupid, but you can make it painful”.

    • I would rather they used a hammer. More people are killed by hammer wielding morons than they are by people with firearms.

  5. It’s a comedy shtick. It just isn’t funny – like watching Woody Allen. Nancy Pelosi is funnier, especially the one-liners.

  6. I have often contemplated exactly how much b.s. does a Hollywood knucklehead have to spout before people see them for how uninformed they actually are.The sad thing is, many believe their own “press.”

  7. First off — referring to Arnold as a star is a total slam to the people who really can act. There actually are some and they are smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves. Arnold is nothing but a has-been nothing who is fading into obscurity and having a problem with it — so he runs his big mouth.

    • You are wrong on one count. Arnold is a never was. He can’t act, couldn’t even stay married to Roseann who was and is so ugly the family had to tie a pork chop around her neck as a child so the family dog would play with her, hasn’t had a movie role in years, and has the IQ of a gnat.

  8. Such nonsense is a laughing matter but people will still believe it. He has no basis for saying something like that. I am sure the common person sees that this is BS and ignores it.

      • That goes right along with another of his quotes: “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life”

  9. Tom Arnold acts like he has an illness. What illness? I have no idea. Perhaps he is an autistic with Tourettes and Parkinson’s. So basically he plays himself while he is trying to act or trying to be funny, which he is not. How does anyone call him famous? He’s famous for being the client that he is

    • I believe that the diagnosis is diarrhea of the mouth, easily ascertained by the victim continually pontificating on subjects he knows nothing about. This is endemic in the liberal herd.

  10. Tom Arnold acts like he has an illness. What illness? I have no idea. Perhaps he is an autistic with Tourettes and Parkinson’s. So basically he plays himself while he is trying to act or trying to be funny, which he is not. How does anyone call him famous? He’s famous for being the clown that he is.

  11. A few corrections and considerations.
    1. Tom Arnold is not a star. He’s a minor player, and always has been.
    2. Tom Arnold is obviously not very bright.
    3. It’s quite probable that this site has given more attention to what he said than the rest of the world
    4. You should put more emphasis on more important things, like whether mosquitos can fly inverted.

  12. The only thing that ever comes out of Hollywood is wicked . And Tom is no different . It must be all that tide pod eating or drinking water off of tampons or sniffing condoms . Oh yes this is what they are doing now . Or could it be all that human meat they are eating at their parties . These are real things they do people . And you aspire to continue to support their wicked ways of life by spending your hard earned money on them . His opinion is absolutely nothing!

  13. Arnold plays an idiot in movies and TV sitcoms, it’s to be expected that he would just
    Portray himself as he really is.

  14. First, Arnold is only a star in his own mind. To the rest of us he’s just a lib jackass, and second, no he can’t be cause he IS a lib jackass whom we owe nothing.

  15. Let’s make a new statistic: 99% of peoples against gun like snakes… stupid isn’t? But let’s make a real one: Many of the 100% peoples that say to be against guns, have a gun at home, have personal protection, live in a place enclosed and protected by private guard, ride in cars bullet proof, never walk alone in the street after dark and 100% of them will use a gun to defend his family if necessary… or NO?

  16. Someone should tell him a few facts,like everywhere guns are banned the crime rate doubles. You can talk about banning guns for legal citizens, but you have no plan to protect them criminals do not buy guns they steal them or smuggle bthem in. Wake up fools

  17. I read in a report that doctors and hospitals kill several hundred thousand people every year due to medical errors. Firearms kill about 33,000. Exactly where do the politicians need to focus?
    The only enemies of a firearm are rust and politicians.

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