Arm Yourself With These “Top 5” Gun Control Counter-Points…


It’s fairly likely you’ll encounter someone who thinks that gun control laws are what weHand writing the text: Top 5 need to “make America safe again.”

You know they are wrong, but just in case you need them, here are 5 quick counter-points to arm yourself with so you can have some fun with these folks:

  1. Crime rates do not “plummet” in places with strict gun control.  Australia’s 1996 gun ban is a good example to start with, where it didn’t work … and wouldn’t work here.
  2. Criminals don’t follow gun laws very well, getting their guns through illegal channels in spite of gun control laws.  Many academics have studied this topic … but here’s a good study article to start with (that links to more).
  3. Following #2, “Gun Free Zone” signs only present a false sense of security, at best.  If you think about it, what good is a sign on a wood post going to do anyhow?
  4. POTUS has the Secret Service, and more guns protecting him than anyone in our country.  And Obama wants US to put down OUR guns?  We don’t think so.
  5. What does the “AR” in AR-15 stand for?  Not assault rifle like most anti-gunners think. (hint:  It stands for ArmaLite).  If the anti-gunners can’t even do this tiny bit of homework, why should we listen to anything else they say about guns?

So there you have it.  Five counter-points to start a gun control discussion with an anti-gun advocate who might challenge you.  Of course these are the simple ones.


Now, after that, you want to laugh a bit?  Here are the top 10 Gun Headlines you will never read anywhere.



  1. I live in the suburbs, just outside of Washington, D.C. The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department were the ones who actually encouraged me to convert my on-again-off-again membership in the NRA to a full lifetime membership. It seems that they were found to be selling guns from the property room out on the street. They made a “big show” of firing some rookies, but it only shows that they were mere “fall guys” for whoever was actually in charge of the property room.
    I bring this up, because I have also been to places like NYC and Chicago – also places with vigorous gun control laws like Washington, D.C. What really stands out is that they are also have some of the most corrupt governments in this country. Their laws only deprive law-abiding citizens of any self-defense, actually punishing any that defend themselves “illegally,” while criminals go around fully armed and get away with most of their crimes.

    • AND places like the ones near Atlanta, that have guns REQUIRED laws have a near zero crime rate that includes parking tickets. Heavy gun CONTROL places like Chicago have the highest crime rate – crooks and thugs DO have guns. There are many MANDATORY (NO parole) sentences for gun-related crimes, that get ignored.

  2. “The strongest reason for the People to retain the Right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government.” THOMAS JEFFERSON

    “When any Nation mistrust its citizens with guns, it is sending a CLEAR message.
    It no longer trust its citizens because such a Government has EVIL plans.” GEORGE WASHINGTON

    “All authority belongs to the People.” (1821) Ford 10:190

    Need I say more???

  3. Guns KILL people just like spoons make people fat and cars make drivers drunk = SAME logic. Gun restrictions only apply to lawful citizens. Criminals WILL get guns just like they do drugs, on the street or by thieft.

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