Introducing The Absolute BEST Self-Defense Handgun Sights – EVER!


This is a review of sights that I have not yet purchased.

Actually, that’s not true. I’ve bought them, but I couldn’t wait for them to get here before I tell you about them!

That’s how great I KNOW they will be.


Have I gone crazy?

Not at all. Let me ‘splain what I’m talkin’ bout:

Why Trijicon HD’s Are The Best Handgun Sights

Let’s face it: stock Glock sights suck.

In fact, most handgun sights from the factory suck.

That’s why most people go looking for aftermarket sights.

Luckily, one of the very first aftermarket handgun sights that I tried was the Trijicon HD sights. I loved them!

I use the orange and it’s so fast and so bright and easy to see it’s not even funny.

I’ve raved about them before, and I even listed them under 3 Of The Best Handgun Sight Options For Older People Who Have Trouble Seeing Their Sights because I believe in them so much.

The One BIG Problem With Trijicon HD Night Sights

The ONLY problem I have ever had with the Triji HD’s is that the front sight is wide.

Like, really wide.

Which, on the one hand is a good thing at close distances because it makes it very easy to see. That means you shoot really fast and accurate enough at 15yds and in.

Good stuff.

But whenever I would shoot out at 25yds or further — the front sight width was so wide that — for me and my limited skills — it was hard to be precise.

I guess I’m not the only one to complain about this because recently Trijicon released their all new Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sight Set.

Introducing The Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sight Set

According to Trijicon:

“The Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sights were specifically designed with the ever evolving challenges of law enforcement agencies in mind.

Building on the features of the current HD™ Night Sights, the Trijicon HD XR™ night sights are for the next level of advanced target identification and engagement at increased distances. A thinner front sight post allows shooters to have a larger field of view which further enhances the ability to identify targets, expedite engagements and see location of hits on target at longer distances.

Pistol shooters that need the advantage of a more precise engagement in any light can count on the Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sights. “

So the only change?

The front sight is a wee bit thinner and taller!

What’s the difference?

The regular Trijicon HD’s are 0.144 in wide … and 0.268 in tall:

The Trijicon HD XR sights are 0.122 in wide and 0.283 in tall:


That Big of a Difference?

Everyone seems to think so …

The TruthAboutGuns has a review with this comparison pic:


And this awesome pic as well showing all that equal height and light on the sides of this front sight:



And this video by some sponsored Trijicon shooters show you all the details of both the HD’s and the new HD XR thinner sights:


Anyways, I’m really excited about these bad boys.

I’m such a big fan of the original Trijicon HD sights that I can’t see how this one change — the one change I wanted! — could go wrong.

I ordered some up from here on amazon and can’t wait to get them on my pistol and test at the range ASAP!

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the course.


  1. For me the best Combat Handgun sights that I have come across, are from Styer~Arms , their trap sights, you pick’em up really quick, they line up really quick, they are way better than the dots, I found the 9mm Steyr To be one of the best polymer framed pistols on the planet, as well, it has a steel frame insert that adds rigidity to the frame and grip does not feel flimsy like a lot to the polymer pistols do, easy take down, the pistol is accurate as

      • Yeah, The pistol triangle sights are a knock-off of the Acog chevron sight for mainly 5.56 military ranging scopes out to around 500 meters. They’re supposed offer a faster acquisition set on target and were assimilated in the Acogs so they could also be used for CQB when illuminated like a dot, but without the moa blot out if it’s a 5moa dot. And all of these were a knock-off, or should I blaspheme and say ‘evolution’ of the Mosin Nagant PU sniper scope which had a post and pyramid top point, which WAS a knockoff of some of the early German sniper scope reticles.

        I’ve tested all the current popular pistol sights and anything that ever lived before and this ‘new’ Glock post has been tried before. But it’s better for longer shots which people want as they become better shooters as so many are these days. But since I don’t use sights for my fastest CQB action practice (and never did for any of the shootouts I’ve been in), which is better is really just a moot point for me.
        Especially since it doesn’t really matter what sights you have (except for the glow in the dark advantage) for any typical daytime shot distance scenarios when you never miss anyway.

  2. With my aging eyes, I’ve been thinking of going to the new Sig red dot sight. I know this would require modifications to the holster, or even a new holster. I like the idea of no need to have sight alignment, just the sight picture like on my rifles.

    • Yes, at a certain point, especially with aging eyes I think a red dot is the way to go. A red dot might find it on one of my pistols in the near future anyways … pros n cons

  3. prefer xs sight same idea but better,vertical stripe on rear and valley shape makes for quicker target acquisition and better peripheral view. just sayin’ bubba had both but xs is in my druthers box

    • I have the XS big dots on a glock my dad owns. He likes them too. Not sure you gain much over the HD’s unless you really can’t see the HD’s — I know a lot of guys that initially liked the XS big dots then switched to HD’s

    • Yeah that’s an interesting idea … I’m not sold on it yet … though I think we all agree on rifles this type of design is superior so why would it not be the same for the pistols?

      • Good point… I think it might be worthwhile for you to look into these sights. I recently got them (and getting them in Europe was a bit of a hassle) but haven’t had a chance to install them.
        Since you have more experience than most, I for one would be interested to hear more about them. Maybe you could test them out and make a proper review …maybe with a comparison to Trijicon sights and/or some other sights?

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