This May Be The Only College Professor In America Who Really Understands Gun Ownership


These days college campuses seem to be very hostile towards both gun ownership and personal liberties (except for maybe the “right” to not be offended). It’s a darn shame considering that these are supposedly institutions of higher learning with the intention of making our best and brightest prepared for life in the real world.

Every so often, though, you can catch wind of a professor who actually has a clue about real life and thinking rationally. It would appear that University of Missouri law professor Royce de R. Barondes is one of these few rational professors. Why do I say that? Because he had the guts to file suit against his employer for his constitutional right (yes, even under the constitution for the State of Missouri) to carry a firearm on campus. Mara Rose Williams writes,

Two years ago, Royce de R. Barondes sued the UM System Board of Curators and the system president claiming that policies prohibiting guns on the Columbia campus violated state statute on guns and the Missouri Constitution.

Now, in documents filed with the Circuit Court of Boone County, Barondes and his lawyers claim the university is retaliating against the associate professor with counter legal action.

They claim the university is going after Barondes because he filed a lawsuit that he believes defends his constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.

“The University’s retaliatory pleading is not what any employee, student, taxpayer, or citizen should expect from Missouri’s flagship institution committed to higher learning,” the court document states. “Its counterclaims and attempts to seek attorneys’ fees against an employee are improper and without legal basis.”

Barondes gets it. He has the legal right carry a firearm on campus just like he has the legal right to not be a sitting duck next time some crazy opens fire in a mass shooting on a college campus. If there is any justice in this world, Barondes will not only win this court case, but this case will also set a legal precedent that other law abiding gun owners can use to enforce their rights as gun owners, too.



  1. It’s about time someone with brains and common sense stands up to the complete stupidity of the anti gun lobby.

  2. Some liberal judge will not up hold the law. Wil have to go to the supreme court. College has become a haven for fascist and Nazis. People who run colleges are cowards. Obama really did a job on destroying America. What isn’t he arrested on treason.

  3. I agree with this professor 100%! God gave u the right to defend ourselves and our families befor the Constitution did!

  4. The same institute of higher learning that allowed “activist” students to run amok?

  5. Any victim of a violent crime should be able to sue the appropriate “leadership” that has recorded/voted for infringement against that victims God given and constitutionally protected right of self defense. They should be able to collect actual and punitive damages as well as charge that individual with the commission as accomplice to that very crime.
    otherwise we the people will be forced to become the law.

  6. Ultimately, however long ultimately might amount to, the professor might be supported by the highest levels of jurisprudence. Who knows, but that this case might end up exactly there, at the U.S. Supreme Court, where by the way, it should not appear, if my understanding of Missouri law is correct. Seems to me that The Courts should have a number of things to say to the university and cited officials. By the way, nothing that the courts might say to the university and other defendants would be either complimentary or laudatory.

    • Thought I had a typo in last sentence. On looking more carefully, discovered it was correct, as written.

  7. It is a God given and constitutionally right to defend myself and my family and property. I don’t know where those idiots, (no, fidiots) come from that claim gun ownership is a privilege.) BTW, a fidiot is someone too stupid just to be an idiot.

  8. This will probably have to go before the Supreme Court. Hopefully his right to carry will be upheld. The leftist assault on the Bill of Rights needs to be stopped.

  9. This is not the “only college Professor” who “understands gun ownership” and making such a stament only shows either your lack of research or ignorance. I am a college professor and a FFL holder. I also have my Concealed Carry permit from TN; a state where it means that you’ve gone through a class that included both the tested written lessons and on-site firearms drills to show that you are capable of handling a firearm safely. I understand the need for both the ability to carry a firearm and the need for some laws to protect people from those who should not be allowed to carry or even own a firearms.

  10. If he is a member of NRA he should get support through them. If he isn’t they will still stick their nose in because of the subject matter and if they know about it. If you carry you should join the NRA and help fight for second amendment rights.

  11. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the courts in the U.S., as currently constituted, may have a (relative) few individual judges that agree with what the Constitution says about the right to keep and bear arms; however, I don’t believe there are more than a couple of Districts or Circuits, at any level, that are not dominated by liberal judges that are more likely to author opinions that reflect their own wishes and, hence, legislate from the bench rather than make reasoned decisions based on existing law.

    Until we can correct this imbalance, resulting from years of conservative neglect of the basic responsibility to actively participate in the election/appointment process of judges at all levels (but, mostly at the local levels), we are not going to have a judiciary that reflects the overall values of the citizenry.

    The ‘Silent Majority’ has to remind itself to periodically (in time for each election) put our preoccupation with careers, businesses, families, and lives in general, on hold temporarily to knowledgeably participate in the governing of this country.

    Until we do that, regularly and consistently, we will continue to find ourselves controlled by ‘politicians’ that support far different agendas than we wish to see implemented. We cannot leave governing to career politicians and bureaucrats.

    If we don’t put in the effort, we can’t complain about the result! We’ve seen (and are dealing with) the result of that approach.

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