Will Liberals Try To Ban Guns In Checked Baggage?


The media is seeing how far it can go to generate a buzz for more gun control. Of course, partisan politicians are trying to exploit the recent tragedy in Ft. Lauderdale.  A ban on guns in checked luggage is a pretty logical place for leftists to start. They can scream about how supporters of the Second Amendment won’t keep guns out of our airports and are therefore killing our children.

The N.Y. Times fired off an article with this line:

Gun-control supporters said the shooting raised questions about the efforts in some states, including Florida, to allow gun owners to carry firearms inside passenger terminals in airports, but it was unclear if the shooting would lead to calls for the T.S.A. to tighten firearm regulations.

Obviously, the N.Y. Times and various gun control groups will try to turn this killing into a political football, as shown above, they already have. However, it’s doubtful that the left will be able to take banning checked guns very far.


Here’s why leftist might not gain much traction with a luggage gun ban, look at this line from the exact same N.Y. Times article:

“Since there are so many states that allow the concealed and open carry of firearms in the nonsecure side of airport terminals, the carriage of firearms in checked baggage poses the same level of risk as any public building in which carrying firearms is allowed.”

Any idiot can see that if the baggage terminal of an airport doesn’t require screening, a luggage ban is moot. The shooter doesn’t need to check his bag, he can just put the gun in his waistband and walk into an airport. While liberals were pretty successful in fooling the public into thinking that so-called “assault weapons” were the same as machine guns, they just can’t fool anyone here. Requiring a full search to enter baggage claim is pretty impractical and will probably prove to be unpopular.

The “gun-free” zone zealots might try to ban guns in all airports, but a luggage specific ban by the TSA is pretty unlikely.



  1. Have all of these so called LIBERALS given up their guns. They should an example by doing so. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  2. Liberals, communists or democrats, whatever they call themselves currently will one day press for the military to ban guns.
    Is there some place we can send these mentally ill people?

    • That’s right, Jerry. By disarming the public it will make it much easier for the Muslims to take over. That is the goal of Islam. World domination. As long as we are armed, we have the upper hand. “Behind every blade of grass, there is a rifle.”

  3. While I realize it doesn’t matter to the anti-gun crowd, the rest of us need to keep in mind the practical aspects of what we’re talking about here.

    We already cannot carry any gun with us on the plane, if we become unable to check one through in baggage how will people travelling, by plane, for a hunting trip, or going to attend a training session, or participating in a competition, going to take their equipment with them? Would you like to have to send it far enough ahead of time to be assured it will arrive there in time – and then worry about where and how it will be stored waiting for you to arrive and claim it. What about security for your match (or hunting) rifle and the special loads you’ve made up for it?

  4. They will, remember the pretender and chief trying for more gun control after each terrorist attack, including the one in Paris. None are smart enough to understand the fact that at the vast majority of airports, one can walk in off of the street right to the baggage claim area.

  5. Many airlines already require that the guns be in a separate locked case and checked through special security checkpoints. It is such a process, we drive instead of fly. It is too much trouble. Because you have to go through the same process to retrieve them.

  6. They already have laws, look what good it did. Those who will gun down innocent people they don’t even know, can get guns anywhere regardless of laws. Had other people been armed he may not have been able to get away and maybe some may not have died.

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