Amazing FOLDING AR-10/AR-15 Rifle [Must Watch!]


AR-15/AR-10 technology has come a long way in the last couple years.

But there’s hardly anything “new” that you see.

Well, I’ve NEVER seen this before!


This is a FOLDING AR-15/AR-10 design that debuted at the NRA 2017 show (and NO, it does not fold at the stock!). Check it out:

Introducing the XAR folding rifle platform by F&D Defense

F&D Defense bills this design as “the fastest deploying and most reliable compact rifle system available”.

From the looks of it, they might be right.

It comes in a nice carrying case …

You take it out and it’s in the folded position:

Then you simply unfold it, and the upper receiver locks in place:

And then it functions like any other AR-platform rifle!

Here’s the guys from the Firearm Blog checking it out at the NRA show where they show you how it works:

F&D Defense XAR Invicta Takedown AR Accuracy Review (Ringing Steel at 300yds!)

Iraqveteran8888 does a shooting review and the rifle holds zero in these intitial tests (he’s ringing steel at 300yds with no problem):

What Do You Think?

I’m really excited by these “takedown” AR-15 platforms and this may be one of the most unique designs of the type I’ve seen because it looks very durable.

Then again, I’m never too keen on someone changing the AR-style design too much because you usually run into reliability problems.

Time will tell!

What do you think? Do you like it?

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  1. Already have a folding stock accessory. And these don’t come in a left handed model. No sale.

  2. Well, due to the nature of my life’s ‘work’, I have the opportunity to eventually test all of this so-called new stuff.
    And it turns out there’s really nothing that hasn’t been tried before. If memory serves me correctly I remember an early AR company by the name of Olympic Arms, I believe who specialized in super accurate AR’s and came up with an early direct impingement system that allowed for a nice side folding stock making a lightweight 16 inch carbine able to fit nicely in a compact 20 inch attache case when the upper was removed and placed next to it on an angle.

    There’s also another very similar quick snap detach version currently out only without the hinge. Which means it can be put in a Flatter case of the same dimensions, making it even more compact to carry, if that’s the main advantage here? Otherwise it’s pretty cool, but not enough for the price.

  3. I think it’s absolutely great!!! A little package always seems lighter!
    Would love to have on!!

  4. Lawman, I like the 6.8 Creedmoor Unfortunealey I have a AR-15 16″ 556, I bought Silencer for it but haven’t receive it yet Patients isn’t great with me and I have been bugging my FFL dealer but haven’t heard anything from him yet Does anybody know how long it takes after the ATF cashes your check for the tax-Stamp I purchase mind back in 2017 July and the ATF cashed my check on 8-24-16 so I was wondering how long it takes. Nothing like a Silencer too quite the sound a AR 15 makes I was shooting last years after Rifle Seasons was almost over my Friend told me too warn him when I was going to firer I told him too take the emptied Beer bottle and put it on top of a dirt hill next too are targets he takes his 30-30 and shoots at both what asshole , So I had too Rifles My Rem 30-06 & My AR-15 when I shot the 30-06 he told me to warn him I said too him why he had too shoot at my target so it was the AR turn that bottle he put up on the dirt hill about 150yards first shot Boom the bottle exposed first shot I think that day a shot my 30 round magazine.

    • Sometimes they pick some and do a deeper investigation of those people, no particular reason.
      I hope you get yours before you get to old to use it..

    • Both. You can get one in 5.56 or .223 Wylde that will fire both rounds. Or, you can get one in .223 that will only fire .223. The .223 Wylde is a little better for firing both cartridges, but the 5.56 will do fine in most cases.

  5. I like it and would love to “Test Drive” this one for workability and reliability from a users point of view.
    I like the platform and the caliber to use as an everyday go to gun.

  6. One of the advantages of the AK system is that the recoil spring is inside the receiver so that building a gun with a folding butt stock is not a problem. It’s obviously much harder to do a folding AR.

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