Check This Out: An AR Designed By Women For Women


Many people in America still think of guns as toys (or weapons) for males, as if women aren’t passionate about shooting, hunting, and self-protection. But it’s a fair criticism to say that gun design has primarily been a male-dominated activity, and, therefore, guns are more often designed for male shooters.

Because of this, some weapons are “less friendly” to use by women than some women would like. But this is changing.

LWRCI decided that they wanted input from women about how to redesign a firearm that many shooters love so that women can have full enjoyment of that weapon as well. Thus, they created the DI-ADEM.


Now, being an AR, this weapon has many details that won’t surprise you, though, obviously some details did surprise the designers. For example, in their research, the designers were surprised to find that women didn’t want a colorful weapon. In fact, the only bit of color on the weapon is the trigger, which is purple. The rest of the gun is black.

Barbara Baird gives us The Well Armed Woman’s Carrie Lightfoot’s impression of the DI-ADEM:

“The balance is remarkable … I can tell you that it almost becomes weightless because it’s balanced so well. And the handguard has been designed for a woman’s hand, so that our hands can really wrap the guard and control the gun,” she said.

Just those two factors, balance and designed to fit a woman’s smaller hand, are huge and, in retrospect, obvious design features that gun manufacturers should have considered when designing weapons to appeal to and be used by women. If you have to wrestle with the weapon for good aim or to comfortably squeeze the trigger, how practical will the weapon be for you to use?

So, if the women in your life have mentioned that, yes, they would like to get their hands on an AR, you may want to point them to this gun (See TWAW’s DI-ADEM page here). It may be just what they’re looking for.



  1. So, if the woman in your life has mentioned that, yes, they would like to get their hands on an AR, you may want to spend a little money and buy them a gun that will make the lady in your life love you even more than she does now (and don’t forget to buy her plenty of ammo, too)! Think about it, “Roses are red, violets are blue, give her this AR and she’s going to love you!” My wife is sure going to love her next birthday present!

  2. I thought the AR WAS originally designed for a woman to shoot as well as any other person. The soft shooting 6mm necked down to .223 and a recoil ‘reducer’ in the butt stock. Just a part of the reason that female shooters were/are the fastest growing group in the industry. ( The picture shows a lady getting kicked back from the recoil, and an ejected shell in the air. ) The recoil is very slight and some shooting instructors have demonstrated the recoil with the butt held against their crotch when they rapid-fire the gun. PROPER stance when shooting off-hand is slight lean forward or erect – NOT leaning back to be knocked over by hard recoil as the picture shows.

    • So, what is it ?
      Is the woman in the photo “kicked back from hard recoil’, or…as with most women shooters that are not trained otherwise, she’s leaning back from her hips for whatever reason(s), or no reason ?
      The Anthropologic tradition of gender based division of labor applies here; but, we’ll argue about that another time.

  3. Why do most women lean back from their hips when shooting; this, with both long arms and handguns ?
    Look at the lede photo. I see this all the time; and training them out of it is difficult.
    Is there some pelvic geometry or innate fear of long hard things that I’m not aware of that causes this ?
    WHAT ?

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