Hardwood Rifle Now Added To Lineup From This Manufacturer

Photo: Savage Arms

I don’t know about you, but I love hardwoods. Just the look of them and the feel. There’s just something about it that does me good. When I see it on a gun, it just makes that weapon look all the more beautiful.

So, when I heard that Savage Arms has added a hardwood option to their B series rifles, I knew that I needed to take a look.

Savage Arms, which is a division of Vista Outdoor, introduced their bolt-action (B Series) line last year. Now, if you’re wondering why someone would pick a bolt-action rifle as opposed to a semi-automatic, the reasons generally point toward accuracy and precision. The lack of moving parts in a bolt-action rifle that can hang up, the gas release being used primarily for moving the shell down the barrel instead of partially being used for shell release, and the straight-forward recoil allow many shooters to keep their rifle on the target with a faster-moving bullet more consistently. This all adds up to them being more accurate with their shot.


Savage Arms B Series hardwood model, which is being shipped to retailers at this time, has walnut-stained hardwood stock. Jacki Billings gives more details:

The B Series Hardwood sports a 21-inch Sporter barrel paired with an ergonomic, walnut-stained hardwood stock. The stock features a unique checkering bringing a modern feel to the classic wood look. Chambered in 17 HMR, 22 LR and 22 WMR, the B Series Hardwood also come equipped with Savage’s adjustable AccuTrigger. The long gun is drilled and tapped to accommodate optics mounts. Additional features include adjustable iron sights and top tang safety. The rifle ships with a 10 round rotary magazine.

Savage says consumers should expect to see the B Series soon as the new rifle is currently shipping to dealers. The B Series Hardwood in 22 LR boasts a price tag of $439 while the 17 HMR and 22 WMR offers a MSRP of $459.

So, if you’re in the market for something a little outside the mainstream (but not too far) that can help you to be a more accurate shot (and has the beauty of hardwood, to boot), this may be a rifle to consider.



  1. I will not spend $400+ dollars on a rifle that’s only good for shooting small game. Pretty rifle but, too much $$$.

    • I agree!!! $400 plus for a rimfire??? C’mon! Obummer, the greatest gun salesman of all time is not in office anymore!

  2. Well Lou, I’ll pay $400 for a small game rifle without hesitation. A quality built rifle is gonna cost a little extra, no matter the purpose or caliber. I would guess small caliber rifles get much more use than the large caliber rifles on an across the board survey.

  3. Me and my cuzin eddie r gonna eat lunch at sonic. I like tater tots. Tommorrow i will ride to Paduka on a chicken made out of meat. Thanx chuck

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