Biggest Reason Blue Collar Whites Voted For Trump According To Jim Webb (It’s Not Guns)


Pro-gun Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb recently gave his theory on why poor and blue collar white people voted for Trump. While Webb did acknowledge guns as one of many reasons, the biggest reason he cited is a little more obvious.

Jim Webb may not be “politically correct”, but he is correct about politics. Watch this great response by Webb below:


Jim Webb makes the case that Democrats sure as heck haven’t been showing any dignity to Trump voters. Poor white voters have a tough time believing that they have all this “white privilege” that makes life so “easy” for them. Democrats doubled down on identity politics to the point where poor white voters, as Jim Webb says, “don’t think Democrats like them.”

Threatening to throw people in jail for possessing purely cosmetic feature on firearms is another way that Democrats make it clear that they don’t like gun owners (of any race). Democrats convinced themselves that they didn’t need the votes of working class whites, gun owners, or fiscal moderates since the “future” doesn’t include those voters.

Not only did 2016 made it clear that Democrats jumped the gun. Much to their own shock, they are losing traction with Hispanic voters AND getting crushed by blue collar white voters at the same time.



  1. Cheers might turn out to be inappropriate, as the “regulations” have yet to be written, and therein might well lie all manner of problems for those who would hunt with a semi-automatic rifle, as is completely legal in many other states.

    • The regulation is already written and Mr. Trump is on record about the Second Amendment. It means EXACTLY what it says. While it may not be legal to hunt with a semi-automatic the Second Amendment does not apply to hunting. The People are to be armed with the same weaponry that the armed forces use. That will prevent a government from enslaving or otherwise abusing The People who give it power. So, that said it IS legal for the People to keep those weapons and to be trained in how to use them effectively. Most states already allow hunting with semi-automatic rifles, anyway. Mr. Obama, a.k.a. Barry Sorento, and his administration already pushed the abuse of power button too hard and too far. Let others beware of that, too.

  2. The democrats have not been the party of the working man since 1882 when they began to change . The democrats do not think our country needs to survive past their pockets . A country will fall if you do not have people creating or working . A computer is nothing more than a machine . It takes people to make a country and everybody can’t set behind a desk . Heck it takes a lot of people to make your toilet paper and without these people even the so called idiot educated brain washed elites would stink worse than they do already ! And if you are a democrat you are of the worst people in America because you stand for the destruction of our country and every evil perverted thing there is ! And the lies democrats tell are an example of who they are .


  4. They wanted to throw out our Constitution – Bill of Rights etc.. and lead people down the socialism road, that only benefits the top elites / dictator / never has worked to benefit the people. People finally woke up to where the Democrat party went…is going. Look at Cuba, Germany and many other countries where this is done by dictatorship too. Republicans woke up to all that were / are in the Republican party also.
    God is Holy and is in charge. Do all to His glory, not man’s. Praise His Holy Name. Trump under God as God’s servant can make America great again. Not on own and he knows that. He is a caring man thinking about all, not what his gain could be, but what ours can be. (If we walk with God). Reason Satan has used people to get other people to fall from God and think we can do what we want, not looking to God who supplies all our needs. Christians – read your Bibles daily and share it with those who don’t know. This is all God’s so we can’t separate God from the World or America. His rule is over all. Not a religion of Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic or any other, but BY the Holy Bible, God’s blessing, rule, law, to everyone.
    It doesn’t belong to any one religion, but to all people, believers are His people. John 3:16. Love one another, and God above all. He said so. Have a blessed day with Him.

  5. As a Southern Democrat but one with a college education, I agree with Senator Webb. The Democrats have forgotten the ones who made them strong and have turned their back on us. We have been taken for granted for too long without any reward for being faithful. We were callled haters and bigots. We did not belong anymore. Therefore, we turned our back on the Democrats this time.

    • I live in the North but voted for Trump. The state I live in went for HC but all my neighbors, friends, and family voted for Trump. I did not see any HC signs anywhere in my state. From an article in the May 2, 1833 edition of The Virginia Free Press:
      “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Let the sentinels on the watch-tower sleep not, and slumber not.”

  6. no, not gun`s even though I have one,,,for each hand. It was to keep the supreme court conservative. Me, i`m a “gringo” , some say that make`s me a racist, OK, But my wife of 47 years is Spanish and she was for Trump also. So tell me is she a racist also?

  7. The reason the white blue collar workers voted for Trump is he made sense when he talked about trying to fix the economy, stopping the muslims coming into this country without being properly vetted, getting rid of the criminal illegals and building a wall in order to control illegals from pouring into our country, making sure that anyone wanting to come to America had to do it by the rules instead of open borders that hillary advocated where any and every body that could wiggle across could come, stop the drain on the nations finances by cutting off money paid illegally to non citizens is it any wonder the people voted for him they were tired of their money being used to support illegals when there are citizens who are doing without and are denied help

  8. Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton nary a clue!
    Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of American politics!
    Making America greater, stronger and safer than ever before!

  9. I live on SS! In september 2011 I bought a car battery at Wal-Mart for $70. IN September 2016 same battery at Wal-Mart cost $105!!! Money lost 50% of valvue! Food up 26%! Copay 100%! Drugs up600%!
    Money from 2011 to 2016 now worth about 20 or 25 cents!!!!!

  10. I believe that Donald Trump is God’s way of giving us another chance to clean up our act and to please Him.

  11. Trump should appoint Webb to head up The VA, with broad powers to fire and hire.
    Breaking off some of the EBT scam cash card money to boost the VA budget would also be a Win-Win, except for the criminals that use EBT cash to fund illegal drug and weapons businesses.
    The VA is, and has been, a mess for a long time

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