Guess Which Of The Left’s Two Favorite Groups Are Getting More CCW Permits


It’s long been a talking point of the anti-gun left that gun ownership is really just a Caucasian male thing due to the “violent tendencies” of that particular group. It’s hard to argue that white males make up the majority of gun owners simply based on that fact that many women, unfortunately, tend to shy away from considering violence even for defensive purposes and that there are more Caucasians in the United States than other ethnicities.

But new statistics are challenging the anti-gunner narrative that gun ownership is a racist, sexist thing. Jenn Jacques writes,

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), the number of concealed handgun permit holders has soared to an impressive 16.3 million law-abiding citizens!

But has that turned America into the “Wild West” as liberals feared?

Not quite.

It’s also interesting that despite the media’s claim the NRA is “racist and sexist”, some of the biggest increases in permits have been with women and African-Americans.

Among the findings in the report, John R. Lott highlights the following points:

  • There are now over 16.3 million permit holders, a record 1.83 million increase in permits since last July.
  • Nationwide, 6.5% adults have a concealed handgun permit. Outside of California and New York, 8% of adults have a permit.
  • Permits for women and blacks are increasing much faster than they are for men and whites.
  • There are also significant differences in not only the number of permits issued but also who gets them when politicians have discretion in granting them.
    • Los Angeles County provides a vivid example of how women and Hispanics are given few permits when politicians decided who can defend themselves.
  • Concealed carry permit holders also continue to be stringently law-abiding.

So, to set the record straight: women and African-Americans are getting more concealed carry permits, and the data is implying (if not outright saying) that where women and minorities feel the most threatened, the government keeps them from getting the protection that they need.


Which leads any sane person to ask, who is really the racist, sexist group in the gun control debate? Answer: the anti-gunners.



  1. NO Hard ass gun control will do anything to prevent violence. That said I believe everyone who owns a gun of any yope should be certified to use that firearm by an NRA Instructor. or the equivalent.

  2. California is trying again to heavily restrict concealed carry permits. Our son lives in the Bay Area and travels in all areas, but is forbidden to have a concealed carry permit. Yet, political elitists and wealthy are allowed heavy protection–including our elected Federal representatives who consistently vote down our rights. A law-abiding citizen should be allowed to carry, but is consistently denied. The color should not be used to allow or deny any right in this Nation.

  3. The elite/Marxist left Will spend any kind of lie and do anything to disarm the American people so that they may have control over we the people. These people are heavily armed or surrounded with arm guards yet they want to deny you the major human right and that’s the right to protect yourself your family and your property. They want the guns not for your safety but for theirs that they may implement their evil agenda on you and take whatever you have your money your house your property and yes even your children as I just read an article about that yesterday.

    • It’s 40 dollars for a 2 year permit in my County-issued by the Sheriff of each individual County. That comes out to $400 for 20 years. Is that too much to pay for yours and your family’s security?

  4. It is just standard that the elite, leftist radical socialists would believe they speak for everyone. It goes along with the ego and certainty that the are the smartest and deserve to be in charge.
    HOWEVER, as the last election proved, IT IS NOT TRUE.
    They are a small percentage of the population who prove time and again that they not only do not know that much, they also don’t pay attention to the FACTS that are available to them.
    IT IS THE AGENDA. And that means obeying their masters, ONE WORLD ORDER.

  5. I think its coming The Federal Government will Over-Ride States Rights. Then the Government will Issue CCW to All American Law Abiding Citizens. Then you will see Crime drop to almost nothing. Hope this happens ASAP.
    BOBBY ~!~

  6. I don’t see concealed carry to make a huge difference in crime but certainly some. The bad guys already have guns. But it is likely going to deter some shootings. Not in places like Chicago, New York or San Francisco.

  7. ” is really just a Caucasian male thing due to the “violent tendencies” of that particular group.”


    They feel that they can state a falsehood – repeatedly – and make truth of their lies – to hide REALITY and force a FALSE REALITY!!!

    Statistics prove that BLACK MALES are the “group” with the “violent tendencies”!

    For percent of population – BLACK MALES disproportionately fill the prisons.

    Statistics generated in the inner cities by felons with illegal guns are used to demonize lawful gun owners and force citizen disarmament.

    Can’t force CITIZEN DISARMAMENT without all these lies to DECEIVE everyone.

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