World’s BEST pistol shooter DESTROYS 4 gun myths [Must See!]


I’ve spilled a bit of digital ink introducing you to Rob Leatham before.

That’s because you absolutely CAN learn a lot from the man they call “The Great One“.

He’s arguably considered the world’s BEST pistol shooter …


He’s an 8-time IPSC World Champion, a 10-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion, a 17-time Single Stack National Champion and a 26-Time USPSA National Champion. He’s been around for so long and has been winning for so long that he no longer tallies the local, state and regional wins.

Today, he’s going to DESTROY 4 popular gun myths to make you a better shooter. Check it out:

World’s BEST pistol shooter destroys 4 gun myths [Must See!]

Rob is no stranger to busting myths.

Remember this? Where he told you to STOP AIMING to become a better shooter?

Pretty mind-bending stuff 🙂

Let’s see what he has for us today.

Gun Myth: Cross Eye Dominance!

Cross eye dominance is when you’re “different” with eye dominance than hand dominance. For example, you are right-handed but left-eye dominant.

Rob reveals why it simply doesn’t matter with handgun shooting … definitely NOT use your left hand (why make it harder?) … and why you should just tilt your head instead of moving the gun!

Gun Myth: Stance!

What stance to use? Weaver? Iscoceles?

Rob says it all in one pithy sentence: “Stance is unimportant. What matters is balance point and ability to control the gun in recoil.”

Boom! Myth busted! Check it out:

(NOTE: I think it’s pretty cool how Rob does the forward pressure thing with his entire body. Never seen that before!)

Gun Myth: Relax to shoot better

Ever heard someone tell you to “relax to shoot” because it will make you more accurate?


Here’s what TGO (“The Great One”) has to say:

The gun simply moves around too much when you relax!

What Did You Learn?

Did you learn anything from TGO?

I’ll be keeping his words in mind next time I shoot.

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  1. Great stuff from Rob. Never had heard of, much less thought along the lines of some of his advise that he’s shared at Shot. “DON’T” relax…and I know I NEED to consciously work on defeating recoil more than I have been. And I get what he’s saying about NOT worrying about what ‘stance’ we’re using, use WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…

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