GOA To Senate: Don’t Put A Gun To Your Head


This is an interesting piece from Micheal Hammond, he’s serving as General Consul of Gun Owners of America, and he’s warning the Republican led Senate not to shoot it’s self in the head. At issue is the nuclear option to ditch the filibuster and allow the Senate to ram through any supreme court pick they want with a simple majority.

Micheal Hammond warns that while it might be tempting now to change the Senate rules, such changes could come back to bite Republicans in a big way in the future.

Here’s his argument (From the Daily Caller):



In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats are a lot better at wielding power to their advantage than are Republicans.  And Democrats are preparing to enfranchise 10-20,000,000 illegals and 6,000,000 convicted felons.  Collectively, this change in electoral demographics would permanently freeze Republicans out of power.

And that’s just the beginning:  gun control, taxpayer financed abortion-on-demand, forced acceptance of aberrant lifestyles, forced unionism, sky-high taxes, massive regulation, socialized health care — all of these, and more, will be the permanent and irrevocable legacy of GOP efforts to “nuke” the Senate rules.

Let’s get a couple of issues off the table:  First, there is no legislation on the Republican agenda which could be passed by “nuking” the Senate rules that can’t be passed by other means. Reconciliation can be used for anything with any budgetary consequences, positive or negative. This includes every aspect of ObamaCare repeal that we can get Trump to embrace — in addition to key elements of a pro-active pro-gun agenda.  You can do even more if you “clean house” at the Left-leaning pro-ObamaCare Congressional Budget Office.

Republicans should also actively use the Omnibus to enact the Trump agenda — and dare Senate Democrats to shut down the federal government in order to block a popular agenda.


It’s going to be really tempting to exercise the nuclear option, especially since Democrats like Harry Reid, have been threatening to go nuclear.

Even if Republicans resist the temptation to go nuclear, can they really count on Democrats to return the favor? That’s the only problem with Micheal Hammond’s argument. Since progressives have become so hyper-polarized, it’s doubtful that they will even blink before going nuclear next time they are in power. Things have become so partisan that even minor laws are treated like Nazi-era human rights abuses.

If there is a chance that the left will refrain from going nuclear the next time they are in power, then, by all means, Republicans should try to pass Trump’s Supreme Court picks the old fashioned way. The question is whether or not Democrats will show the same respect when the tables are turned. Harry Reid already said that they would not. Read the entire piece here.




  1. When Obama wanted dozens of new judges confirmed, Harry Reid had absolutely no problem using the nuclear option to get them through the confirmation process. Now, good old Harry wants to have the Republicans be nice and not reciprocate. Hammond talks like the 10-20 million Mexicans being naturalized is inevitable, and so the Republicans should, indeed, play nice. Republicans always get suckered into playing nice, while Democrats are after blood and go right for the jugular. A party gets enough power to actually affect people’s lives once in many years. The Democrats had that and chose to institute socialism. Republicans can now fix it-do it while you can.

  2. I would consider it IMPERITIVE to use the nuke option, NOW!!! Think that the Democrats wouldn’t hesitate to use it? This guys reasoning is all wet, it is PAYBACK TIME!!!!!

  3. What part do they not understand about SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?
    Simply put (and the GOP and NRC need to understand this as well), it means NO RULE, REGILATION, NOR LAW, shall be made or placed that will prohibit, inhibit, Tresspass upon, nor omit, in any way an individual’s right to own, carry, or bring to bear in defense, a firearm of any individual.
    Even a felon has the RIGHT to defend himself, his family, personal effects, or his home, in his own home.
    Though laws need to be placed for habitual, violent, offenders!

  4. The. Republican. Congress. Needs. Pass. Legislation in support. 2nd. Amendment. And. Not act timidly and fear of. Leftists. But. Stand for. The. Truth. And. American. People.

  5. goa LEARN recent history You are wrong. The nuclear option DOES NOT APPLY THE THE SUPREME COURT PICKS…Only offices of lesser appointees…(Cabinet and Federal Judges etc)……

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