This State Is Moving In The Right Direction On Constitutional Carry


Since you’re reading this, I know that you likely have very strong feelings about Constitutional carry. Most people on either side of gun issues do, but much of the press that you’re likely to have heard is firmly against Constitutional carry.

Fortunately, though, it looks like not all politicians are listening to the foolishness coming out of the mainstream media about this issue. At least, not in Wisconsin, where, on September 19 (2017), their Senate Judiciary Committee passed a Constitutional carry bill for the state of Wisconsin.

Now, Wisconsin already has an open carry law, but the bill, if passed into law, would extend the rights of legal gun owners to carry concealed. Dean Weingarten writes,


The Constitutional Carry bill, SB 169 and its companion in the Assembly, AB247, will bring the Wisconsin statutes in compliance with the Wisconsin State Constitution and with the Second Amendment. No fee would be required to carry a firearm either loaded or concealed. That was the state of the nation when the Second Amendment was ratified on December 15, 1781.  Constitutional Carry is only a small additional step for Wisconsin. Wisconsin does not require a permit to carry firearms openly. No permit is required to carry knives openly or concealed.

So, it looks like Wisconsin is a good deal of the way to full Constitutional carry, and, based on the current laws and their tendency to support gun owners’ rights, it seems likely that this Constitutional carry bill will pass into law. To be fair, though, it’s not a done deal yet, and anti-gunners aren’t always known to play fair and honest when trying to restrict the rights of gun owners.

What this means for you is that, if you live in Wisconsin, start calling your state representatives and get this passed. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, consider giving to pro-gun lobbies in Wisconsin to help your fellow gun owners in Wisconsin, and remember to call your own representatives in your state. Because every gun owner should be free and clear to carry their firearm everywhere in the United States to protect themselves and their families from those who don’t abide by the laws of this land.



  1. The liberals keep trying to take our gun rights away so they can control the people of america. We can’t let that happen.if that happens what will they take away next. There would be no stopping them.we have to keep the second amendment.

    • And one way to help keep our rights from being stolen is, for ALL of US to stop referring to people as “legal gun owners”, The Second Amendment simply enumerates our God given right to keep and bare arms. Some people may be prohibited from carrying, or even possessing arms but we are ALL born with the right to do so, To insinuate that possession of a government issued document is what gives us the ability to exercise that right, is one of the mistakes that has brought us to the condition of continually fighting to keep what God gave us.

  2. Not going to get my guns. If we have to have a revolution then so be it. NOT going to get my guns!

  3. Leon you are totally right!!! The liberals against gun rights say there not against the 2nd amendment they just want to make everyone safe. They take a little here and a little there and the next thing you know your right to own a weapon is gone. That is what happened in England and Australia and now it is almost impossible to turn it around there. Also history shows the first thing a dictatorship does is take away the weapons in order to control the populous. Then just the government and criminals will have the weapons.

  4. First, we need to secede Cook County — and all the B.S. that comes out of this crime infested cesspool — from the rest of Illinois. Then we can move toward constitutional carry with no fees attached. The only reason we have concealed carry in Illinois is because it was mandated by the Supreme Court, and, the outlaw Cook County Democrooks get to charge a tax for every concealed carry class and license issued. I don’t read anything in the 2nd amendment that gives a state, county, or municipality the right to tax anyone for the right to carry a firearm. I’m still trying to find out who the mental dwarf is that sponsored the bill to make certain public places into criminal safe zones by not allowing firearms on the premises of these public places or buildings. So, as the law is written, any crazed fool or cretin brained miscreant can enter the building and start killing with absolutely no resistance. How stupid is that ???

  5. I wish that North Carolina would be a Constitutional Carry State. We have to get permits for any firearms, it’s a background check which takes only a few minutes and I like this.
    What I don”t like is the fact that we have to get s “special permit” to carry concealed. !
    Yes, we must protect the gun that we carry openly on our side, this can be taken from you if you are not hyper-aware of all time to who and what is around you. It can be snatched away and used against you.
    Be careful, Be knowledgeable and Be Wary.

  6. It’s a god given right to be able to defend you and your family from Tyrants, whether it’s bad individuals or bad government. That’s what our Second Amendment is all about !!!

  7. in Texas , even a felon can own a gun ,but it must stay in their house ,they cannot get a C.C. permit for any reason !!!

  8. Texas should have passed Constitutional Carry in the last session of the legislature. We have a lot of Congress and the Governor that say they support the 2nd Amendment, but I don’t really think they do. What I would is what part of the 2nd amendment do they support because they damn sure don’t support all of it. It says that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” apparently they don’t believe in that part of the 2nd Amendment cause my rights are being infringed. If I can legally go to a store and pass the Federal Background Check and legally purchase a weapon then why is the only place I can have it is at my house…unless I purchase a license, pay for fingerprinting, pay for a take a mandatory gun course none of which is refundable if you don’t meet any of the qualifications. I am a law abiding citizen and can pass the Federal Background Check so why should I have to get a license and pass a mandatory gun course? All of this should be optional except maybe fingerprints for the background check. Also a criminal doesn’t have to go through all these loopholes to get a gun, they just get one on the black market, steal one, rob to get a gun etc. But a law abiding citizen who meets federal guidelines are put through the ringer just to protect ourselves from the criminal. So I say all these politicians including my Texas State Representative who claims he supports the 2nd amendment only supports parts of it. To say they support all of it is a lie. To many of our politicians in the Texas Congress don’t want it to come up for a vote then they don’t piss of either side off at election time. In other word a bunch of cowards who refuse to take a stand for what is right and for our US Constitution.

  9. I know people in Wisconsin who tell me there’s a lot more politically going on behind the scenes that is reported.
    They also were trying to stop the useless Tyranny of para military Swat type raids that cause far more harm and damage than the only benefit of padding their ‘for police profit’ dangerous raids for a stupid fucking War on Drugs that does nothing but drain tax dollars and prevents absolutely NO crimes, by initiating a Bill to limit all proceeds of the unconstitutional property seizure ‘laws’ to go ONLY to schools and not to incentivize the police to do more ‘illegal’ asset forfeiture seizures, for things like your kid smoking a joint with his buddies in your bedroom, or paraphernalia found in a car during another illegal search. Needless to say, most of the cops in Wisconsin, as doubtless everywhere else, didn’t agree with this bill. Which proves they really do like all those new SUVs they drive and everything else they really don’t need to do good ‘real’ police work?

    In Wisconsin it is also now legal to carry a switchblade knife. They have Castle Doctrine Laws, There are gunshows every weekend, and police can’t just arbitrarily stop you just to ‘identify’ if you are carrying or not. Or to capriciously detain you for “Your Papers Please” to check who you are from your illegal ‘National I.D.’ (2005 Real I.D. Act Drivers license) without good probable cause.

    So I hope this State also pushes The Constitutional Carry law, and then also ‘legalizes’ pot growing so businesses can flourish, like the Alcohol, cigarette, and Cheese market, and then the police don’t have to use Nazi Gestapo asset forfeiture tactics to them in Donut money.

    Most of the rural communities there voted for Donald and the hard core political leftists are concentrated in Milwaukee and Madison, but they too, seem to disagree with the growing police state system. There are no major gang problems there according to some cops I know compared to Chicago and when I used to drive through this state pretty regularly, Generally the people in tWI are more laid back, and friendly and you could by beer and ammo, and survival magazines in every town you passed through!

    I currently live too close to the Yellowstone Caldera for my liking, And the heavy Geoengineering out west makes it too hot in my area, as water scarcity increases. If they pass Wisconsin might just be on the short list when I move if they pass more of these Constitutional laws?

    And this is EXACTLY how we get the “WE The PEOPLE” power back and save the Constitution. A state’s resident populate should be proactive politically as an ongoing duty if you value your freedom and privacy.

    Otherwise you wind up like New York, where everything is ‘banned’ [pending the physical confiscations if the totalitarian regime takes over next election, where police do midnight ‘knock and chat’ (raids) on people that ‘seem’ suspicious only to them, just so they can peek inside when you open the door and then force their way in if the smell or see something they ‘believe to be possibly illegal. And don’t have a gun in your hand for protection, or you’re automatically dead…

    Or Kalifornia, where a Nazi judge just put a poor mother in jail for refusing to allow her young child to be stabbed with potentially deleterious Vaccination needles!

    Lets all encourage States like Wisconsin to keep up ‘the good work’.

    • I agree, but that may be the longest sentence since Moby Dick. Just messing with you. We need to be ready to flood our representatives with e-mails and phone calls to protect these rights.

  10. Okay Mahatma: You seem to straddle that proverbial fence with the dexterity of a Ringling Bros., tight rope walker. Liberal or conservative? C’mon, pick a side. You’re painting with a real wise brush. You’re stating all these despotic issues across he states, then list their values. My old great grandfather used to say “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. Sounds to me like, with all your rhetoric, that is what you appear to be doing. Respectfully submitted. RWP.

  11. Many states have “Constitutional (open) carry” but require a permit/license to carry concealed. I have NO problem with that, IF all states would recognize another states concealed carry license/permit. THAT means that a lawful background check HAS been done. Crooks, criminals, gang members WILL carry whenever they want. Guns WILL be gotten ‘on the street’ just like drugs, as any street cop knows.

  12. A Bill for concealed carry reciprocity for all states was suppose to come up for a vote. None other than Paul Ryan said now he won’t bring it up for passage,after dragging his feet to vote on it for over a year,due to the shooting in Las Vegas,which has nothing to do with the long pending bill!!!!!!!!!! This RINO SWAMP RAT needs to be voted out!!!!!!!!!

  13. NO, G-Frasier, Requiring a permit is NOT Constitutional concealed carry! And background checks are meaningless for preventing crimes with firearms but DO provide an anti-constitutional below radar illegal citizen gun registry.

    When the Framers forged the 2nd/A in stone it DID NOT say “Shall Not Be Infringed”, except when a municipality, county, or state wants to know every gun you buy or carry and tax you for it!

    And guess what? I’ve been telling people for years that I can ‘check’ on every gun purchase they ever made on a form 4473 in less than an hour and provide a list. I proved it to a couple doubting Thomases and they nearly shit in their pants. Just like they did with the Vegas shooter, hahahhahah, How did they find out every gun he ever bought in his life when no lists from background checks are to be kept? Can’t you get it yet, all you pro-background check dumb asses!

    You people have to start thinking in terms of reality, not wishful conjecture. They Know how abjectly stupid the general public is. So almost every attempt at trying to get away with illegal, unconstitutional laws or administrative fiat mandates, actually succeeds!

    So, Yeah, go ahead, Keep on proving what they know about you is true by saying ignomoronic shit like you have no problems with “lawful background checks” when there is NO SUCH THING!

  14. The second amendment was written in to protect our families from criminals and our own government, and what part of ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ” don’t they understand !!!! If you drive through DC with a shell in you car you go to jail !!! If you drive through NYC with a legall out of state pistol you go to jail !!!

  15. What is needed is to keep the gove both state and fed out of what is none of their business. The criminal s will always have their guns and the govts do not know who they are. Why should they know who is not a crimal and carrying for their own protection or their families. These should be honored just like freedom of speech is or any of the constitution is with in all states.

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