Trump Flubs Gun Control During Debate


Hillary was allowed to trot out blatant lies about gun control because Donald Trump lacked the knowledge to stop her. Hillary claimed that she supports the second amendment while simultaneously supporting the legality of laws that prohibit self-defense and make ownership of virtually all handguns illegal.

Hillary claimed that she wanted to overturn the D.C. v. Heller case because the case prohibited a “common sense” law that kept guns out of the hands of toddlers. Hillary failed to mention that the law required all guns to be lock up in a manner where they would be totally unusable for self-defense, even if no toddler was in the house. The law banned all handguns, even if their was no toddler in the house. Hillary literally made up the toddler excuse, but Trump was unable to pounce on her because apparently the only thing Trump knows about the Heller case is that Hillary doesn’t like it.

Watch Hillary get away with rhetorical murder below:


Could Trump be anymore frustrating? He refuses to learn a damn thing. How many times has he met with the NRA? He still doesn’t understand what the Heller case was all about?

Hillary can get away with opposing a case that declares the Second Amendment as an individual right and at the same time claim she supports our right to bear arms.

You can’t get angry at all the low information voters in major cities who will vote against your right to bear arms this year. If the only information I had to go on was the debate, I would think that Hillary was being totally reasonable. Neither Trump nor the mainstream media could refute her. A lot of urban residents don’t care enough about gun control to research it on their own, you can’t blame them for getting snuckered by Hillary and the media. We need a nominee who understands the issue, Trump simply doesn’t get it.



  1. So Author, whoever you are, Trump missed an opportunity. Hindsight is 20/20, right? He’s not perfect. What’s your plan? Are you going to teach Trump a lesson by voting for Hitlery? You sound like a liberal moron. STFU.

      • The do nothing congress to stop bo’s illegal & abuse of power E.O.’s is damned scary & with bo ‘s crony administration destroying Constitutional Freedom & Rights is high treason … !

    • I agree with your comment 100%.
      What’s are option, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? There is no option better than Trump, regardless of how he did in the debate. He didn’t even know who David Duke was until it was brought to his attention, then he disavowed Duke’s poorly thought out plan of endorsing Trump. Trump wants nothing to do with Duke. Duke was and still is trying to use Trump to his advantage, but failed when Trump refused any endorsement or support from him.
      Trump is for the Constitution, 2nd, 1st and all the amendments. I’m putting my list of 10 most important issues for our country in a new order of priority. I’m putting my personal issues behind our country’s issues. (Wish more people did this) Thre 3 most important issues are: 1. Building back up our military to where it is the most powerful and sophisticated military in the world, so we can protect our country from any one who threatens our sanctity and democracy. Hillary and Obama have depleted out military to the point we cannot fight another war, even to defend ourselves. 2. Getting back to enforceing our immigration laws and closing our open area borders by the most effective means necessary, and if that means building a wall, so be it. And 3. Restoring law & order by getting rid of really bad judges, the few rotten apples who spoil the barrel, meaning bad and prejudiced police officers and/or the entire prejudiced precincts and let the police get back to protecting all of us, without bias, with the highest level of professionalism and getting the high level of respect they deserve. I will fight for women’s rights, maintaining sustainable Social Security benefits, reforming the Welfare System so it will help our citizens who need it while preventing fraud and many other issues that need to be addressed, with congress. Hillary will continue to deplete our military, change our constitution and allow foreign counties to mandate their laws upon us. I predict a possible all will be an all out revolution by our citizens if Hillary gets her way. Even Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladamir Putin, said war would be a much higher risk with the U.S. If Hillary wins the election. The world and our country, will be much safer if Hillary DOES NOT become our president, and that means Trump must win at all costs.
      Thank you.

      • Yup and then there’s the abject apathy of so many brain bleached parasitic sycophants who are so cognitively deceased from Democratic mind drug abuse that they can’t even comprehend how ‘life and death’ important this election is to the most precious of our freedoms?

        They then develop a blinding ignorance to a point that they don’t even realize that Hitlery’s people actually clearly demonstrated their specific dedicated agenda for mass disarmament of ALL Patriots in no uncertain terms on an undercover video during one of the debate rallies. Then there was another one just last week where Wisconsin’s Totalitarian Democrat politician Feingold was also caught on an undercover camera video at one of their meetings telling his people that one of Clinton’s first moves in office will be to summarily EXECUTE YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS by Executive order. (read, Totalitarian Decree)

        Go ahead, you dumb ass DEMS. Go ahead and vote for Hilary just because you think she’ll pay for your kid’s college education so you won’t have to. Because if you’re stupid enough to believe that, then you’re stupid enough not to realize that once she kills our right to have guns and begins to confiscate en masse, she won’t stop there, and your private wealth will be next on her totalitarian agenda.

  2. According to Trumps website he is still okay on gun ownership and the 2nd amend, he understands the vital necessity of this issue or I would not be putting my vote on the ballot for him…..He has sons who are both involved in hunting and conservation and they too guard the 2nd amend….

  3. I have no idea why Trump did not jump on Hillary but it was a golden opportunity. I am sure most states have laws against irresponsible gun owners not securing their weapons. I live in a gun happy state that does have such a law. But it is like any other law that deals with the privacy of a home. It gets ignored because no one investigates homes for such issues nor should they.

  4. Just because Trump is running against Hillary doesn’t mean he is pro 2nd amendment. He does want to be POTUS and he wants the power. I will vote for anyone who wants to repeal the Patriot Act – I do not think that will ever happen. While we all know Hillary will be bad for us as a country, I do not believe that Trump is much better, but better all the same.

  5. Caleb, so go ahead and vote for your lovely Hillary and come back after the election and snivel about all the new laws Hillary will get passed into law against the second amendment or over turn through her Supreme Court appointees……..What was your foolish point concerning your idiotic article……to stop gun owners from voting for Trump? By the way I agree with Al Richardson reply 100%.

    Robert J Bigham
    Homedale, Id

    • LOL – you guys have either reading disabilities (strong possibility) or willfully ignorant — I would never vote for Hillary.

      • Really?

        It doesn’t sound like you’re voting for Trump either. At this point, if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re supporting Hitlery.

  6. hillary was so concerned about the children being able to get guns and shoot their selves,,,she is so concerned??? But she cares not if a baby is murdered late term. What a fake. TRUMP should have jumped on that.

  7. Trump didn’t pounce as you say bc he didn’t have the debate questions ahead of time. Also he has not been a Crooked politicians for 30 years. He knows what he wants and will depend on his cabinet/VP for assistance and his lawyers.You obviously want to continue to live in this corrupt cesspool where only the people of America are made to be accountable….not Washington DC politicians, FBI, SEC. OF STATE AND PRESIDENT!!!

  8. The Second Amendment says, “The Right to keep & Bear Arms Shall NOT Be Infringed” Period !!

  9. The Second Amendment States that, The Right of the People to Keep & Bear Arms SHALL NOT Be Infringed !!! I take that Litterally to mean “It’s Mine & You Can’t Have It”

  10. Trump isn’t the only one that does not thoroughly understand the gun control issue. Few gun owners truly understand. Gun control laws are not and never have been about public safety. They are and always have been about the safety of those in power. The first serious gun control laws appeared shortly after the Civil War as part of the Jim Crow Laws intended to protect entrenched southern Demorat politicians from potential political power of recently freed slaves. Since that time gun control laws have been used to suppress one segment of society or another. Now that the federal government is totally out of control it is necessary for those in power, i.e. Obama, Clinton, Etc. to push for gun control to further protect their goal of a “unwitting and compliant” society. Two final statements! Anyone who professes to believe in the 2nd Amendment and votes for Hillary deserves to lose that liberty, and will. The rest of us will have to make the personal, individual decision of surrendering our rights and living as “compliant” citizens, or die if need be as a free man or woman. I have made my choice! I have little hope for many American gun owners. I am haunted by the pictures of Connecticut gun owners standing in line to register their semi-auto so called “assault weapons”! They will just roll over and surrender. In the final analysis the real issue is not about guns at all! The real issue is whether the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth the paper they are written on. If one supposedly protected liberty can be cast aside for political expediency, so can and so WILL all others. Count on it!

    • I know there are a lot of gun owners that are taking concealed weapons classes and gearing up to protect themselves. As always, we can not reach the dumbed down masses that believe CNN, MSNBC and the other lying mainstream media talking heads that would have us believe more gun control would protect us. Laughable in the extreme, because if more gun control protected us, the elite would be surrendering their guns and firing their security guards or at least telling them to disarm themselves, which we know will NEVER happen. When Kim Kardasian and Beyonce were accosted, I bet they armed themselves and hired more security. Support the 2nd amendment, it is key to saving the rest of our constitutional rights.

  11. You know it would be great if someone would tell the Donald to hit her with this: What part of “In-Alienable Rights” don’t you understand? It means NO Branch of any Government has any authority do do a damn thing about a inalienable right! They are inviolate, just like the 10 Commandments…Read and Heed! Remember she was “Dis Barred” from practicing Law”
    Hit her where she lives and watch her squirm!

    Plus IMHO, All would be well in America, if they followed the Constitution as written and intended. IE: 3 Separate branches of Government: No Lawyers allowed in Executive or Legislative branches of government.
    They make money causing grief for the rest of mankind, and get paid win or lose! Pull up the treaty of 1871, it stripped Citizens of their Natural Rights and created a 2nd US Constitution…bringing Admiralty Law into every courtroom in the US! This was created by Corrupt Legislators, Attorneys and those in control of the the world then and now, with their power and greed. How come this is never exposed on major Media?

    If the Donald wants in as President, pull out the stops and go with the truth, for educating the people of this Blessed Country. He is our last chance to save America. Put common folks into the Legislatures as intended. Two years of service Maximum! Force Lawyers back into their own corner and watch America come roaring back!

    Lastly Remove the Cloak of Immunity from all City, County, State, Federal employees and Judges! You wanna serve the citizens, Do so with integrity and ethics, or …see ya in court… Mr./Mrs. Slick!

    • Why did you being your O here, honey? If you disagree with us so vehemently, perhaps you should take your O to Huffpo…

  12. Whomever hthe author of this story is is a dumb a**. Trump is suspose to remember correctly every minute, point on every issue, in a debate in a split second. Hillary was reading her answers from something on her podium. Trump had no such aids

  13. well unlike hillary trump couldn’t cheat , and had to use his own brain unlike hillary who had people talking in her ear and a hidden tele prompter , at least trump is real , every thing about hillary is fake even that stupid smile and laugh , she had to take leasons to learn how to do

  14. …yes I wish Trump could have stuffed her lies down her her throat- but to say we need a nominee with more gun knowledge…you mean like the open border globalist we would have, if not for Trump- shows your ignorance

  15. This is just another example of somebody trying to demonize Donald Trump and the witchhunt that they are on against him. Even if he flubbed 100 questions it doesn’t matter because the people who really know the truth know that he is a person who cares about this country and the American people. No stretch of the imagination could ever say the same thing about Hillary Clinton Because the only person she cares about is herself which is proven by all her lawlessness and the atrocities that she has committed against this nation in the American people. Donald Trump is the only hope that America has.

  16. Everyone saw right through her “toddler” crap. Trump did OK. He kept his cool. Go Trump! Hil-LIAR-y for Prison 2016!

  17. I wish he’d read up on the case but like you say, he kept his cool, praised Justice Scalia and didn’t go into too much detail that he may have had not much or no knowledge about. He did mention Justice Scalia being the one that implemented the law
    He had to of had some knowledge but not enough to go after her with both guns a blazing. No pun intended.
    I do believe in my heart he knows. Ew York gun laws since his son’s are so involved with guns. We’re am open carry state and not all states are that way. I need to educate myself more on our gun laws. I really feel in this society all women should carry one. Yes, gunshots are very lax in selling guns but it’s the law as we know it now.
    Please pray for our country, our rights, our security, our belief that a child’s life begins at conception, our poor people that are being used every 4 years to get a vote, and Donald J Trump. I pray for his safety because if he gets ahead of Hillary and she she’s him as a threat to her goals and power, he may end up like a lot of people that were friends but were going to bring the Clinton’s down, he may end up like them. I pray so hard for Me. Trump. Lord please watch over him and protect from any harm. He’s really taking a risk for you, me and the country we and he love so very much.

    • The guy is a MASTER sales man so even when he has no knowledge of something he can still get through it …

  18. Yeah! I was yelling at my TV Screen when I saw that. You would think the NRA would have given him tips for the debate on the 2nd Amendment.

  19. When the Hillaroid says “I believe in the 2ND Amendment, BUT” she’s lying to you and me and God. She hates
    the idea of armed citizens because armed citizens are a danger to the kind of government she wants, Totalitarian.
    Certain groups of people to her are dangerous. Those who speak their mind and refuse to be subservient to
    government are domestic terrorist to people like the Hillaroid and Obozo. They hate that we are protected
    by the greatest document ever penned in the history of all the world’s governments, The Constitution of
    the United States. We people of the United States must keep and maintain these fears in the minds of those
    like the Hillaroid and Obozo, who would rule over us rather than govern. If they get what they want, we’re the
    ones in danger. We can’t allow these people their agenda. People much wiser than they knew by experience
    what a tyrannical government was capable of. They understood that freedom against tyranny had to be
    defended, that the 1ST Amendment had to be defended by the second Amendment, that the 2ND Amendment
    defends the people against an unfriendly government, like the current government of today.

  20. If every piece of negative shit the democratic mafia is spreading about Mr. Trump, he would still be 100% more acceptable as the president of the United States. Clinton is a traitor who would sell America to the highest bidding muslim. She is a pathological liar, a criminal who belongs in prison.

    Kathleen Kane, has been found guilty of lying to the grand jury, and has been sentenced to prison time, slimy clinton should be incarcerated for life.

  21. Be more concern who will be pick by the supreme court, That in the future will be the deciding factor of Gun owner ship,we no what kind of judges Hillary will pick. My choice will be TRUMP

  22. What the “hell” did you hope to accomplish with article Caleb…..sway more people to vote for Hillary……looks like in some cases from reading the comments you met your goal.

    • LOL yeah right. Only an idiot would vote for Hillary. IT should be abundantly clear that Trump may have flubbed the gun control issue — but Hillary is HORRIBLE on gun control.

  23. Regardless of any and all criticism I have seen or heard about Mr.Trump, he is still a many times better candidate than is Hitlery! We KNOW we do NOT want her to win!

  24. I had to do a double take when Hillary said she supported the 2nd Amendment. I looked over at my wife and said, “Yeah, sur-r-re she supports the 2nd Amendment. She supports it like the guy that beats his wife and says he does it because he loves her. I wouldn’t be surprised if her nose grew every time she opened her mouth.”

    My wife’s comment: “That woman would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth. She has more nerves and guts than the butcher’s dog to say she supports the 2nd Amendment.”

    Trump didn’t need to jump in and attack Hillary on this one. We know exactly what we’re dealing with this election.

    We can vote for someone who believes in putting the American people first and has a decent chance to get America back on track, or elect a member of the same old crowd that put our country in the shape it’s in today. We can vote for for someone who supports a Constitutionally restrained central government, or we can vote for more centralized power in Washington DC. which usurps States and Individual Rights and Liberties. We can vote for someone who wants to bring manufacturing jobs back into this country by reducing heavy handed regulations and one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world that have driven business out of America, or we can vote for massive tax increases, more regulations, and brace ourselves for more job losses accompanied by more costly government programs and socialist handouts as America is directed toward a “Venezuelan” socialist economic outcome. (we cannot spend our way to economic prosperity)

    • Yeah I couldn;t believe she could utter those lines with a straight face… I mean … I could because she did and we know she’s a liar but it’s still just mind blowing lol

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