Major U.S. City Paints TARGETS On Tourists’ Backs


Something that many Americans and people from around the world like to do is to travel. They like to visit new places and experience new cultures and all that goes with that.

Of course, people are drawn towards famous landmarks when traveling. If you visit London, you may want to see Big Ben. If you go to Paris, you may want to visit the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre.

And if you’re in New Your City, then, there is Times Square.


But some things are a bit different in New York City. Sure, London and Paris are both anti-gun, but (at least, to the best of my knowledge), they don’t advertise to criminals that everyone visiting their landmarks are fair game for active shooters.

And that is, effectively, what New York City has done. Tim Balk writes,

The cops are copying signs declaring Times Square’s gun-free status after local lawmakers banned firearms in the Crossroads of the World.

Robert Barrows, the NYPD’s executive director of legal operations, held up one of the signs — which screamed “GUN FREE ZONE” — at a City Council hearing on Tuesday focused on securing sensitive spaces after the Supreme Court gutted the state’s concealed carry handgun law.

After the June ruling from the nation’s top court, state lawmakers passed and Gov. Hochul signed laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons in various high-risk settings including Times Square, subways, buses and bars. The rules take effect Thursday.

City Council members also introduced their bill this month to redefine the Times Square area as a sensitive location after the ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

Noting that more than 360,000 people — roughly the population of Cleveland — pass through Times Square daily, Barrows said the state law and city bill “recognize that Times Square is a dense, complex and highly trafficked area.”

Now, before you accuse me of exaggerating the situation, stop a moment and realize that there is a reason that the vast majority of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones: it’s because the legal gun owners won’t be armed there to be able to shoot back.

Declaring a place with that many tourists going through it a gun-free zone is the same thing as telling criminals and would-be murderers that Times Square is the place to commit their crimes because they’ll have a better opportunity to do evil things there than even the rest of New York City.

Putting up gun-free zone signs around Times Square is painting a target on the back of tourists, and, sadly, I don’t see this ending well.



  1. Please use the full term, not the abbreviated one the media uses: Gun free kill zone

    • Yep, I am a CCW and will NOT go near a “Gun Free” zone that openly tells ILLEGAL gun criminals that all who enter there are prime for the picking!
      Do those that actually make these “rules for thee, but not for me” actually think that those signs and their capitulations will ACTUALLY stop someone with a bent for armed violence????
      How STUPID! Sounds like a good DUMBYRAT to me with NO concern about their citizens one damned bit!
      Oh, and BTW how many times has Times Square been a target for gun violence in the past????

  2. You would think, that after YEARS of laws against using guns in commission of a felony, criminals would NEVER use them, right? ESPECIALLY as there have been scores of NEW laws, many redundant, prohibiting the actual CARRYING of weapons in some areas!
    Yet criminals do NOT care about laws (hence why they’re called ‘law-BREAKERS’?), even sneeringly flaut these laws at times!

    NYC is now announcing a ‘gun-free zone’ Times Square, effectively telling those criminals, “Here’s some easy pickings! Come and get it!”

    I believe being offered as ‘chum’ for encouraging criminal pursuits will effectively END any urges I might have to visit Manhattan. Unless YOU crave danger, such as wearing a ‘meat-dress’ in the African lion veldt, I suggest you seek your ‘big city’ elsewhere.

    PS: I would also avoid Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and most other Democrat-ruled cities, for the same reason!

  3. They don’t want to deal with criminals, so they exert their authority over the law abiding citizens! Now THAT will really save lives!

  4. “Gun free zones” will also be “Scotty’s wallet” free zones. The only way this nonsense stops is if people stop going there and spending money!

  5. This is why I think we need to go back to the time of George Washington and change the way our country is run I think we would be better off in today’s world with a king or Queen that had some checks put on them From doing something stupid. I am sick and tired of I’m tired of stupid people acting like they’re smart I’m tired of stupid people getting jobs and places where only smart people should be working. As far as gunder concern there’s nothing but a thing but a tool depends on how you use your tool I have a screwdriver it works real good for screwing things in and screwing things out I can also use it as Stabbing weapon I can use a hammer and the same thing I can drive a nail or a spike or I can use it to crush your skull it’s just a tool we use a car millions of people everyday it’s just a tool and we have people in this country who take that tool and run over other people instead of using that tool Banning a tool when more people trip and fall and die every year than people die from illegal gunshots And the biggest percentage of all the problems in America are democratic run state cities and towns you’ll always if you look at the town next to you that’s Republican run open the camera it doesn’t have nearly the problems as problems as a democratic city because those people are too lazy too stupid to What’s right for their constituents instead they do what’s right for themselves and that bring more power and more greed to themselves that’s why I think maybe we need a monarchy or we need in today’s 22nd century maybe we should look at The rule of people and what I mean by that is with the Internet and everything today it should be pretty easy for every citizen to vote on major policy decisions not a 100 senator Not 500 representatives in Washington and we shouldn’t put all the power of one man to decide what’s good for 300 million people this is an outdated system that needs to go. I have another 100000 words I’d like to share but we don’t have the time today thank you for letting me participate

  6. Creating any public environment that is unsafe for the general populous, including children, the elderly, handicapped and wheelchair bound, is a “Criminal Policy” that targets the very groups it alleges to Protect. Those creating such “Open Season” environments should be prosecuted accordingly for their promotional efforts for such a “Criminal Agenda.”

  7. You realize that advertising “ gun free zone “ means come shoot them up so that the socialist democrats can have more draconian anti-gun laws for Americans and not for imported terrorists.😡

  8. Apparently, New York politicians (and ALL liberal Dems) have NO CLUE what “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means.

  9. When will you web based medias employee proof readers? It isn’t that hard. Case in point: Your third paragraph above. One sentence long. (And it’s where I quit reading.) I quote “And if you’re in New Your City, then, there is Times Square.” And here I always heard Times Square was in New YORK City. You cheapen your story by not paying attention to the details of small things. To the reader, if you can’t get the small, simple, things right, how are we supposed to believe you got any of the rest of the story right? Yes, we all knew what you said. But like I said above, it’s where I quit reading.

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