Progressive Narrative Crumbles As Firearm Offenses Double In Australia


screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-6-42-18-pmThe narrative of the great Australian gun ban solving the problem gun violence down under has just collapsed. A new study pours salt in the wounds of one of the anti-gun rights movement’s most beloved lies.

The myth that the massive gun confiscation scheme enacted in Australia in 1996 reduced crime never made sense. Liberals who attributed decreased homicide rates in Australia to gun control, could never explain why similar trends occurred in the United States during roughly the same time period. If gun control was the reason for the decline of gun crime in Australia: why was the U.S. homicide rate plummeting? Americans were buying record numbers of guns, but our homicide rate dropped right along side the Aussies.



Things just got a heck of a lot worse for the Australia myth, from NRA-ILA:



Despite the confiscation of roughly 700,000 firearms and the severe licensing and registration requirements imposed on law-abiding Australians, criminals have little trouble securing weaponry. The report noted that in Melbourne, “firearms offences have doubled in the past five years,” and that incidents where a prohibited person has been found with a gun increased five-fold from 2011 to 2015. Moreover, Victoria Police Assistant Police Commissioner Stephen Fontana conveyed to The Age that police are seeing “military-grade weapons” “more often than ever before.”

Those intent on breaking the law procure firearms in a handful of ways. The report cited a “senior law enforcement source” who made clear that criminals often acquire weapons “through theft or illegal sale.” The piece went on to note that “Despite Australia’s strict border controls, the smuggling of high-powered military-style firearms is also a growing problem.” Describing the extent of the issue, the authors explained, “Criminal networks also create caches of illegal weapons, including machine guns and pistols with silencers, that are bought, sold and traded among the underworld in ways that are difficult for police to track.”

The ineffectiveness of Australia’s severe gun controls will come as no surprise to many gun rights supporters. A 2013 DOJ National Institute of Justice memo on the efficacy of various gun control measures concluded that the Australian confiscation program, “appears to have had no effect on gun homicide…” Moreover, surveys of state prison inmates here in the U.S. conducted by the Department of Justice have shown that criminals often procure firearms in a manner unlikely to be effected by stiffer gun controls. In the 2004 version of the survey, 40 percent of the inmates surveyed answered that they obtained a firearm through a “street/illegal source,” with another 37.4 percent citing “family or friend” as their source.


I hate to beat the already rotten corpse of a dead horse, but this story is worth repeating; it didn’t work people, the Aussie gun ban didn’t make anyone safe.

Now gun crime is actually reversing and going up. Alarmed, the leftists in Australia have a brilliant idea: more gun control! That’s right, the NRA reports that officials over there are drawing up new plans to confiscate even more guns from the Australian people.




  1. It has long been known that in all things security, in war, in policing and in day to day safety, It has always been known that “The only way to stop a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun”! And when your government, any government, takes away the guns of good people with the intent of stopping bad people with gun, you should then clearly understand that you are being lead by a government of “Morons”! Here in American we call them Liberals and Progressives!

    • A big AMEN to that. They will never stop bad people with guns. They should just stop trying to convince people that gun control will save people’s lives. The only thing gun control will do is give the Government control over the people, and it will give criminals a license to do more killing.

  2. If and when you outlaw guns , only outlaws will have guns !!!! Prohabision did nothing to stop booz , drugs have always been illegal but that does not stop criminals from selling it and if they try to ban guns it won’t stop criminals from getting guns . If history has taught us anything its that anything can be abtained if there is a market for it . There are already more then 10,000 gun laws already on the books in America , all they have to do is be enforced . When laws are past only the law abiding , honest American will honor it but criminals don’t care about laws . Policitians past gun laws that they know they can enforce on the honest citizens that really don’t do anything to protect honest people , only hurt them . This is a ploy politicians use to gander up votes every election cycle . Don’t listen to there bullsh#t she is just trying to disarm the public to make it easier to enact globalization and new world order . Open borders and immigration will run rampit allowing millions appond millions of illegal and unvetted people and criminals into the country that will harm us all . Elect Donald Trump to stop this BS .

  3. People kill people, not guns or any other weapon, if you want to stop people killing people you need to educate them better. Everybody keeps saying look at Australia they confiscated all the guns and destroyed a bunch of very fine guns along with the regular run of the mill guns, destroying guns is a very dumb thing to do, they are very useful as well, get rid of the people that want to destroy all the guns and make them farmers, they could be more useful there.

  4. Whenever the liberals start to whine for more gun control, I bring up the the Great Northfield Raid. The baddest gangs of the time, the James gang and the Younger gang, got their asses shot off by average citizens , who armed themselves, to protect their town and their money,

  5. The founding Fathers were taking America from the English with the second amendment. Now through vote American youth and liberals are trying to go back to the system America discorded. Agenda 21 passed by oboma and the UN will be repealed if Trump makes President. The establishment and Hillary would put you in a box then tell when you can get out and what you will do to please the Pope, King and the citizens demands. Vote Trump.

  6. Dumb ass’s, they just don’t learn. Definition of insanity, When some one keeps doing the same thing the same way, expecting the results to change. Look it up.

  7. Hate to be a wet blanket. But it is a fatal characteristic of all liberals that they simply cannot see the truth. Even now the leaders of Australia are refusing to see that their plan did not work. They even reneged on an agreement to open the country to lever action shotguns which held 7 rounds.
    Fact: Those countries whose leaders refuse to acknowledge God as the source of life and having a claim on their lives will find that these same leaders WANT to be god of their countries. Yes, they want to be dictators.

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