Why Politicians Want MORE Violent Crime


There is a thought that you won’t tend to hear mentioned in conversation or in the mainstream media because it makes people uncomfortable to think that someone, especially someone in power, may think this way. That thought is that politicians actually want more violent crime to occur.

If it sounds crazy to you, it’s because you aren’t someone who ever really wants to see someone else injured or killed, because you’re sane and well-adjusted to our society. But, if you understand the logic, you can’t help but think that it may be true. John Farnam lays out the logic for us:

Liberals covet ever-higher rates of violent crime for two reasons:

(1) Violent criminals represent a small minority whose political support, and votes, liberals openly solicit, and whose size and influence liberals thus constantly strive to increase. This is the reason liberals predictably make excuses for the behavior of violent criminals, insisting they are “justified” in committing crimes, and invent cynical terms, like “grievance-based crime” in order to rationalize evil behavior.

(2) Through violent crime, violent criminals intimidate and terrorize the rest of the population, generating demands for “increased protection,” which liberals are only too happy to provide, in the form of suffocating new restrictions on all of us who don’t commit crimes, and economic punishment of certain minorities who see through liberals’ cozenage and thus refuse to support them. Violent criminals hence do liberals’ “dirty work” for them.

The elimination of the private ownership of guns is thus the liberal “Holy Grail”.

See the logic? Now, maybe it’s true that most politically liberal politicians actually want to help people and their purpose isn’t to oppress people. Maybe that’s true. BUT, even if it is true, these politicians are the beneficiaries of the increase in violent crime that their crazy thinking causes.


And you know who loses? People like you and me who hope to God to never use our weapon against anyone else but know that the government can’t actually prevent violence, only clean up the mess afterwards.




  2. Your observations are spot on. Unfortunately, few will listen, as it’s ‘all too unbelievable’ to be given its true weight. No one would really WANT more crime and more insanity, would they? Well yes, they would. Crime and to a large part, insanity are actually a created things. Many entities profit from the amount of chaos they can inject into the society, not only politicians. News Organizations for one. They love nothing more than a good mass-murder (terrorist) story. They are quite certain that the more horrendous the crime, the more their sales and viewership go up. And the more they can ring the cash register. If you can read or see between the lines just a bit, you can see the media actually promoting and encouraging more and more violent outrage, constantly pitting one group against the other, until the kettle boils over. I guarantee you, without the ‘help’ from the media, events such as the riots after the Rodney King verdict would never, ever occur. The press gleefully whipped people into being “outraged’ about it until THEY started the riot. Nothing sells papers (or viewership on CNN) like a good riot! The above is just one, minor example. They do this in an ongoing, daily barrage — pitting blacks against whites, Republicans against Democrats, and not entirely happy with the small time stuff; they whip up a frenzy of Nations against Nations. “Hey, North Korea just did this. What are you going to do back at them in response!?” Or, “Hey, those Russians manipulated our Elections — don’t you think you should do something horrendous in response!?” If riots increase viewership, man, nothing will keep people tuned in like a good war! If you pull the string a bit further, you will find the most devious group of them all… Psychiatrists. They purposefully and willfully create insanity. After all, if people were sane and well-adjusted, who would ever need to pay them a few hundred an hour to ‘fix’ them up? They would become obsolete overnight, and “we certainly can’t have that!” If you look at these ‘crazy’ school shooters, and people who suddenly “go postal”, you will find the vast, vast, majority were ‘under the care of a Psychiatrist “just before’ they went on a rampage. If you look into the past, you will find very few instances where people “suddenly went nuts’ and ran into a movie theater, or grade school, or post office, and just started killing people. No, this only started with the advent of very powerful psychiatric drugs. These drugs are NOT designed to ‘fix’ insanity- they are designed to create insanity. Sound hard to believe? There is an organization, Citizen Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) that has gathered data over the course of decades on this exact phenomena. Ask them to send along some of their findings. They will be happy to. Your article IS spot on. There are politicians who want more crime and actively work to create it. But they are just the visible part of the iceberg.

  3. From what I hear on the street many people know this and they also know the reason the left white crime is it something to hide behind for the promoting their evil agenda and thirdly it gives people the reason to need them, as they are victims of the crimes that the communist a.k.a. Democrat party set them up for. People are too stupid to see , That the calmest a.k.a. Democrat party and the rugs in the Republican Party could care less about women color sex etc. all they are is a tool to use to promote their agenda and use them as victims saw that I need them and keep them in power. That day will be over shortly from what I hear on the street!

  4. This was why we knew we needed a businessman who understands real government to occupy the White House. One who has never fallen into politics.

    Politics is still the counterfeit of Real Government, beginning with Self-Government as laid out in The Ten Commandments, which are for individuals first, then families, then nations. All religions hate these Commandments!

  5. Politicians oppose term limits because it makes them powerless. If term limits were enacted everywhere, especially for Congress ( I like one term only for Senate, max 3 terms for House) crime would go down and the people would be freer.

  6. You are right, the liberal politicians actually want more crime, thus more and easier gun control, more money for expanded police swat teams, surveillance, and police for their protection. Liberals actually are enslaving poor people by making them dependent on increased welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, cell phones, medical services….you name it and it’s available free as long as you vote for them. Of course you will have to live in slums, high crime areas, and your life will never get better, always worse, but the libs are experts at blaming conservatives fjord all their troubles and it sticks. They call us racists-but they are doing the enslaving, homophobes-but they are causing the conditions that foster that attitude, wild eyed gun carrying crazies that oppose even “modest, logical” gun control, yet they are the ones disarming the population, but police protection is non existent. They have the police hunkered down afraid to respond to call for help because the left has branded the police criminals and the criminals community heroes. But the crime continues to rise in all the neighborhoods where their trapped constituents live. Where will it end? I’m afraid to think about it because society is on a downward spiral that may soon implode. I’m casting my lot with the Deplorables!

  7. “Follow the Money honey!!”
    Increases in crime create a justification to call for more spending to fight against it.
    Any “War” (on drugs, on crime, ) is propagandized to further that justification so that politicians regardless of affilation can create bigger budgets to Fight.
    But then you always have to ask yourself, “how has it gotten so out of control after all these previous tax dollars were spent?” ; where did that money actually go?
    More than that, how was that money wasted on governmental “programs” that actually dont solve the problem?; or, more to the point, why is there a continual “War” where their is no winning by the side to declared the war in the first place?
    There are many suggestions that could feasibly answer these questions, but none from those who continue the fight.

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