Man Fired for Talking About “Kidnapping Children” – That’s When It Also Turned Into a Weird “Zombie Story”


Sometimes a gun protection story just gets a little weird for comfort.zombie

At Springfield Golf and Country Club in Virginia, all you would expect to do is join 3 other nice folks and enjoy a round of 18.

But on June 20th, 2016 … the manager of the Club experienced a story that he can most certainly tell the grand kids.


That Monday morning, a 56-year old employee of the Club named Donald Weber started acting weird and was eventually fired that day.  Why?

That’s the creepy part, from Bearing Arms (emphasis ours)…

Witnesses say Donald Weber, 56, had been acting strangely and making unsettling comments – talking about kidnapping children and eating people’s brains – before he was fired from the golf course.

Yuck!  A real-life rendition of The Evil Dead from 1981.

Even worse?  Mr. Weber came back later that day with two pairs of handcuffs.  He held the Club Manager and one other innocent person at gun point, and wanted them to cuff themselves in the back office.

They both ran for their lives.

Weber’s former boss got his own gun out of his truck and engaged in a standoff with Mr. Weber.  After a few seconds, Weber fled the scene … no bullets fired.

And this Zombie story has a happy ending

Weber was located by police and taken to jail where stated he was simply “defending his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. He has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and two counts of attempted felonious restraint and is being held on $45,000 bond.

So I suppose the moral of this stranger-than-life story is … protecting your right to bear arms is now more critical.  You never know when you, like the Club Manager, might have to protect yourself against your own “zombie.”



  1. We lived on a ranch, guns were part of our life. I remember a 12 g loaded, beside the door. My brother and friends we’re taught, never to touch the gun. When I was about 9 my Dad and uncle taught me how to shoot. 22 rifle. About age 12, I used the 12 g, too much kick back. I like a pistols better. No one ever was shot. I guess teaching kids about guns early is important. My kids all shoot and have been to training. I believe everyone should know how to protect themselves. It works in Israel where everyone has one year in Military. They are armed and ready against terrors.

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