Will Liberals Try To Ban Tannerite After Chelsea Bombing?


screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-5-53-52-pmThere are conflicting reports that Tannerite (a trademarked exploding target) was used in the Chelsea pressure cooker bomb.

Bearing Arms has some interesting points to make about this development:

[quote_box_center]Now, here’s where I tell you those “authorities” and reporters are either confused, telling half-truths, or are intentionally lying.


Tannerite is an incredibly popular and very stable binary target mixture. It is a patented mixture of high-grade ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that is sold as two components and then is mixed on-site. It can only be set off by high-velocity centerfire rifle bullet.

You cannot set off Tannerite by any of the following methods:

  • a smoldering fuse
  • an electronic fuse
  • electrical current (including a flip-phone detonator)
  • an open flame
  • impact with a hammer, axe, or other concussive device.
  • low-velocity handgun or rimfire rifle cartridges moving less than 2,000 feet per second.[/quote_box_center]

Indeed, it is hard to imagine how or why a terrorist would use Tannerite, unless he is a complete fool who has no clue of what he is doing.

Bob Owens of Bearing Arms Continues:


The only possible way Tannerite was a part of the Chelsea “dumpster bomb” is if the terrorist already had a high explosive, and the Tannerite was used as a booster charge… which may or may not work, and could result in the mixture simply being sprayed like sand in the blast.

Amusingly, the NY Times “senior law enforcement sources”  are seeming conflicted by other reporters from the Times, who cite a more conventional explosive as being used in New York and New Jersey bomb blasts.

HMTD, or hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, is a high explosive that is relative easy for terrorists to “home brew” from instructions found on the Internet, similar to triacetone triperoxide (TATP) used in the London subway bombings, the “Shoe Bomber” attempt to blow up an airliner, and the train station and airport bombings in Brussels earlier this year.

There is a chance that HMTD was placed in a device with Tannerite, but it would frankly be bizarre to use the much less explosive Tannerite in an IED when high explosives provide so much more explosive force in the same device.


If Tannerite was in fact used, it’s probably because the moron jihadist didn’t understand the physics of it. He could have built much more powerful bombs with just a little reading on the internet. Heck, the black powder pipe bomb that went off in a trash can in Seaside, N..J. barely damaged the trash can next to it. Luckily, this guy really didn’t know what he was doing.

While Tannerite is not more dangerous to the public than other readily available materials that doesn’t mean liberal politicians won’t try to ban it. Tannerite is ammonium nitrate mixed with a catalyst and it can produce potentially lethal explosions:

Any idiot can build an IED out of Tannerite or gunpowder. Tannerite is actually much more difficult to detonate (unless you are shooting it) but that won’t stop the nanny state from banning it.  People misusing the stuff isn’t going to help Tannerites cause either.











  1. Abusers of tannerite aren’t helping the tannerite cause… how about abusers of…
    The internet
    The Constitution
    Ad Infinitum…
    It’s political, and that’s all.
    We used to shoot cans of beer with a .22lr rifle for fun. That’s alcohol abuse.
    ‘Nuff said.

  2. those idiots will try to ban the air we breath cause it simply is not good for you as they say communist will be communist hail hitler

    • Ha Leo, I think it would be great, to cut off your breathing, you don’t desirve air.

  3. Go to Tannrite’s website to see how it really works–only burns/melts when heat is applied, can’t be set off with a hammer, a burning fuse won’t set it off. Miniscule chance that it was one of the components, unless what’s-his-nuts thought it could be used to enhance the explosion.


    • There is one other possibility. The bomber had “help” from someone in the government that suggested putting Tannerite in the bomb so its footprint would show up in the analysis of the bomb.

  4. Okay then, if the silly methods listed can’t detonate tannerite, then how did they do it? I hate to say this, and I’m not going to say how, but if you have Special forces level explosives training you know how to detonate tannerite and a whole spectrum of other common unregulated ingredients without shooting at it from a distance. and even without a commercial blasting cap. Yes, it can’t be any of those ways listed, but it can be done if you know the tricks of the trade But that’s not the point.

    Sooner or later these psychos will find out all the ways to do things like that, just because even though they’re still pretty stupid, they have the advantage of time to figure things out because this feckless fucking regime won’t bomb them back to the stone age thus assuring their shell shocked brains- if they still were alive– will be so numbed that they could no longer conceive of how to even light a match, let alone detonate a bomb anymore.

    Meanwhile you can’t let them slip in another bill/act/executive order to further accelerate the slippery slope of banning every single fucking thing a free person enjoys in their lives just to further their disarmament agenda!

    Email any legislators you think might get twitchy balls on this and politely say…

    Don’t even THINK about it asshole!

  5. I am praying that Tannerite gets banned permanently. The guy that invented the stuff sees only dollar signs. Doesn’t care about how the stuff affects others. Most people that buy the stuff are spiritually weak immature morons. There are better things to do with money and time then to impress your friends and your own ego. Not to mention disturb nature and neighbors. Everyone that uses this stuff deserves whatever happens to them.

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