Progressives Use Emergency Powers To Regulate High-Capacity Magazines


The extreme Gunmageddon bill in California keeps getting worse. Now progressives in the state are trying to ram through regulatory interpretations using an emergency process. Both Gunmageddon and Prop 63 are so crazy that even in the extremely liberal State of California it’s necessary to use trickery to try to ram regulations through.

Leftists know that if their regulations were subject to reasonable debate and transparency, they would be rejected by the public, even in dark blue states. That’s why New York passed it’s infamous S.A.F.E act in the dead-of-night using emergency law-making powers to squash dissent and discussion. It’s also why the California DOJ is doing something similar with it’s guidance and interpretation of law.

From the NRA:


[quote_box_center]Early this morning, the California Department of Justice provided notice of proposed regulations relating to magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Included are changes to the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a “large-capacity magazine permit,” new regulations addressing so called “large-capacity” magazine conversion kits, new regulations on how individuals must “permanently alter” a magazine to accept no more than 10 rounds, and new regulations regarding the transfer and possession of multi-tube shotgun designs.

The regulations have been submitted under California’s emergency rulemaking process, which means they could become effective in just 17 days.

We are currently reviewing the proposed regulations and will be providing a detailed analysis of their effect shortly. In the meantime, we encourage all of our members to participate in the rule-making process by submitting their comments during the 5-day public comment period, expected to begin on December 21.

Currently, the NRA and CRPA are still awaiting the DOJ’s proposed regulations that will accompany SB 880 and AB 1135, which redefine the definition of an “assault weapon” in California. The NRA and CRPA have submitted a letter about DOJ’s failure to act in a timely manner for this process.[/quote_box_center]


While the people of New York and California will continue to suffer, there’s a silver lining to all of this: It shows just how desperate liberals really are. The reality is that the most oppressive gun control legislation can only be enacted with legislative tomfoolery at the height of hysteria surrounding a tragedy.

However, the left is losing their war on the Second Amendment badly, even if they do win a few local battles. Besides, the NRA has just begun the legal fight in California. That’s why gun owners like me, who don’t live in California, still contribute to the NRA-ILA.




  1. Re this emergency legislation or administrative decree, whichever it be, I find myself terrible curious re exactly what this “emergency” that is being supposedly addressed is. A paperback copy of American Heritage dictionary, Fourth Edition, at page 282 defines “emergency” as follows. A serious unexpected situation or occurrence that demands that demands immediate action.

    I would think that the fact of so-called Sanctuary Cities might constitute an “emergency”, but hardly a situation sufficiently serious to justify trashing the rights of law abiding citizens. Government officials, and so called elected representatives do recall the above mentioned, Law Abiding Citizens or have they oh so conveniently forgotten them? I tend to wonder.

  2. This is no more than Obama’s magic pen. Jerry Brown was very progressive, many years ago he did not seem to be on Clinton’s bandwagon about modern sporting rifles, so this is party politics. It is obvoius that Gavin Newsom’s people are behind this, which is little more than undisguised contempt for the “straights” in this state. Yes, Party Politics is king here – all we have to do is look at our federal reps(straight back to the Clinton era).
    Sadly, our state has become overrun with people from countries where just seeing a police officer talking to someone has corrupted the whole jury pool. Many of these people are citizens, they vote and run for office(that is what a powerful man/woman does from thier countries). They are very scared of firearms, they go to extremes to make a popular hiking area adjacent to a national forest into a protected (managed areas), which will actually limit the public’s use of the land and close down the few outside private shooting ranges in Los Angeles county and sets thier sights on San Bernadino County land.
    If they are so scared of guns, maybe they should limit the police to the same limitations the citizens have. After all, in thier countries, regular police don’t have guns, The military will save them.
    These new citizens never really learned what our country stands for, they just want to remake us into versions of thier countries, and since they are in politics, they win.

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