This Is Why You Teach Your Daughters How To Use A Gun


I’m about to make a statement that will terrify many people in America: Children should learn how to use guns.

Now, to be clear (because some anti-gunners will think that I advocate giving a three year old a loaded fully automatic rifle), I’m not saying to be stupid about it. Teaching  your kids how to use guns includes teaching them gun safety, but, in our crazy world, our children have to be able to defend themselves even when they are children.

Take the example of seventeen-year-old Kimber Wood, who has a scary story. There had been reports of a number of police officers in her neighborhood. Because of these reports (presumably because this meant the police were concerned about something in the area), Wood’s parents decided that she should have her father’s .22 pistol to protect herself since she would be home alone.


It’s a good thing, too. A guy entered her home, searched the house, and came to Wood’s room last. It was then, when she didn’t have a choice, that she confronted him with the gun. He ran, and she chased him out of the house and out of her yard, firing a warning shot along the way.  She said, “I refused to be a victim.”

Good for her.

Herschel Smith has this to say about the story,

You mean to say that she hadn’t been trained in all of that tacticool super Ninja warrior stress control training, and she was still able to defend her life with a firearm?  This means massive narrative fail on the part of the controllers.  They won’t be happy.

In fact, in order to maintain the narrative and effect their designs for a defenseless utopia, they would rather she have been raped, or killed, or both.  Everytown and Bloomberg have already told them to try to change their names from controllers to “gun law advocacy groups.”  They’re very concerned about their image these days.

However, I would recommend in the future that she not shoot at fleeing people unless she wants huge trouble with the prosecutors and courts, and for heaven’s sake, don’t fire warning shots.

I agree with Smith about the warning shots (gun training may have prevented this dangerous action), but, unlike anti-gunners, I’m glad that Wood had her father’s gun to keep her safe. If you have a daughter, she needs to learn how to shoot so that she, too, has the ability to refuse to be a victim.



  1. Instead of a warning shot as the perp fled, she should have started putting rounds in him as soon as he made an appearance in her bedroom! She has the legal right to do so as he broke into her house and no prosecutor unless they were uber liberal would press charges against her! I’m surprised the anti gun a–holes aren’t screaming that her father should be prosecuted for leaving a firearm accessible to a minor but evidently she lives in a jurisdiction where the sheriff and D.A. aren’t libtards.

  2. If a person is trying to get away from a gun with a person that is called fleeing and the person should not shoot at all for if that is a full metal jacket bullet it travels a very far distance and one man shot a person but the bullet traveled to a little boy sitting on the porch with his grandmother. A full metal jacket bullet will travel through a person and travel maybe a mile away from that person. She could have been in trouble for manslaughter. If she is using a bullet that is not a full metal jacket bullet (I can’t not remember that name) then that bullet stays on the inside of the person and does a lot of damage to the body. If you have a gun be sure you are ready to kill that person and you do not shoot them in the back which means that person was fleeting the scene. I am taking the law behind the carry license so I will not be in trouble when I pick up a gun. We do that in Texas where there are a lot of conceal carry people down here. We need to understand the law so we won’t get in trouble when we travel or when we use that gun.

    • Are you making things up as you go? You think a 22 Cal. is going to go through a body and then through a wall and travel a mile. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. I strongly dislike lib-tards be cause they are lower than low and like progressives they live in the gutter of humanity !

  4. 1. Get a bigger gun. 22 caliber might eventually eliminate the threat. Maybe not.
    2. Teach her to identify her target and SHOOT to eliminate it as soon as she sees it. Don’t fire at a fleeing felon. WHY? Too many aggressive liberal bleeding heart prosecutors.

    • The first homicide I worked as a police officer was a man killed with one shot from a Beretta Minx in .22 short. I’m not saying a .22 is what I would recommend for self defense, but if that is the gun she knows and is comfortable with she was better off with it than than a larger caliber she wasn’t comfortable with. Sure beats screaming for help that would not come or get there too late.

      • This ^

        10 rounds (preferably to the face) with a “lowly .22” sure beats a miss with a .50 AE

  5. The first thing I thought when reading this article was: “Never fire a warning shot!”.

  6. I taught all six of. my children to use a firearm..rifle,shotgun pistol.They are well prepared to defend themselves and their families.Anyone who cares about their loved ones,will teach them to use a fire arm and what to do in a situation like this.

  7. I was raised around guns. A loaded gun in every room, an unloaded gun isn’t good for anything. We, myself and three siblings have the upmost respect for guns. Having them as such a natural part of life took away any kind of romanticizing or fantasizing a kid may have. My father always said ‘If it’s them or you, it’s them” and “shoot to kill, not to wound,” your not a good enough shot to try to hit a leg go for the biggest target. We grew up in a very bad area. I have carried a gun since I was eighteen and left home. I’m now 56 years old, Thankfully I’ve never had to use a gun. But any threat of violence against me , if it’s them or me…it’s them.

  8. both my daughter and son- in – law have gotten their ccw , he is ultra -conservative and she is very liberal , both feel that a ccw is necessary in this day and age since the progressive judges and politicians are freeing criminals at an unheard of rate.

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