Disturbing New Gun Trend In New York Will Make You Wonder…


I guess background checks and legal gun purchases don’t mean as much as they used toBureaucracy Word Cloud in New York.

A man who purchased 3 guns through 100% legal channels had them all taken away by State officials.

He was quoted on Guns n’ Freedom:


“NY State Police just came to my house and took everything.” – Bill

From the same article, here’s the scoop:

All of the guns were bought legally, one at a Dicks Sporting Goods and the other 2 at a local outdoors-men store.  Background checks were also done at the time of purchase.

The state troopers gave the man a New York State police receipt and a certificate of relief paper.  They told him if he could get a judge to sign the relief paper he would get his guns back.

The man has since hired a lawyer but has not yet received his legally owned guns back.

Now it should be noted that the man had a misdemeanor on his record, from 15 years ago.  

Ridiculous, especially since he passed the background checks.

There have also been several other reports of gun confiscations in New York by State officials.  Guess the U.S. Constitution doesn’t hold the weight it used to.

Stay vigilant, because it looks like the real war on the 2nd Amendment has begun.



  1. A misdemeanor may not be of an issue that wold demand gun confiscated. Therefore it is necessary for law enforcement to state the specific law that was violated. If that was not done, no legal confiscation is valid. For example, a traffic citation has no effect on a mental state or misuse of a firearm and has no connection with any form of firearm abuse or mental disorder. A lawsuit is in order.

  2. One wonders what would have, might have happened if the seemingly aggrieved citizen resisted, with force, what appear to be Gestapo-like bureaucratic antics?

    • I was thinking the same thing! Then I came up with worst case Scenario. Think about this, what happens if that same person was invaded by would be theives or and that same person is killed or worst yet a family member is killed, who would be left responsible because he could not defend himself or his family?

  3. Well look what runs NY, a Nazis SOB you got for Governor, the fools voted the scumbag in, so now your going to suffer at the hands of these fascists fools.

    • Astorino came close to winning. If all our Second Amendment friends and neighbors had voted he would have carried the election. This is what you get when people say their vote doesn’t count. I harp at people until they don’t want to talk to me and they still don’t vote. Oh, but how they complain after. We have to get them to turn out or we may have a Clinton back. God forbid!

      • Perhaps the SAME VOTER FRAUD that “installed” OSCUMBAG worked for YET ANOTHER SCUMOCRAT.
        Seems to work out just fine for them. The BIG trouble is, as long as N.Y. City, and the other big cites, carries the votes we “upstaters” (above Syracuse) don’t stand a chance. Time for the “city” to become it’s own State and leave the rest of us alone. All we are up here is “tax dollars” for the big city scumbags to waste.

        • Cliff, FYI, NYC, LI, Westch. are about 62% of population, and the rest of us are 38%, but if all shooters had voted, still would have kicked coumo’s butt. (by the way, southern tier and western NY are considered upstate, as well as parts of Nassau and Suffolk that want a divorce from “metro,” yes it is considered an insult, but PLEASE remember, we agree with you “upstaters.”

          • You are correct 2004done. Even in Metro there are people who want to own a firearm. You may not like the everything the “shooter” canidate wants to do but if you value your firearms rights you need to vote for him. We need to vote as a block to win and we need all voters to vote.

  4. It`s just that obama and his side kick Hillary need guns to give to the Mexican Drug Cartel and they then send them onto the Muslim Terrorist to kill Americans and our allies.

  5. New York has the same disgraceful Un-American politicians as California. It’s time for citizens to take back there state governments and vote the establishment guru’s out of office.

  6. In case nobody is aware – this story aside – THE SECOND AMENDMENT HAS BEEN EFFECTIVELY REPEALED IN NY STATE!

    • So that “reasonable” & “common-sense” is more of the same BS? Has anyone found those 90% majority that I keep hearing about, because in my circle, it’s ZERO % believe we aren’t becoming Chicago, Detroit, and DC.

  7. it does not matter a misdemeanor does not matter only felony convictions can keep you from having a gun. and they can be repealed through court and your right to own can be re instated. sorry folks the police would have a problem. unless we were not told the whole story then they were completely out of line

  8. All I can say is that this country is going in the wrong direction. And, if we get too complacent, they will strip us further of more rights. They moment is very rapidly approaching where We The People, will need to stand fast, tall and strong against them. If it is a civil war they want..? Well……..

    L E T S R U M B L E with these M O F O`s

  9. I think that if they come for my guns they will find its not so easy . If the but heads running things want to get my guns they better be willing to die! They may get me in a rush , but not before I take a lot of them with me. Remember cops are just people, they want to put with this BS. then let them take their chances!


  10. It appears as if the Democrats are getting their way little by little. To get a lawyer to fight it is way above what the average citizen can afford, and they know it. Until the citizens of these states fight back and take their state back, it will continue. In Florida, we are living the dream of the 2nd. Amendment. I hope the citizens of these cities, like a NY,NY, Chicago, and states like NY & California are taken back into their hands and also live the dream.

  11. How come they could take them ?? He was legal a minor legal infraction should have been deleted after 10 years , since he didnt have anyother infractions !!
    Plus they should have had a judges certificate signature with a raised seal !! And a carbon copy isnt legal either !! He needs too sue the state of New York !!

  12. I’m not voting for lying Clinton……I live in gun country…..wild boar……hunting fishing areas….my dad had taught me to shoot before six…didn’t no at the time….I was kidnapped at six…..my I’d stolen…my families and all my money stolen……over fifty years and I still living under a dead kid….and can’t get my real birth certificate…
    I’m excellent marks woman…..I prefer target…..to killing any living thing…..but I’m widowed….single….and life in the woods….prime target area for thieves….
    I back our second amendment…..
    VA. Clinton is winning and in North Caroline…..cheating. I believe

  13. To get to Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire in possession of your legally owned firearms, secured in the trunk of the vehicle or not, DO NOT DRIVE through the Communist States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Massachusetts. Active Duty Army have been arrested in NJ for having a 30 round magazine in the car trunk. Whacko Cuomo’s NY is Off The Charts regarding Hoplophobic Totalitarianism; as is Marxatwoshits.
    Fly over the Commie infested/ruled areas or have your stuff sent to your destination UPS/FEDEX/DHL.
    I wonder how much money Maine is losing due to loss of Out Of State hunting license fees.

  14. Seems like the street gangs have no problem getting guns, but they want to take guns away from the honest people. New Yawk apparently wants only the police and the criminals to be armed!

  15. In the meantime, this guy is left defenseless in his home, vulnerable. If there should be a break in, and something happens to him, who is responsible? The government is not serving the public, they are assaulting us. Stand up, be vocal, and demand a smaller, servent minded government! We the people have the power, lets use it! Don’t be compliant and complicit, be watchful and active!

  16. This, plus what’s going on in California and Massachusetts, is just a warm-up for what Hillary is going to do. Just think about what the run on guns and ammo is going to look like on November 9, and buy all the stock you can in those companies two days before.

  17. The State Police officer’s who came to his home and took his weapons, should be fired!! They have violated the very thing they have sworn to protect…the rights safety of the people and the Constitution of the United States..!!! As a retired police officer, it is my belief that since we all were sworn in to protect the Constitution…we should refuse to enforce any and all violations of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, as many loyal patriotic American Sheriff’s have pledged to do…

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