Threat This Tech Company Made To Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Is Hilarious


You don’t normally hear of tech companies offering to help the NRA. Snapchat probably didn’t have pro-gun motives when they made this hysterical threat to Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Check this out, from A.V. Club:



This comes from a series of leaked emails that indicate that Everytown had approached Snapchat about doing some kind of branded content about preventing gun violence early last year, with Snapchat’s head of political sales Rob Saliterman quoting the nonprofit at least $150,000 for whatever it was planning. Then, separate from that potential deal, Snapchat’s news team approached Everytown about working together to promote gun safety with a big event that would feature videos of families talking about loved ones they lost to gun violence alongside celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer talking about the importance of gun safety. This project also wouldn’t cost Everytown any money, so it gave up on the other deal and moved forward with the free one instead.

Eventually, Saliterman found out that he was losing out on advertising money, so he sent this message to Everytown:

I just learned our News Team is doing a Live Story on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. I would urgently like to speak with you about advertising opportunities within the story, as there will be three ad slots. We are also talking to the NRA about running ads within the story.


How hilarious is that? Snapchat threatened to sell the NRA advertising during a free project for Bloomberg’s astro-turf gun grabber group. Again, Snapchat isn’t pro-gun, they are just greedy. They obviously made the threat to try to grab some extra cash from Bloomberg.

Who could blame them? Bloomberg’s been flushing money down the toilet all decade long, with one after another failed gun control initiatives. Of the few victories Bloomberg did have, many are in the process of being rolled back by state courts or justice departments.

Ohh, and Trump is president. Looks like those campaign donations didn’t do much good, did they Mike? A fool and his money are quickly departed…





  1. Ever wonder why SNL does not do a parody of the “bloom bergs , Weiners , Deblasios, Jerry Browns of the world?
    My bad it isn’t PC to do so , now is it.

  2. the money he put out against guns would do better as toilet paper so he could wipe his a$$

  3. Bloomberg could spend his fortune on making his property(s) sanctuary for all of the refugees and unlawful migrants he wants to admit to the United States. The Department of Defense could even supply the explosive vests, for a fee!

  4. What I find sick, is the gun CONTROL advocates, also surround themselves with armed guards. I would thing that a TRUE “leader” would LEAD BY EXAMPLE. . . . NOT “DO AS I SAY, NOT as I do.” Sounds like the racists that said they would leave this country IF Trump was elected – They are STILL here. <( ALL talk, but no substance.

    • I always felt the same when the Pope rode around in bullet proof
      Pope Mobile. Doesn’t he have faith in God?

  5. Apparently Bloomberg was successful with his bribes with the South Carolina House of Reps. Last week they sold out the Citizens on Constitutional Carry, The South Carolina State Gov is controlled by So Called republicans, both House and Senate. They also sold us out on Tax increases too! Bloomberg, poured money into this in South Carolina. You can not bet on honor with Politicians!

  6. Bloomberg and Co. poured a lot of money into New Mexico, trying to get “universal” background checks. The democrats, in charge of both houses, could not stand to refuse the money so they are doing his bidding. This law will make it so burdensome on law abiding gun owners, and the sheriffs all have said “don’t pass this, we could not enforce it if we wanted to”. The anti gun slogan is “what’s a little inconvenience if it saves even one life?” This attitude, as good as it MAY sound, is flawed. How could we ever KNOW if it saved one life? This is not the way to govern a free people.

    • Ivan Its not about Governing a free people,its about taking away the freedoms from a free people,the second amendment is already the most infringed amendment,we have oppressive gun laws whether we realize it or not,some of the politicians can’t stand the thought that the world is not ran according to their way of thinking,they actually think they are much wiser than all others,and that we should just trail along behind them and do as we are told,Michael Bloomberg seems to be one of those who believes he is above the law rather than bother to enforce it.

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