Newest Hollywood Anti-Gun Propaganda Film Might Take Dumb To A New Level


Boring, predictable, and dumb. It’s hard to imagine Hollywood’s newest political propaganda film any other way. This film better be categorized as fantasy or maybe it’s part of the progressive porno genre, in any event, it looks completely ridiculous. It’s a movie about a lobbyist who outsmarts the big bad evil gun lobby.

In reality, the fight over gun control has been the “little people” coming together to fight billionaires like Micheal Bloomberg. Hollywood is rapidly becoming one of the only places left where people still believe the ridiculous lies and myths spread by desperate anti-gun progressives. Polls now show record low for support of the so-called “assault weapons ban.” American’s just don’t want gun control.

Watch this trailer and you’ll see just exactly how pathetic the newest anti-gun pitch really is:


Honestly, it looks like a crappy movie even if it wasn’t about gun control. This is why Hollywood keeps losing money, they just can’t resist politicizing everything. Keep in mind, Bloomberg actually pays people to coach film-makers on how to insert anti-gun messages into movies. It’ll be interesting to see how effective this film is, my guess is not very.

P.S. This is the chick from Zero Dark Thirty — the movie about how the SEALs took out Osama Bin Laden? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, OVER? What a shame she would stoop this low in her career after that!




  1. Well, what do you expect? holly would has been a Communist bastion since the late 1940s. They have a brilliant plan – indoctrinate Americans (and the rest of the world) on our own nickel!

    When are we going to wake up and REALLY ignore them?!

    As to actors – the truth is they do very little productive for society and their only redeeming value is that they support and promote Honor and Goodness to society. That they don’t makes them utterly worthless – after all they PLAY for a living. I rate most of them as phonies and PROSTITUTES! In ancient Rome they held a status on par with prostitutes!

    • I must disagree with your statement ” their only redeeming value is that they support and promote Honor and Goodness to society. ” I am afraid I cannot see that in the vast majority of films today, with few exceptions, the film being disused in this article in particular, a lie and propaganda does not equal Honor and Goodness.. I do enjoy some of today’s movies but I pick and chose carefully, many are simply an insult to my intelligence.

      • After all the movies they’ve made to incite out of control sex and undaunted violence, hen turn the tables in an attempt to portray the opposite?
        I’m afraid Derrel is correct in his statement. Who else but prostitutes would stoop so low to show their condescending Communistic nature?
        Hitlery “the Hun” Clinton and all her Clintonite supporters.
        Let them suck their thumbs and cry. Mommy Hitler will change their diapers later. The “Deplorables” aren’t babysitters of charlatans and idiots!

    • Hope they have enough to be on their own from this point on. Holly-whut are not the only movie makers in this country.


  2. I’ll be sure to make sure that none of my family and friends go see this movie. They’re all 2nd. Amendment patriots.

  3. Johnw1120, I believe what Ferrell was trying to say is the same as your statement. I believe he meant to say the truth is they do very little productive for society and their only redeeming value is that IF they support and promote Honor and Goodness to society. That they do not makes them utterly worthless . . . .
    Add to that action stars who use firearms, explosives, violent Martial Arts in all of their films have the hypocrisy to then state they are against gun ownership, violence etc.
    Hope that is what Derrell was trying to say.

  4. Note the movie says there are five million of us. I guess they mean NRA Members, which ignores the fact that there an estimated 80,000,000 eighty million Gun Owners in the USA which this one Lobbyist would be opposing. Rather the way the Liberals opposed the Conservative and Silent Majorities in the latest National Election.
    Hollywood is made of idiots including everyone involved with this propaganda piece.

  5. To bad for hollywood period.Why do these people think the rest of the Real working people care what they think or say.They live in the world of make believe.Get away from fantasy and your body guards and see what lifes about.People like Robert DeNero 400 million,really,when did he hurt,or one of the Jenner clan?,or any of the sports figures or whatever.Take away their money,statue,and they are nothing.So their opinion is NOTHING.It shows after this election.Our country can be GREAT AGAIN. JUST DON’T GIVE IT AWAY. GERMANY IS A MISTAKE IN ITS I MIGRATION POLICY.


  7. Actually Communism was joined but actors during the Era of Silent Movies! I was told they joined it because it was “the thing to do”!

    I view most actors as Grossly Over Paid Organ Grinder Monkeys! The Grinder being the Director, Producer and the Public.

    Talk about hypocrisy, they have armed bodyguards, they play in movies that show Extreme Violence and then are advocating taking our guns away! And “They shoot horses, don’t they”?

    Why don’t they live in a GUN FREE ZONE? We can only HOPE!

  8. Actors = craven, valueless whores.
    They’ve been held as such for thousands of years, right up to the little MK-Ultra psyop at COMET Pizza.
    Ref: the movie “My Favorite Year”
    Errol Flynn type character played by Peter O’Toole is suspended below a NYC high rise balcony where an Upper Class party is going on. Party Guy 1 looks over and remarks “Alan Swann is beneath us.”
    Party guy 2, half shot in the ass and not aware of specifics, retorts “Of course he’s beneath us, he’s an actor.”
    Ref: the movie “The Producers”, the original…the good one.
    Leo: “You can’t just blow up the theater. You’ll kill the actors; they’re human beings.”
    Max: “Oh, yeah…did you ever eat lunch with one ?’

  9. They can’t help it, since the “Red Scare” where anyone who was hunting communists in Hollywood was labeled as racist and bigoted bullies [sound familiar?], the door was opened to continually tear down our constitutional republic and its guarantees without objection, because, don’t cha see, you get the McCarthyism brand as an insensitive brute, running around, wild eyed, pointing at trees and screaming, “Look, there’s a communist behind there!” Recently, with the help of the 84% lefty press, the commie snow job is no longer even thinly veiled but outright , in yer face, Alec Baldwin bold. The only thing that hurts them is threatening their money or giving them the same negative stigma that they’ve given to us patriots. We outnumber them, we’re armed and their con job is getting exposed.

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