Progressives Confused Over Jokes About Chicago Toy Gun Ban


It must be a great gig to be a progressive blogger who writes about guns.


Leftist blogger who knows nothing about guns. Must have great imagination to make up facts and false narratives. You will be given a pre-employment test to assess your lack of knowledge, candidates who pass will be deemed overqualified. You must be passionate about issues you know nothing about and driven to remain ignorant.


I’m really only half kidding here, check this article out, from


Conservative news orgs like the Daily Caller and Fox News are currently reporting on Chicago’s toy gun ban and the fact that Amazon won’t ship toy guns to the Windy City as though it’s a new thing. But it’s not. There are a host of cities and states that have passed laws over the years making it illegal to sell toy guns that don’t have a large orange stripe on the barrel. New York City has banned realistic-looking toy guns since 1955.

So why are organizations like Fox News focusing on Chicago? Probably because Chicago has an alarmingly high homicide rate, and their boy Trumpy wants to save the day with his version of “law and order.”


Uhhm, maybe conservatives are making fun of Chicago for enforcing dumb laws because, you know, the city council just started enforcing a dumb law! Lot’s of conservatives ripped on those other cities when they passed or enforced dumb laws too.

Gizmodo continues:

[quote_box_center]Interestingly, one “law and order” measure that Chicago used to have was a complete ban on handguns. But that ban was lifted in 2010, when the Supreme Court ruled in McDonald v. City of Chicago that the city’s handgun ban was unconstitutional. And Mr. Trump has made no mention of wanting to fight for its reinstatement. The ban on toy guns hasn’t made it to our highest court yet.[/quote_box_center]

Right, crime was higher during that ban. Lots of experts agree the ban did nothing to stop gun crime. Even many progressives readily admit that the law didn’t work. Some liberals try to excuse it’s failure because the rest of country didn’t follow suit, but nearly everyone admits city wide gun bans don’t work. So, if banning real guns is stupid, just imagine how dumb banning fake ones is.

The article ends with this line:

[quote_box_center]Unfortunately, the cities of the United States are only good at regulating the sale of fake guns, not real ones. [/quote_box_center]

Actually, liberal cities and states are quite good at regulating the sale of real guns. Some cities like Chicago and D.C. had total bans for many years. Buying a handgun is more difficult in the State of New York than it is in many European countries like Germany.

California, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York already have extremely heavy regulations that are about as onerous they come.

Don’t you wish you could get a job where you are required to be incompetent? It must be a dream to work at Just write random stuff, as long as it feeds into a dishonest liberal narrative they’ll pay you.







  1. What could anyone say about banning toy guns? They can not be used as anything but “a toy gun”! So I can only believe that the current Mayor must think that only the children in Chicago are the leading criminals and they must be “disarmed”!

    • He probably had a kid shoot him with a rubber dart hun right between the eyes at 400 meters. Never happened! But being liberal, he’ll say it did.

    • Jerry you hit the nail on the head, and unarmed nation is 100% under govt. control, our forefathers knew hundreds of years ago , that we would have a wannabe dictatorship starting in 2008, oh how I wish for a military coup, to rid us of these traitors.

  2. communist will be communist chicago produced our current communist party leader obama and he supports a nazi party princess hitlary they both simply want to destroy the constitution and will do anything to do so chicago is only showing its support for a more communist country with a much weaker national defense

  3. If Hillary wins the presidentcy I for one am ready for Texas to cecede from the Union of the United States

  4. The “royalty” of anti-Second Amendment states want to ban guns. Fine. When they ban guns, and someone is killed, wounded, or somehow inconvenienced by a gun that is not supposed to exist, this very same “royalty” should have to be personally held treble financially and lawfully responsible for the wounding, killing, or inconveniencing of those affected by their respective actions. This is what the “royalty wants to impose on lawful gun-owners.

  5. I’m sick of this argument, and the progressive socialist democrat reinterpreted opinion of the second amendment. Yea, NY has onerous gun laws, Americans in NY REPLIED WITH A 4% COMPLIANCE RATE!
    Is GIZMODO BOY under the impression that his socialist heroes can pass an unconstitutional decree and Americans will line up and turn their guns in? (Or register them to a confiscation list?)
    “WE THE PEOPLE” have the right to KEEP AND BEAR arms – UNINFRINGED!

  6. Instead lets band all criminals starting with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Killer Clinton then all the criminals all over the USA, then Mexico ETC ETC get that, well could someone point out the nut that wants to ban guns, well that will never happen unless you want to fight all Americans and we are more than all the cops the criminals that calls themselves FBI, they are really female body inspectors and the corrupt doj and don’t forget the corrupt IRS.

  7. If Hillary bans real guns, then the U.S., in a dangerous world, faces far more serious problems. We will be behind R&D on weapons that protect this country, as well as having fewer “citizen soldiers” to defend this country in the event of an invasion from the U.N. , Russia, or China, or all three at once. Britain can no longer defend itself because it does not make any useful wepons. It buys them from Lewis Machine & Tool Co. in the U.S.! They and the liberals in our country have learned nothing from Britain’s lack of weapons when starting WWII.

  8. Doesn’t Chicago have the strongest gun laws in our nation? Doesn’t Chicago have the highest gun crimes in the nation ? Yes No Weapons Allowed seems to work well – – for the criminal that is.

  9. come on you guys, we all know banning toy guns will keep them out of criminals hands just like making drugs illegal kept then away from drug users. just think how many criminals are using them, toy guns, in those states that ban rea; guns to commit armed robberies because they cannot get a real guns to commit crime, right?? banning the toy guns makes as much sense as banning the real ones dosn’t it??? beside if we never give a kid a toy gun, he won;t want a real one later in life. i think they call it brain washington..

  10. I have a question that apparently nobody has had the initiative to ask, it is a legal question that I have never found an answer to. O k, here is the question. “By what authority does either the City Council or the Mayor of any city have to ban anything. Where does this authority in the Constitution exist or come from. If this authority to enact bans does not exist in the Constitution, the authority does not exist, and this so-called authority to enact bans is extra-Constitutional and falls outside of the Constitution meaning it is un- Constitutional.

    • They are too stupid to understand that their “money power” cannot buy the Constitution. As mentioned, Nobama placed the gun ban before his term in Dreamt I was President Land, and HITLERY had them banned in DC while her hubby “Slick Willy” was in office.
      They’re trying to keep ONLY the Police and military armed so they ‘s declare Martial Law to make themselves “Royalty”!
      In reality, they’re pissants on a pea pod!

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